Genesis & Catharsis

Hai and Hello.
I'm Erik, better known as EatBoxSocks/ErikkuKyouki

I joined GiantBomb as a result of my boredem at GameSpot, and plus GiantBomb is way more appealing to me. So now I guess I'll be using mostly IGN and GiantBomb for Social/Community uses.
Either way, I'm here now and I guess I should talk about myself?
Well I'm fifteen and I'm in my 10th grade in High School. Pretty young eh?

Anyway, if this should be about games then, I will start off by saying that I started to play games at the age of 2. Sonic the Hedgehog on my classic Sega Genesis ;D
However, my interest in gaming grew large, and I ended up puchasing consoles from all over the spectrum. So naturally, I grew up being a Sega fanboy but I have definitely grown out of that. My favourite all-time consoles include: PlayStation 1, SNES, Dreamcast, Genesis, Saturn, PlayStation 2, NES, and N64.  
My preferred console of choice currently is PS3.
Just recently I fished out all my old consoles and have them all sitting comfortably on the floor. All except my very old Genesis, and my busted PS1 that I still have.  

I can safely say that I have indeed played at least a thousand games in my life, and that number WILL continue to grow, as I am finding old games every day.
So as of now (and probably ever) my favourite game of all-time is.. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Now I'm not just saying that, the Zelda series is actually a long-time favourite of mine. I have played and beaten every single game in the series and I have tons of merchandise and memorabilia. Link is easily my favourite fictional character.

Well, I guess thats enough about me. I plan to make MANY top 10/25/100 lists and things like that in the coming days. I love GiantBomb's features.

Until next time,