Best of 2016

I'm not going to forget everything I played this year, like I have the last two years. I hope.

Honorable mention:

* A Normal Lost Phone - like Her Story, finishable in thirty minutes, pretty alright.

List items

  • Game of this year (when I played it), and last year (when it came out). It goes in my top five of all time, right next to Planescape: Torment and The Last of Us. And Red Dead. I wonder what the fifth is?

  • Tough game. Very good, and unexpected, boss battle at the end. One you really have to lose before you can figure out how to win.

  • I ought to like this more than I did.

  • Survival mode is the cat's pajamas. Made for the most exciting first few hours. But, like non-survival-mode, eventually you get unkillable, and then it's the same game as before.

  • Meh.

  • Mid-game block game was terrible. The rest is absolutely beautiful, and I never did finish. Just like almost everything else.

  • I'm antisocial, so I bounced off once I finished the mines. Good westernized Harvest Moon.

  • Not as good as I was expecting, but still an okay sequel to Limbo. I just expected something that can't be delivered.

  • I hear this goes for the feels. I want to experience it, but yeah, the art and all.

  • Surprisingly good strategy game, true to the (now defunct) tabletop version. Gets four stars just for that. The empire-building was weak and overland map bits were annoying - it's impossible to catch rampaging enemies on your turf. Eventually bounced off before I faced the really monstrous baddies.

  • Wonderful, witty, entertaining. Great adventure game, but the fun, frolicky theme had me bouncing off of it a little. It's a titch too happy.

  • Boring, typical Diablo-esque. Diablo-like? Typical. See Titan's Quest.

  • Small, unpopulated "open-world" feeling. Similar to the last one. Linear, unexciting, with a great bank heist level.

  • Wait, that was this year? That was SO GOOD. SO GOOD. I didn't see the ending coming, but even if I had, this game is SO GOOD. And short.

  • Like Dishonored 1, but better level design. Don't try to ghost most of the levels the first time through. It's taking me forever. I bet a higher-chaos playthrough would be faster and more fun.

  • A lot has been said about the banality of evil in this game, but that's not the interesting part (though, it is a nice shade). Cleaner, more interesting combat from Pillars. Not nearly enough character development. Good branching, though.