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Blur review


Video Review  :D

Its impossible to make a review of Blur without comparing to the recently released Split/Second. Both games aim at the same a public,and are direct competitors so lets keep that part short:Split/Second is better,and now you can find out why!

Blur is an arcade racing game where you can pick up power-ups,that will give you super-powers. Some might call it WipeOut on wheels,and they would be right.

But Blur also has some interesting things going for it. For one thing,all the cars are licensed,in fact there is a lot of city cars for mortals! So you will enjoy in Ford Focus,Renault Megan etc .

All of the cars are very different based on their speed,acceleration and foremost drift. And here we come to one controversy-Blur is quasi-realistic ,so here it isn't possible to go into a left (OR right) turn while driving 350 mp/h,like in Split/Second or Burnout,so its needed to use the break a little,and drift a little,too!

I don't know about you,but in an arcade,power-up based racing game didn't sit too well! But oh well,what about these power-ups? Very simple,on the track there are power-ups everywhere like plasma balls,shields,turbo etc.

You can carry 3 power-ups at a time,and combine the ways and times you shoot them. Some power-ups can also be fired backwards,which opens a lot of tactical chances to take your enemies down!   The positions are constantly changing,so its damn easy to fall from first to last place.

Because of this,many races (read 98 % percent of the races) turn into sometimes frustrating chaos!

Also,Blur is very repetitive. After 2 hours of using the same power-ups you could get bored of it. Turn on the turbo,shoot this,shoot that,it just gets really REALLY boring!

One more thing-even though there are tons of spectacular explosions ,when you crash into something or someone the part of your car stay glued to your car,which is extremely dissapointing!

Also,the said bore was attemped to get avoided with implementation of many tracks. Yea,there are a lot more tracks than in Split/Second,but most of the tracks just downright suck!

There is way to detail in them so the tracks are just static non-interactive polygons for racing ! What about the modes? Classic,standard race,destruction,checkpoint races etc.,nothing spectacular.

Just like the carreer system-the first three positions give you lights, and there is also collecting fans,which works just like..i don't know....Facebook?

Its not about Blur being shitty,and that it doesn't have nice graphics or whatever,but its waaay to average for what it was pumped to be.

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Yo,fuck my website

I decided that my website is shit,and its a well known fact some people are ignorant,and because it sucked in the start,they think "Oh,it must suck now too!" but it doesn't (i think :P)
Still though what i made was a pretty lame website which now needs to shut its doors :(.However,to keep my self busy i started working on a new website called "Intruder Alert"
Also dbz pm me if you want to actually help out more than just writing old-school reviews,or just continue making them (if you want to even keep making them!),or comment on this blog :)


Alan Wake review

Video Review :D

Alan Wake was supposed to be a 360 exclusive that would shame PS3 titles with its graphics and original ideas, and if it came out before Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and God of War it could of easily do it! But i won’t go in any console war bullshit, but tell you that Alan Wake is an excellent game in itself.

The story is paranormal, and it draws inspiration from the novels of Steven King and many TV shows off the Sci-Fi/Horror genre. You are Alan Wake, a writer that has come to chill in a small town called Bright Falls, but chilling is soon ruined and your vacation is turned into a nightmare! When its night, paranormal creatures come out of the shadows, known as the taken, which really starts playing with Alan’s imagination and the story for an adventure is set! The base of the game is playing with your mind, and an excellent atmosphere!

All of this has something to do with some dark force which turns people in these creatures, but it can also affect objects. The artistic style is first class, and the creatures constantly flicker as if they are in some strange way flickering from reality and non-reality, this is no graphical bug however! They modulate the color of their voice and seem real creepy!

However, Alan Wake is not a classic survival horror game Silent Hill style, because the focus is on the feel of loneliness and the feeling of being lost. Alan spends most of his time navigating through forests where he is being preyed on by monsters. He finds help in light. When he gets to a lamp or a light post the demons perish and you can have a moment of peace.

Also, your main weapon is a battery flashlight! The demons are completely invincible until you use the light to destroy their dark spirit, and then you can shoot them. Ammo is very scarce, and there is a perfect recipe for a perfect battle system that will make your skin crawl.

In many situations you will be outnumbered and you will have to escape to the next light source, and seeing how Alan gets tired while running, you will get that feeling like something is there, and it wants to kill you.

