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Fall is Here Today in NE

I have been in denial over the last couple of weeks but after a Nor'Easter rolled through yesterday and today is cold and windy...its fall.  Also I just spent the morning taking out air conditioners and putting storm glass in the screen doors.  I am not ready for winter.


Just Started Playing Borderlands:GOTY

Just started played playing Borderlands:GOTY last night.  Finding the shooting a little more difficult (imprecise) than I was expecting.  I can see that leveling up before getting too far ahead of the story will be important.  Enjoying it so far.


Pressure @ Work

I am really having to deal with a lot of stress/pressure at work lately as it seems there is always a strict deadline to get things done.  I find that by the time I get home I am usually mentally exhausted and just want to lie down.


Long Weekend

I am preparing for the long Columbus day weekend.  I have to work a few hours tomorrow morning but then I plan on taking a day trip to Vermont either Sunday or Monday.


Annoying Morning

Cable TV is broken for some unknown reason this morning so I am having to listen to Mike & Mike over the internet this morning.  This makes me realize how regimented my morning schedule  is and how upset I get when it is disturbed in any way.


Crucial Week at Work

Starting a long week at work with a lot of impending deadlines that need to be made or I am in deep trouble.  However, the problem is that I have not been very motivated at work lately and I am feeling very stagnant with my position.  I think I have a big decision to make whether this is the right place for me long term.


Working on My Truck

Just finished installing a new Driver's side mirror on my truck.  I am not mechanically inclined so trying these little projects is always a chore for me.  Everything was fine until I had to get the door panel back on and the lock latch wouldn't operate smoothly.  Tried everything I could and ended up having to ask for a hand from my brother who is much better with mechanical fixes.


Rain Has Stopped

Looks like the rain might finally be breaking.  Temperature feels like its starting to drop so I think we are about to get slammed back into Fall here in NE.


Sticky Weather

I hate to do anything outdoors when it is this muggy out...especially exercise.  I guess I shouldn't complain as its probably going to be snowing in less than two months.


I like Quests

This seemed cheesy initially but after giving it a try I think I am hooked,,,This was a great addition to the site.

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