Tatsumaki-Senpū kyaku

So recently there has been a pretty big slump in videogame releases. Maybe it's because we've had roughly eight months straight of quality games coming out consistently from September to May of this year. Maybe we just need to get used to normal summers again. Typical summers consist of a game or two (but mostly XBLA games) that are really great, and then the rest of your time is spent either playing old games, or enjoying the summer.  
Personally, I'm not doing much this summer at all. I'm going on a couple camping trips and catching up on games I missed (since there has been a brutal onslaught of games that had not stopped until June). What I really have been playing though, is a butt-ton of Street Fighter IV. My reasoning? EVO 2010. It has basically made me remember why I love fighting games... THEY'RE JUST SOO DAMN FUN! I literally spent all night last time fighting people on Xbox Live with my unstoppable Rufus.  
I LOVE Rufus. He is easily my favourite of the six totally brand new fighters (well.. I guess there's technically eight, if you count Seth, and Gouken). There's just something so likable about him, despite his rather.. awkward appearance. However, that's definitely not a reason to dismiss him.  
Although Rufus is probably my single best character in SSFIV, but my long-time favourite has always been Fei Long. He kicks soo much ass. So, usually the only characters that I'll fight with are Rufus, Fei Long, Ryu, Sagat, and SOMTIMES Crimson Viper, just because she's sassy and I like her playing style. I also REALLY like Akuma but I understand he's sort of overpowered and I refrain from playing with him.  
Anyway though, my thoughts on EVO.  
I'd say the most entertaining to watch was obviously Street Fighter. That should come as no surprise. What should though, is that Justin Wong (who had previously dominated SF) didn't make the Top 8. It was surely surprising, but I think it is a good thing. Think about this: This year has been so far the largest year Evo has ever had. People from all over the world are making it to the U.S. to compete. It's only natural that Justin got his ass kicked, because American's always go for top tier characters.  
I mean, he lost to Adon, and then Zangief. Proof that any character can prove to stand a fighting chance.  
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was DEFINITELY exciting, as this year was it's 'Swan Song' and next year we'll have MvC3 to play. It consisted of Justin beating the ther guy (can't remember his name) and an exhibition for MvC3. I have to say, Dante looks like an excellent character for this next game and I can't wait until more characters get confirmed. Also, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom was played. I have to say I really enjoy it. I love all the unknown Tatsunoko characters, I had a fun time being all of them, and learning about them.   
Oh, and there was also some Tekken 6..... I am not particularily fond of Tekken anymore. I gave up on it AFTER Tekken Tag Tournament (Mind you, I still enjoy the games preceeding it ^-^)
So that's about it for EVO. In a future blog I might go more in depth about my fighting game history and why I love them so goddamn much.