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Collecting vs. Gaming

I am somewhat obsessive. I acknowledge this--even embrace it. Often I embrace it to a troubling extent. The past few months of gaming have been a shining example.
I had been a gamer all my life until a few years ago. It was near the end of the PS2/Xbox/GameCube generation when I decided to list every product I owned related to gaming on eBay. I rarely sold games prior to this so this particular selling included extensive collections for each of the three consoles along with the consoles themselves and nearly every accessory you could imagine. This sounds like it could be very traumatic or, at the least, may have been triggered by some traumatic event. It was not. It was simply a change in philosophy.
The reasoning for this is outside the scope of this post, but it was a time in my life that highlighted particularly well a flaw in my personality: an addiction to collecting. When I begin to gain interest in a particular pursuit or hobby, I can easily lose sight of the "prize" if you will. Instead, the collecting of the objects pertinent to the given hobby can become ends unto themselves usurping the original intent of the hobby. I write this because I feel myself falling into the same traps of my past.
In September, October, and November, I have purchased many games.

I have no business buying half as many games as I have. I work a full-time job. I have a family. I have a young daughter, and I don't even take any time away from her to play them. That means, out of all these games, I might be able to finish four of them by the end of the year (if I'm lucky). My mind has a way of carrying things much farther than that of the average person. In some cases, this is not a problem. In some cases, it's really an asset. When it comes to collecting, it is not. My reasoning is almost sub-conscious, but I have observed it. How would I choose between any two of these games? If I'm going to have one great game, why wouldn't I have all the others? That's the essence of what happens in my brain that leads to this kind of madness.
My only saving grace is that I have incredible brakes. In fact, I have already utilized said brakes to great effect. To be fair, only two of these purchases happened in November: Dragon Age: Origins and Torchlight totaling $60. I saw the problem re-forming and dealt with it, but, once this realization fades and my enthusiasm swells, I could easily be back in this place once again. I can't possibly reconcile buying more games than I could play with any sort of "logic," but, when my compulsive tendencies kick in, I'm nearly powerless to resist.