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Blu-Rays are Coming

Not only is it a big time of year for videogame releases but also all the movies released this summer are starting to be released.  I have no less than five (5) movies already on pre-order at Amazon that are ready to ship when released.  So here's my top five (5) most anticipated movies scheduled to be released by the end of the year.  Four of the five I have not seen yet so I am especially looking forward to those movies.
1.) Inception:  Chris Nolan is a brilliant director so I have high hopes for this movie.
2.) Toy Story 3:  I am a fan of almost everything Pixar does.
3.) A-Team: seems like a fun action flick and I was a fan of the TV series back in the day.
4.) The Other Guys: saw this in the theater and haven't laughed at a movie this much since Talladega Nights.
5.) The Expendables: I was always a fan of 1980's action films so hopefully this is of the same mold.