When it come to the graphics, it’s obvious that the game has been in development for a long time. Daytime textures sometimes suffer from smudgy textures, and you can see the lack of polygons on the faces. So this is no Uncharted 2, but when it’s nighttime you will enjoy in perhaps the best lighting system you ever seen.

The game has many other details, like watching a fictive TV series that reminds of the Twilight Zone. Alan also collects paper from his not yet published novel, turns on generators etc.

Sometimes you will sit behind the wheel of a car, and use its lights to destroy the evil spirits, but this is something that isn’t used very often in the game. Unfortunately AW is extremely short, and it only contains 6 chapters, which can be done in around 2 more intense gaming afternoons!

But while it lasts its incredible atmosphere, and loads of fun, it will keep you tied to your chair!


Rogue fucking Warrior review

Check it out on the website as well :)

Rogue "fucking" Warrior is a worldwide phenomenon as one of the worst games of 2009, and one of the absolute worst FPS games of all time, i disagree. Why? Be fucking patient cocksucker you know the motherfucking basics.
The character is one of the worst attempts to make an anti-hero but still the good guy character of all time, i mean instead of making an good anti-hero, Rebellion made a super hill-billy that swears a whole fucking lot, delivering some of the cheesiest lines in history of game making, and he just fucking swears all the fucking time with no fucking reason for the most part. It almost feels like he's being played for laughs, and it’s a real insult to Dick Marcinko, because while the real Dick was a legend, the virtual Dick is...Well....a dick!  The voice acting is, actually not that bad ,I mean its alright, its not Oscar winning material but its OK, also a cool thing is its done by none other than Mickey fucking Rourke....Yea
Level design is a complete disaster, and is the absolute worst i have ever seen and i have been around since the NES days-most of the levels take place in dark, brown factory levels,and coupled with some of the worst graphics of   all time it isn’t exactly eye candy!

The graphics are a complete disaster. Was the Asura engine made for the PS2? Was this game made in 2003? The game frequently runs on about 10-20 FPS, character models are done poorly, blood looks awful and pop-up is incredibly obvious, the only thing nice is some shading effect here and there. Now despite this, the system requirements are ludicrous!

The gameplay in Rogue Warrior is all over the place in terms of fun and boredom. The most important thing about it are the kill moves, which work this way: walk up behind someone press a button and watch Marcinko do a violent kill animation, with a juicy curse following it :)! The AI is god-awful. You can walk up behind them then run around in circles behind them. Hell, sometimes, they will ignore the sound of a grenade, you know, that quiet sound! Cover? Pfffft. RW AI using cover? Ha-ha-ha! They will never use cover, but I recommend you use the cover system since it’s really not that bad. However, I said I think the game is in some strange phantasmagoric way good, and I really do! Finally you don’t have be bothered with strategies and sneaking, just relax and shoot, shoot, shoot! 


Spamming is bad,but you might be doing it not knowingly!

 Alright before we start,there is something i need to get off my chest. Now most of you guys if you look at most of my posts in spam topics,you know they were all saying don't attach it to the forums directing them to the rules and the usual routine bullshit. Now the problem is,when people see these topics they,instead of getting annoyed and pissed that good normal non-spam threads getting bumped down and directing these douche-bags to the rules or whatever, post lolcats clever (yea right,they/you think they/you are clever but guess what-they/you aren't!) remarks and so on. Now i come in (and not just me in some cases there have obviously been other people) and post the rules and routine stuff,then i guess they/you see me as a party pooper and decide to post something the likes of this not at all clever reply by nanikore:


 What? I help the site and i get an insult? Don't get me wrong,i ain't expecting a reward but i certainly don't expect an insult! Well,you guys that post crap the likes of that are


 STOP IT ASS-FACE! Look,this clogs up the forums and bumps the thread up for no reason whatsoever,kills complete legitimate threads instead of the one in question!This is not good! You seriously want to make the forums gamespotty as hell? I know i don't,but look around you what do you see? I see GS on the forums a lot,and ass-faces aren't exactly the most helpful in fixing that issue.
Now say what you want,but i am right and you know it! Majority of you are going to deny it insult me and keep spamming,though maybe i will get a minority that will agree,but come on guys,help me out here!

What were all the consoles you ever had?

I had a lot of them what about you? Well comment about and til then look at my list


1. NES

Man i LOVED this grey box.... Unfortunately it broke and i got two choices,get another one,a Genesis or an SNES... Guess what i chose :)

2. Genesis

Ahhhhhh Genesis does what Nintendon't..... LIARS! It was only a graphical update,but it served me well,and unlike an NES which i had to buy 3 FUCKING TIMES i only needed to buy the Genesis once!


