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Games that are not yet released that I'm totally hyped for.
Full dates are in the format MM/DD/YYYY with apologies to European readers. The top ten are in order of anticipation.

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  • 2011- The hype machine for this game compelled me to pickup the original on Steam, and I've been incredibly happy with my purchase. The concept of an MMO in which your actions have far-reaching effects on the world is what every player of the genre would want. The problem is that it is difficult to empower every player in a population of hundreds of thousands or even millions to change the world. Either, the developers will have to use some sort of trickery, or the world will be changing constantly. Regardless, I'm excited to see their implementation of this idea.

  • 10/19/2010- There is almost nothing that would make me more happy than some more Fallout 3. I have to admit I am developing a little fatigue having spent about 75 hours between the main game and three of the five DLC addons. I have the other packs and still need to play them. The release window of this new game should line up pretty nicely to when I start jonesing for some more.

  • 2011- I'm not getting too excited about this one--not because I don't think I will like it but because I know how Blizzard is about pushing out releases. Regardless of the timing, I will be there when it is finally released.

  • 2/9/2011- I don't know how they can top the original, but I will play this regardless. The simultaneous Mac release with Steamplay is a major plus.

  • 11/4/2010- I love me some DDR. This seems like the next level.

  • 10/26/2010- I've loved both of the Fable games, and Molyneux never fails to get people excited about his upcoming games. 1Up's podcast interviewed him at X10. Sounds like co-op is supposed to be better this time around.

  • 2011- The first game may have been the first modern open-world game I ever finished. It was a joy to play.

  • 2/22/2011- I love the concept of rewarding stylish kills.

  • 10/20/2010- I'm one of those masochistic people who savors the games which must be retried repeatedly before the player can progress.

  • 3/8/2011- I never liked the combat of the original, but I liked everything else. I hope this one can make the combat more enjoyable for me.

  • 2011- In my opinion, the previous Max Payne games made action gaming what it is today. I say this without the least bit of hyperbole. The reason bullet-time is one of the most overused mechanics is because it was so unique and awesome!

  • 6/16/2011- If you're making an MMO right now, this is how you want to do it--with the world's most powerful license on your side. I half-way hope this gets me back into MMOs. I thoroughly enjoyed WoW for a few months and even liked Warhammer for a few weeks although it didn't do enough to differentiate from WoW. This game seems to be taking some chances with the MMO formula. That along with the fact that it's Star Wars have me taking notice.

  • 3/2011- I could never get into the Deus Ex series, but I am a much different gamer now. Based on the concept alone, I believe this game should be perfect for me.

  • 2011- The DS seemed destined to fail to me, but, in light of the success of that platform, the 3DS seems more logical. Perhaps that means it will actually be the failure.

  • ?- The iPhone version was announced at E3.

  • 2011- Sure, it isn't making series fans happy, but I'm still excited about any sort of twist on the FPS formula regardless of how far it may be from the strategy games which inspired it.

  • This will be delicious co-op with my wife.

  • 1/25/2011- The atmosphere of the original is second-to-none. I don't need to tell you how revolutionary the interface was.

  • 2011- I'm always on the lookout for some good co-op for my wife and I.

  • Q3 2010- Thanks to RPS for opening my eyes to this one.

  • Q2 2011- I loved the original and anxiously await the multiplayer.