Every console I've ever owned.

A list of every console/gaming device (excluding stuff like mobile phones with Snake and klondike etc. on iPod) that I have ever owned in the order that I first owned them.

Other than old PCs I still have own all the none hand-held consoles on this list (technically I sold my Xbox to my dad, but I can still use it), although not all of them are the original (on my 2nd 360 and 4th PlayStation, this one is actually a PSone rather than a PlayStation). I only wish I hadn't traded in most of the games I've ever owned.

List items

  • It really is the best way to play games.

  • We had one of the first iMacs, which I hated because I'd been used to being able to play games (primarily StarCraft) on my dad's PC so when my mum got this I was somewhat upset I wouldn't be able to play those games at home; I did spend quite a lot of time playing Nanosaur though.

  • I decided to get a PlayStation on the basis that the PC we had at the time was an iMac which barely supported any games, therefore I needed a console. I chose the PlayStation because my best friend already had an N64. I saved up all my money for what seemed like ages until I could afford to buy a pre-owned playstation for £50 (I think that's prett impressive for an 8 year old, although I'm sure I was helped more than I remember). Playing the Medal of Honor games on my PlayStation, along with Goldeneye on my friends N64, started my love affair with the FPS genre. At one point I owned 3 PlayStations at the same time, all of which were traded in when I got my Xbox; I now own my girlfriend's old PSone.

  • I didn't buy my Game Boy or Game Boy Colour, but was given them by the kids of my dad's girlfriend at the time when they'd moved on to the next hand-held console. I only ever bought two Game Boy games - Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Yellow, which I played the Hell out, but I did borrow some games from other people most memorably Mortal Kombat III and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (the only Zelda game I've ever played!)

  • see above

  • At this time my primary desire from a game was to be able to shoot things and the semi-regular sytem link parties I used to host really got me into multiplayer FPS particularly playing Halo 2. The Xbox was also the console on which I discovered the RPG in the form of KotOR.

  • By the time I got my first (only on my second so not doing too bad compared to some) 360 in the summer of 2006 my taste in video games was pretty refined, playing wide variety of good games ranging from Forza to Gears to Halo to Mass Effect. The Xbox 360 was my first online console allowing me to experience the joys of being insulted by strangers from foreign (sorry to say but usually they're American brats) as well the added longevity of games through achievements and not realising how much money you've just spent because you used fake online moneys. The 360 is still my primary gaming machine, largely because of Xbox Live being where all my friends are and the achievements.

  • My most recent console, the combination of BluRay and enough good exclusives for it to not be redundant sitting next to my 360 warranted getting this as an 18th birthday present in June 2009. I still don't really have any friends on PSN, but I've enjoyed enough good games on it for to have been worth the roughly £300 (bundled with Killzone 2 and inFamous) price tag. The PS3 holds the distinction of being home to the only Metal Gear game I've finished (or even really liked).

  • Primarily purchased for video editing in anticipation of my Cinema & Photography course, I also bought this so that I could actually play modern PC games as my PC struggles with Jade Empire and Psychonauts. I can finally play The Witcher!

  • Bought from my girlfriend's sister, with all the games she had for it for £60. My first handheld system since the good old GameBoy Colour.