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I don't know if moving to January is a solution but another problem I have with the goty recording time is the dearth of content now. Like, great there'll be stuff during the holiday but it's at the cost of anything now.

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The seek bar on videos is awful and unusable on tablets

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I think the only change I made was swapping the dodge roll to R1 rather than a face button because it seems essential to never have to take your finger off it.

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E3's arrival has reminded me of a key feature I'd like - the ability to filter out all trailers from the video feed. (or expanded, filter out any type of video e.g. I don't particularly care about fighting games so excluding some science would be nice too)

GBTV has become my go-to app for watching GB content, so thanks very much @scott-r it's great!

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@wemmick: thanks, I did miss that and is good to know.

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I had white-listed GB but now that I can see the list of tracking being done despite being a premium member I've changed that. I don't blame the GB staff but *shudders* it's a bit much.

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Brad will get flustered trying to track all the variables. Ben will blunder through for the win.

Whoever wins, we also win.

PS - who do I petition for a GB-wide Spy Party scrub league.

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I'm loving the GB TV feature way more than I expected. I rarely have chat open when watching videos so didn't know how much richer it makes the experience.

Features I'd like brought to it:

- longer poll timers. glad this seems to be coming

- maybe a list on the site of videos played recently?

- this may already exist, but a Twitter account which just tweets out which video is currently playing.

- I don't know how hard this would be to implement, but it'd be great if there was a way to link to the current video on the site. For two reasons: if I can't keep watching Live but want to see the rest of the video I could save my place on the website before closing. Secondly, if it's the middle of e.g. a Persona run and it gives me the hunger to keep watching I could quickly find the next video in the run.

- every single time I've watched there are super long videos playing. Something to encourage more of a mix, perhaps only quick looks in some polls because otherwise the big live shows always seem to win. (@bybeach has me convinced, ditch the voting and let random rule the day)

- alert flash up on the video to say a poll is running. (also would be great in "normal" GB chat)

(apols if this has all been talked about ad nauseum, I'm excited about the feature and wanted to talk about it)

(*edit* took the time to read what you folks have said)

PS it occurs to me that if the videos were set to random, there could actually be a daily "GBTV Schedule" with actual times for which videos are going to play. Even if they allowed the option to "skip video" if x% of people voted, the schedule could auto-update to reflect the new schedule.

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This is my first time playing anything like this so here are the things I've learned through being a complete idiot -

- you can have three NPC characters join your party. I was getting my butt kicked and didn't know I could recruit another character, once I did it became a bit more manageable.

- you can respec characters in Act 2, so if you've spread points too much or gotten talents you don't use that's fixable without restarting.

- read books and letters and everything, sometimes it is just flavour but occasionally you'll learn valuable information or a new recipe.

- on controller, clicking the analogue stick will highlight all objects on the screen. I know there's a keyboard button but I assumed there wasn't the equivalent on controller.

- Pet Pals seems like an essential skill to pick up for one character, not talking to animals seems like you'd miss out on some great bits of writing and occasional missions and hints.

- controller again, don't forget that your hotbar has multiple pages which you can access via RB/LB.

question for people who know things, how do I get merchants to be more favourable to me? Is it just spending lots of money with them or do I get credit for selling too? Is it worth buying lots from just one merchant for the discount or is it not significant enough to matter?

I can't work out flag colours, they seem like they mean quests but occasionally there are flags where I can't find a quest so maybe it's something else.

Is there a way to pull up the full map with controller? I can only see the mini map.

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The bedroll was the only thing I did right it seems! I totally didn't realise that you can switch people in the middle of conversations, that's brilliant thanks @mike.

Played a few more hours and am super into how broad the range of options seem to be at any given moment. It's a little daunting, especially when it looks like I've got a dozen quests I could possibly follow and I haven't figured out yet if there's a way to tell which questlines might be too challenging for my current level.

Getting my arse kicked in fights and have had to reload a few times but I think I'm getting the hang of it.