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#1 Posted by randomfella21 (66 posts) -

The continuation of the Halloween series is really interesting to me. Not a single one of those films (excluding the first one) has above a 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. How can a series continue like that without somebody stopping and thinking "well we've made five of these things and they're all shit except the first one... maybe we shouldn't make another one?" it's fucking crazy. Cool article Patrick, thanks for the write up.

They turn a profit. As long as they continue to make the studio money they will continue to make them.

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PSN ID : randomfella21

Timezone: Eastern US

Currently playing Destiny, level 15 Warlock *edit*: also playing Diablo 3.

Add me!

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This might be the best thing Patrick has written. Beautiful, exquisite, and moving. Thank you.

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#4 Posted by randomfella21 (66 posts) -

Naughty Dog deserves every bit of my money that I can give, looking forward to picking this up again.

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@jeanespinosa21: Resogun is awesome. I waited to play AC4 until PS4 came out and I'm really digging it so far, coming from a dude that did NOT like AC3. Also Killzone is surprisingly enjoyable so far in spite of the average reviews, really like Killzone multiplayer.

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GTA V for me was hands down the most overrated game of this year, and the best example to date of game "critics" being unwilling to seriously "critique" a major game release. I understand different opinions and such but it's hard for me to fathom how this game got 10s across the board.

It is not a bad game, I would say it is a step above mediocre, and only because of how great the heist missions were. It looks great for sure, but it had no soul, and get's incredibly boring about 7 hours in. Obviously just my opinion, but there were no game "critics" that felt the same way?

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@zombie2011: Publishers should publish better games if they want to make more money. Everybody forgets that Call of Duty became the behemoth of a money-maker that it is in spite of "piracy" and "used games" because the first Modern Warfare was a REALLY GOOD GAME. Make better games.

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@RagingDaemon said:

If you're railing against women being legitimately discriminated against via hiring practices, pay discrepancies, promotion denials, etc, you have a legitimate issue.

If you're fighting for women to feel perfectly comfortable at all times, you don't have a legitimate issue. Real life is rough and messy. Conflicts happen. Social faux pas' are made. Feelings are hurt. Misunderstandings happen. Sexual Harassment laws exist if it goes beyond that. Being mistaken for a secretary, being hit on, being told you don't look like you're a programmer or whatever, are bullshit victim hysterical complaints. The world is not obligated to be sensitive and perfectly attuned to your personal set of hangups, no matter who you are. You are only deserving of human rights and a fair shake under the law.

Are you going to advocate for litigating "niceness"? Will you be happy once all language is fully neutral, the only allowed words denoting negative things are strictly regulated, and offenders fined and punished? How would you regulate interactions to prevent anyone from being offended ever? How far would you take it, if you were fully in charge?

Next, as has already been stated many times, the 47% figure is clearly BS.

The publishers would have gone out of business if the cash cow AAA titles (not Angry Birds and Farmville) were bought by 50% women.

There is nothing wrong with selling to your audience.

Please start arguing that heterosexual Romance novels have unrealistic depictions of men. Please rally hard for that to be fixed.

Also, while you're fighting the good fight for women to get into STEM fields by any and all means necessary... Know some other fields women are underrepresented in? Garbage collectors, loggers, truck drivers, construction workers. You know, the most dangerous, destructive, and shit paying jobs. There is absolutely no parity there. But something tells me you aren't going to give a shit.

It's almost like you're not really interested in true egalitarianism.

I wish we could up-vote posts. I would be really interested to see Patrick's response to this, or if he lumps this well-reasoned and interesting counter-argument in with all the trolling.

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#9 Posted by randomfella21 (66 posts) -

@EnduranceFun said:

@FengShuiGod said:

@g00ber said:


I find it kind of ironic that most of the comments from those who agree with Patrick are comments that don't reflect equality but female superiority.

This world is unfair in a lot of ways and a lot of different people are effected by these unfair disadvantages. What most of you are doing is singling out women as if they are the only ones who are stereotyped against in this industry. If you really wanted to see proactive change you (Patrick and friends) would try focusing more energy towards why we are like this instead of who we are like this to.

I am a Hispanic/Native American and I have felt personally victimized for being different and I also feel like Native Americans are portrayed horribly in games. Most of the time they wield Tomahawks and do rain dances with feathers in their hair and war paint dripped on their faces. Don't you think this is upsetting? How about the black characters in video games who are almost always tied to gangs or uses some sort of slang or how main hispanic characters are a rarity. How about male protagonists who are always sexualized with tight clothing and bulging muscles?

My point is women aren't singled out for being women. They JUST LIKE THE REST OF US suffer from living in a severely flawed world.

I'm not saying that fighting against this type of abuse is wrong, but that prioritizing women in this activity is not only unfair but in the long haul counterproductive.

You mean like breast cancer having its own month dedicated to creating awareness despite the fact that lung cancer kills 30,000 more women a year than breast cancer?

But that wouldn't be interesting, because men have lungs too...

I'm with you dude. Discrimination affects EVERYBODY.

This. Instead, we get a blog post about how somebody just got out of a gender studies 101 class. This kind of soft liberalism tempered with post modern ideas about tolerance and the other is so sophomoric it hurts. It's like Freud, Jane Ellen Harrison, Germaine Greer, Simone de Beauvoir, Susan Sontag, Camille Paglia, Slavoj Zizek, hell even Erica Jong (et al) never existed. I know video games are a nascent medium created by a nascent industry, but do we have to start from ground zero with this?

Imagine if video games had intelligent commentators! That would be awesome. Where is our Dave Hickey, our Robert Hughes, our Peter Schjeldahl? Instead we get onanistic blog posts built on rhetorical castles that have traded criticism for advocacy and cheer leading.

The cultivation of Patrick's kind of tolerance as an end implicitly constitutes a rejection of video game culture as a domain in which conflict can be articulated and addressed, and a domain in which citizens can be transformed by their participation. Patrick's world, wherein good thoughts can be a start will forever remain at a start, and video game feminism will be - has been - reduced to an interminable cycle of nonsense. OMG look, I am a man, and I cannot understand, but teh poor womenz, now some Twitter so I can feel self worth. The obligation to feel tolerant towards the other effectively means that you will not get too close, that they will remain the other.

We must move on here. Don't just respect others, offer a common struggle, since our problems today are common. Patrick does not do this. He instead plays the role of a patronizing male, admittedly incapable of understanding, yet ironically willing to interpret for and guide us, the illiterate male internet, and #1reasontobe aren't women just, like, the best guyz?

Brilliant post.

Agreed. It's funny Patrick called out the "trolling" post but makes no mention of these well formed arguments against his point of view. I've been a Patrick supporter since day 1 and I love most of the articles he puts out on this site, but his views on sexism and gender equality are certainly very simplistic.

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#10 Posted by randomfella21 (66 posts) -

@CarlosTheDwarf said:

#1reasonwhy Because at a games networking event, someone a beta herb whom I was not at all attracted to asked for my business card and proceeded to flirt via text the next morning.

— Kristen Halloran (@anetherealtwist) November 27, 2012


Hahahahahaha slow clap...

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