The Causality Chain and Quantum Freedom

Get ready for some hard fucking philosophy, succa' foo'.
So, say you're offered a choice between two flavors of ice cream you like. Now, you have all these things which are going into your head, social pressures, past experiences. All kinds of things go into your head get mixed up with your brain chemistry and you come out with your choice. Mint chocolate chip.
Now, was that choice free? Well, here's the thing. All those things, past experiences, how close you are to the bar at Baskin Robbins, all those things caused the effect of you making the choice. Even your brain chemistry is determined by past causes. And your choice for mint chocolate chip becomes a new cause which has effects going forward into the future. And if we could just figure out all the causes on your brain chemistry we could determine every choice you were ever going to make, every cause and effect from your birth to your death, in one gigantic causality chain, that really goes back to the beginning of time. You are never free. Every choice you could make, every choice you will make is determined.
Ok. So in Swedin, there's a hot scientist in a bikini shooting photons at a half reflective mirror placed at a 45 degree angle. Half the time the photon shoots through the glass, half the time it bounces up at the ceiling. Or at least that's what we see as being true. Quantum mechanics tells us that both things are happening at the same time. There is a photon shooting through the glass, and an identical photon shooting at the ceiling at the same time. But when we observe the situation, literally the history of the one of the photons is erased. And this will happen exactly randomly. Exactly on a fifty fifty percent chance. Now this hot scientist has been kind enough to set up a quantum random number generator for you on the internet.
Now, what happens if you come up to those two flavors of ice cream you like and you let 0 be strawberry and 1 be mint chocolate chip in the generator? Well, you will have created two universes in which you choose either flavor, but only one of them will continue to exist. But more importantly, you will be making a decision that is in no way based on the causality chain. You will be free.
Join me! Let every choice really change the world! Break the chains of causality! And be truly free!