Please Defy My Existence

So I wrote a new blog over on my proper blog thing, and, on the basis that there's some vaguely game related stuff in there, thought I'd post it here too. I don't really expect anyone to read it (despite the fact that I am really a very interesting person, and you're all very privileged to be given insight into my life). I would really appreciate people checking out, though. Please listen to some of our podcasts, and give us feedback, we seem to have hit a wall with expansion. I did try and pester the Giant Bomb community with my podcasting BS back when we first started but as far as I'm aware sam_i_am is the only dude on here that actually gave it a listen and proved himself to be a scholar and a gentleman, for enduring some pretty awful test podcasts (if you do, please, listen, I'd reccommend the most episodes, early episodes were recorded with far shoddier equipment and much less expertise).
Greetings! It's been a while since I wrote a one of these 'ere bloggy-wogs. I'm starting writing this with the intention of covering quite a few things, so please excuse me if I meander somewhat (it's also not improbable that this will sit as an unfinished draft for weeks, before being edited into something much more focused that barely resembles it's lengthy, ambitious origins). Not sure how this is going to go, I don't usually write too personally, but most of the stuff is pretty much all about me (you have to admit I do fucking rock).
Jack Johnstone
So I've been doing quite a bit lately: First and foremost is Please Tell Me You're Human - a podcast network, that also acts as a showcase for "talent" from the Carlisle area, i.e. the shit that we do outside of podcasts will be posted somewhere around that site. We've expanded quite a bit lately we have a proper website (which will contain links to any future blogs I may write) built from WordPress, mostly by this guy over here -> with a tiny bit of help by me, and some kind words of support from the rest of the Please Tell Me team (we're the kind of team, where the players forget they're actually supposed to turn up.) So along with the original podcast Film & TV (if anyone asks what it's about I really don't thing you should be allowed the internets) we also do Art Crap which consists and of Jack and a random selection of scumbags (or Karen) wittering about nothing much in particular, it's usually brilliantly nonsensical and thoroughly entertaining; now we get to my baby, the podcast I take full responsibility for (unless you think something's good, in which case it was probably something someone else did): VIDJAGAMES!, is a podcast in which we will talk about anything and everything videogame related, usually bringing up id and Final Fantasy somewhere along the way, plus all the music for breaks, or when someone says something offensive enough to make me cut it (which is pretty hard), is from old games. It's totally awesome you should listen to it right now (pretty, pretty please)!
Thomas J. Moscrop
In addition to all of the awesome podcast stuff ("There's more?!" you ask, incredulous that you could cram more awesome into one site) we're also going to be hosting Tom's  webcomic series Straight to DVD, which he's currently hard at work on. It's about a bunch of fuck-ups running a shitty film company that makes straight-to-DVD B-Movies, and it should be a lot of fun. Speaking of Tom, I'm hoping to be working with him on another comic/ type thingy called Supervillain, as well as helping him develop a web series, the details of which are not mine to reveal, suffice to say that there should be some pretty surreal stuff in the web series which I think is intended to be a sort of comedy/drama.
Mr Matthew Q. Adamson
On top of that is working on doing some video content to accompany our podcasts namely, a feature on Matt's vast collection of games and consoles (I seriously would not be surprised if the dude owns every gaming platform ever conceived); particularly looking at Voyeur, and other awesome forgotten titles. We're also hoping to record my first ever online match of StarCraft II (I've been procrastinating getting into the multi-player for that game). So other than podcast/website-y stuff I finished the script you may remember me mentionioning here and talking about it in more detail here. It's about a guy who breaks up with his girlfriend, and meets the girl of dreams, she then disappears and his whole life/mind starts to unravel, I'm pretty proud of it, and hope it'll turn out OK, and I'll be able to rope people into acting for me, it's set in late autumn so I've got a little while before I have to start trying to shoot anything.
Story on day release from his pan-dimensional prison box
I guess the biggest thing with me right now is that I'm heading off to Uni in Leeds to study Cinema & Photography in less than two weeks, a course which my Please Tell Me: Film & TV comrade Story has already been on for a year (I promise not to copy his answers). I got a place on this course last year, but opted to defer it for a year since I missed pretty much all of Year 13 of 6th Form because of my GAD; after a year of jobless, doley, trials and tribulations and being put onto happy tablets, I now feel ready to face the big scary student world of drinking and not doing any work (not something I'll really be participating in since I don't drink and my course should be really fun.) Also I got all my lovely, lovely hair chopped off and now struggle to remain standing when a feather flutters across my path.