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This game will make you cry 0

Directly from the beginning of the game, you are being set up to be sad. The developers tug at all the various strings attached to all your various organs that make you feel feelings. And that's just the first 10 minutes. Even the enemies in the game have a well thought out story. As soon as you take over control of Ori the platforming begins. Exploring the "open World" of this Metroid-Vania shows you that you will have to backtrack in order to collect items. As Ori moves along in the world, the...

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Defense Grid 2 is a sequel.... 0

Defense grid 2 is, as it stands a competent and quality tower defense game.The follow up to Defense Grid: The awakening takes the same formula and expands slightly upon it. Why mess with something that works?The core game play consists of destroying waves of enemies that are trying to steal your power cores as they travel into the map and out of the map in a predictable fashion. This is achieved by placing any of several different towers in the way of the enemies, rerouting them around the map ...

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Yes, you can be totally average at multiplier in this one too 0

I'm terrible at Multiplayer. It's a fact. You likely are too unless you are one of the people who can shoot me with an SMG from across the map. Reguardless, the multiplayer experience is pretty fun. Like all Call of Duty games, the multiplayer experience is one of leveling and unlocks. But the mobility of the Exo-Suits is what set Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from it's predecessors. The movement is a quick an intuitive stripped down version of the single player campaign's capabilities. doubl...

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