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X360 - Games to finish.

I've been having a problem last couple of years where I buy a lot of games, but finish few. I want this to change, so therefore I'm making a list of a few 360 games I want to finish. My plan is to stick to this order and don't buy any new games until I've finished the ones on this list.

List items

  • Played this for a few hours. I loved what I played, but somehow I stopped playing it.

  • Played this one on PS3, but the performance issues with that version made me stop playing.

  • Bought this and only played around 30 minutes of it. I'm not quite sure why I stopped, but I'm going back in.

  • I used to own this game for the Gamecube. I remember enjoying it but never finishing it so that's why I bought the HD version when it came out on XBLA. I think I played around 10 minutes of that version and I've felt bad for some time now for not playing through it.

  • Love this game. I had to wait quite some time for it to come out here in Europe, and when it finally came out I played quite a bit of it. I never finished the campaign though, so I'm returning to finish the battle.