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An Understanding of Arcades from an 00’s Kid 0

I was born in 1994, far after the death of Arcades. So, I never really understood Arcades. You have to go to a place to play small games for short periods of time paying a small amount of money each time while trying to get a high score. Why would you play a game that doesn’t progress like a story?Then came Super Crate Box. Super Crate Box is a 2D shooter platformer in which you must collect boxes. There are enemies but they are a hindrance to getting the boxes not an objective. Killing an...

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An Arcade Game with a Broken Score 0

Vlambeer makes arcade style games better than anyone. Luftrausers is no exception.Luftrausers is a flight combat, bullet-hell shooter, whose main gimmick involves stalling the engine to simply fall out of the air to avoid bullets. There is no way to reverse or stop in Luftrausers there is only stalling. This leads to an awesome feeling when your plane falls between bullets not taking any damage. Stalling is also one of the few times that you can turn your plane. Depending on the setup (which we&...

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