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Why are games so hard to finish for me?

I've been having a problem last couple of years where I buy a lot of games, but finish few. I want this to change, so therefore I'm making a list of a few 360 games I want to finish. My plan is to stick to this order and don't buy any new games until I've finished the ones on this list.

1. Bastion

Played this for a few hours. I loved what I played, but somehow I stopped playing it.

2. Bayonetta

Played this one on PS3, but the performance issues with that version made me stop playing.

3. Outland

Bought this and only played around 30 minutes of it. I'm not quite sure why I stopped, but I'm going back in.

4. Beyond Good & Evil HD

I used to own this game for the Gamecube. I remember enjoying it but never finishing it so that's why I bought the HD version when it came out on XBLA. I think I played around 10 minutes of that version and I've felt bad for some time now for not playing through it.

5. Iron Brigade

Love this game. I had to wait quite some time for it to come out here in Europe, and when it finally came out I played quite a bit of it. I never finished the campaign though, so I'm returning to finish the battle.


Persona 4 Endurance Run

I somehow managed to avoid watching the revered endurance run of Persona 4.

Until now.....

I'm up to episode 15 at this moment I have to say I enjoy it immensely . Before I expected it to be quite boring to follow Jeff & Vinny play through a long RPG but so far it's been very entertaining. I shouldn't be surprised though, so many people have recommended this endurance run since it started.

I'm just late to the party, but what a enjoyable one.