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Games I have beaten and my thoughts (if any)

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  • So, I didn't actually beat the Xbox version. I beat it on the 360. You may say that means I didn't beat this game. Instead, I have merely beaten part of Assault on Dark Athena. Well, at least I did play it on the Xbox... it's just that I didn't beat it until now on the 360 with Dark Athena. Plus, it's my list so fuck off!

  • I hope we see more games like this. A pleasant change of pace.

  • Popcap have mastered the art of creating addictive games.

  • This sure was a pleasant surprise. If not for this game, I might think I would never again love a beat-em-up.

  • I'm ecstatic about the game, not so much about the Card connection.

  • An excellent continuation of the story.

  • It's odd that this and Heavenly Sword are similar since they are, in many ways, so different, but the authenticity of the storytelling is present in both. I cared about this story.

  • This has to rank among my favorite games of all time. It also lead me to appreciate Jonathan Coulton.

  • The ending is almost as funny and satisfying of that of Portal. Well worth finishing although some of the later levels are punishing. The first time I beat the final boss, it took me over 30 minutes. The second time I did it in three.

  • Rebel FM Game Club

    Beaten 08/23/2009

  • I'm at 70 hours of playtime having beaten the main quest but still with lots remaining to do. Do I need to say I love this game?

  • Very buggy but the atmosphere is unmatched.

  • This was the first (and is currently the only) game my wife and I beat together. We couldn't wait to get home each day to fit in an hour or two of playtime.

  • I get excited for the sequel every time I think about the first one. I enjoyed the story in this game as much as almost any other.

  • This game had it's problems, but I beat it twice in spite of my short attention span.

  • I'm still playing to finish up a few little things. It is a testament to the addictive nature of the game that I still play it having beaten the campaign.

  • I'm not a big fan of squad-based shooters, but this has to be my favorite.

  • I was not expecting this game to be so good. Some missions were a little tedious but there was quality from beginning to end.

  • This falls apart at the end breaking all the rules the game has set up to that point. I really enjoyed the game except for that final boss battle. It's a shame to throw it all away on that.

  • This game was full of surprises. Having heard the rumors about more Eidos review-fixing shenanigans, I expected this to be a potent pile of poo. After playing the demo, I was pleasantly surprised. Once I got the actual game, I was even more surprised about how little of the game was actually represented in the demo. As I continued to play the game, I was surprised that it continued getting better and better. Now, to finish off those Riddler challenges...

  • As the end of the game approached, I felt I was constantly on the edge of death. I wish there had been slightly more payoff. In fact, all you get is the title screen. This may be the best game I have played that costs only $1.

  • This game is itself a work of art.

  • This game grabbed me and pulled me through in two sittings. You can't miss it.

  • I'm very surprised at how fun this game is despite the middling review scores. It's really worth checking out. I now hope for a sequel!

  • On par with Uncharted 2 as far as cinematic quality but with a pacing that gives the player time to really bask in the wonder of this world. Glad I played the PC version. It was a sight to behold.

  • I have resigned myself to the fact that I may never fully complete an adventure game without resorting to a hint system or an FAQ. Instead, I find satisfaction in being able to solve at least some of the puzzles without assistance.

  • A revolutionary experience that I fear will not actually spur any revolution. I hope we see more games like this, but my intuition tells me we will pick back up with more traditional fare. Even as a one-off, this was a very cool experience and a welcome departure. I wish we could figure out a way to interact with objects in a game world without either shooting them or hitting them. This game does that well.

  • Fantastic Western with some nasty checkpoints. Please, do not place checkpoints right before you take control away from the player for a long dialog scene. This was my warmup for Red Dead Redemption.

  • What just happened? Seriously, I really enjoyed this game quite a lot. I'm anxious to see what the DLC is like. I hope it is more Fallout 3 and less Mass Effect 2.

  • I have some really mixed feelings about the ending. It's not that I didn't like it, but it did play with my emotions. Stellar game in nearly every respect.

  • The Witcher is second only to Mass Effect 2 in my list of favorite RPGs. What a masterpiece! The Witcher 2 also looks amazing.

  • I would have been incredibly disappointed had I paid full price, but this was excellent for $5!

  • I loved every minute of the platforming even though some of it was infuriatingly difficult. The combat, however, sometimes felt unfair. I found myself getting stuck in instakill animations or wrestling with poor camera angles. Great game nonetheless.