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First, I was like "WTF." Then, I was like "FTW!" 1

  If you're anything like me, you won't have a chance understanding Beat Hazard the first time you fire it up and load a song. There are ships and asteroids flying in every direction as stars and the fire of you and your enemies flash to the beat of the track. When the song gets frantic, it is nearly impossible to pick out enemy shots from your own stream of pulsing fire. Play through a couple of tracks, and you will soon find yourself seeing a game in the midst of this barrage of light you did ...

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Charming but poorly designed 0

Disclosure: I did not finish this game. If you believe a review by a gamer who has not fully completed a game is without merit, you may want to skip this one.  I have read much acclaim for this game, and I have recently started on my own quest here in meatspace to rekindle my love for the JRPG. I was turned on to RPGs with Final Fantasy II (IV in Japan) on the SNES. I proceeded to play virtually every JRPG of note up through about half of last generation. I took a break from gaming in general an...

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Fantastic storytelling marred by some technical issues 0

Heavenly Sword should serve as a template for storytelling in action titles--possibly for games in general. This game has one of the most engaging stories of any action game I have played, and the way it is conveyed to the player through character interactions that seem so real and emotional is unparalleled.  Combat is the game's chief mechanic and it is, for the most part, very satisfying. It is a simple system in which the player has two different types of strikes which may be chained together...

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Z0MB1ES!!!1 is the best game on the indie games channel. 1

If you've played Katamari, you know that what-the-fuck feeling you get the first time you play a game that is truly bizarre. This recent XBL Indie Games Channel release is a culturally American Katamari Damacy. It has zombies, rock music, and guns... what could better represent American culture than that? These slices of America are delivered in such a way to make you wonder exactly what it is you have just experienced.  Lucky for us, it's also boatloads of fun and hilarious. The background mu...

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Plagued by bugs but not enough to diminish its appeal 0

For two nights, I chased an early quest called Pesky Pirates before learned that the two different waypoints I was being shown on the minimap were both the incorrect locations and stumbling upon the true location of the quest objective. I have experienced the waypoint for the main story quest jumping locations in similar fashion. In some cases, characters will freeze in place unable to move. It may take using a combat art (the game's analog to spells) or possibly initiating a trade with my co-o...

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