Games I Have Played Far Too Much

I tend to settle into a game for a while before I lose interest. These are the one's that have kept me hooked.

List items

  • You know, I don't think I ever actually finished the main story. I'm sure I tried, but with such an open structure, I tended to just wander around looking for cool stuff to steal and interesting buildings to kill the owner in and take the place as my HQ. Eventually, I just used potions and enchants to make myself a god and just explored the world.

  • Turn-based JRPGs are my bread and butter on portable consoles. I just like the slow-paced action for when I'm on the go and can get away with closing the DS for a few and have time to think once i get back to the game.

  • I think this is one of the first games I purchased after I bought a GBA. The Djinn system was a little confusing and some of the bosses were really challenging, but I think that just made me appreciate the depth of RPGs rather that turn me off to the difficulty.

  • Loved the story, enjoyed the characters, and found the combat system helpful, even though it sometimes got in the way. Played through a couple times, getting a character to 60 and trying out the different classes and cohorts. And I fully expect to do it all over again to some extent with the next two games in the series.


  • Every time I leave, they pull me back in! I started in the open beta of the game and then played casually on and off for a few years before getting into raiding and a more focused guild structure. When I burnt out on the game, I'd take a break for a few months before some cool patch of expansion released and drew me back in. I'm not playing at the moment, and may not return if The Old Republic is any good, but we'll see.

  • By it's job/weapon based nature, you tend to spend a crapload of time fighting with different weapons equipped for specific skills to get down multiple job trees to get to the job and abilities you actually want. I'm willing to grind, but even this got to be a bit much.