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TY for the reply.

No I am using Giantbomb agent plugin. (https://github.com/rspeicher/GiantBomb.bundle)

My internet is not good enough for consistent streaming so I download videos that interest me. I then put them into plex and have the agent plugin fill in the metadata. I was using the "Unique ID" according to rspeicher's instructions. I found the ID in the URL of the Video, but the shown ID has changed with the redesign and no longer works with the agent. I was able to find a "data-id" when looking at the page source that appears to be the correct Unique ID as far as the agent is concerned.

I figure it is a GB database change for the redesign and probably need to give rspeicher time or see if I can make a different agent myself.

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Maybe wrong forum, but under the redesign I cannot find the show id to do a match for the plex plugin. I already did some testing with basic api calls.

Example UPF 10/26/18 (removed api info)

https://www.giantbomb.com/api/video/13711/ (this works)

new site makes the episode appear to be 11152


What am I missing? Is there a way to find the appropriate number for the api call to work?