I just got cannonrushed... or did I?

My first game of the day, Shakuras Plateau, PvP... 
So I head out to scout after my Pylon on 9 Supply and scout this: 

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"Oh hell no!" went through my mind in that moment, so throw down a Forge in my own base to stop his cannons that are probably already lurking in on my base. 
But oh boy was I wrong! 
Because meanwhile...

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...he scouted the top right and didn't see anything, so he turned around to go cannonrush the bottom right only to end up like this: 

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"OH HELL NO!" is what he probably thought finding another emtpy base... 
Because that's what the second picture actually looks like if you watch the replay: 
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Oh man... What a good game. 
Needless to say he didn't really stand a chance afterwards because I alreay had 2 gates+cyver core while he had 3 cannons in an empty base. :D