This guy right here is,IMHO, the second best console EVAR!

4. Game Boy

The green screen wonder-brick is to this day still,IMHO,one of the best portable consoles ever!

5. Game Boy Color

Sticking to handhelds i got this thing day 1 when it came out!

6. PlayStation

While the SNES might be second the PlayStation is the BEST! I loved this thing and you did too!

7. PlayStation 2

Ahhh,the memories with this thing! I actually got it in 2004,the Slim version,and its still my most played system sharing first place with the original PlayStation

8. Atari 2600

This is when i started collecting old stuff,and i did it because it was AWESOME!

9. Commodore 64

My second old-school platform is the C64,the PC that defines the word classic....Also,this was my first computer :P

10. PC

I got an average one in 2005 (2 months after the C64),but I got a better quad core one last week :)

11. Atari 5200

Piece of shit doesn't even work! I got this one in 2006,and sold it in 2006 :(

12. Atari 8-bit

This is another (one i got in 2006) old PC that i don't have much to say,its pretty basic!

13. Nintendo DS

Got this one in 2008(i took a couple years of a break for gaming),still own,only until the 3DS comes out :D

14. Mortal Kombat II

I bought the arcade machine,pretty expensive! I got in 2008 btw

15. Tekken 2

Same as previous,got the arcade machine in 2008,and i still enjoy playing it now and then.

16. Street Fighter II

Arcade machine in 2009

17. Nintendo 64

Got it,cuz i never had one...I don't like it :(

18. PSP

Got the 3000 yesterday (yeah i didn't buy jack since the N64 last...week xD)


Old school reviews: Tekken 3 (PlayStation)


Story : Set fifteen years after the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2, the story starts with Jun Kazama, who has been living a quiet life in Yakushima with her young son, Jin, who is the son of Kazuya Mishima. Heihachi Mishima, meanwhile, has established the Tekken Force, an organization dedicated to the protection of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Using the company’s influence, Heihachi is responsible for many events that have ultimately led to world peace. However, while on an excavation in Mexico, a squadron of Heihachi’s Tekken Force is attacked and vanquished by a mysterious being. The only surviving soldier manages to relay a brief message to Heihachi, describing the perpetrator as an “Ogre” or a “Fighting God”. Heihachi and a team of soldiers investigate, with Heihachi managing to catch a glimpse of the culprit. After seeing the Ogre character, Heihachi’s long dormant dream of world domination is reawakened. He seeks to capture Ogre to use him for this goal.

Soon after, various martial arts masters begin disappearing from all over the world, and Heihachi is convinced that this is Ogre’s doing. In Yakushima, Jun starts to feel the presence of Ogre approaching her and Jin. Knowing that she has become a target, Jun tells Jin about Ogre, and instructs him to go straight to Heihachi should anything happen. Sometime after Jin’s fifteenth birthday, Ogre does indeed attack. Against Jun’s wishes, Jin valiantly tries to fight Ogre off, but Ogre brushes him aside and knocks him unconscious. When Jin reawakens, he finds that the house has been burned to the ground, and that his mother is missing and most likely dead. Driven by revenge, Jin goes to Heihachi and tells him everything. Jin begs Heihachi to train him to become strong enough to face Ogre again. Heihachi accepts.

Three years later, Jin grows into an impressive fighter and master of Mishima Style Karate. On Jin’s nineteenth birthday, the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3 is announced, and Jin prepares for his upcoming battle against Ogre. He is unaware, however, that Heihachi is merely using him and the rest of the competitors as bait to lure Ogre out in order to capture him. Eventually, the tournament leads to the final confrontation between Jin and The God of Fight. Paul Phoenix was successful in defeating Ogre, however, he leaves after winning the match. Unknown to him at the time, Ogre is able to transform into a much more powerful “true” from, known to the players as “True Ogre”. When Jin arrives, he is confronted by this True Ogre form and begins the fight. The battle rages for hours, until Jin finally emerges the victor and Ogre completely dissolves. Moments later, Jin is gunned down by a squadron of Tekken Forces led by Heihachi, who, no longer needing Jin, finishes the job personally by firing a final shot into his grandson’s head.

However, Jin, revived by the Devil Gene within him (because after Jin’s mother had gone missing following an attack from Ogre, Devil returned, branded Jin’s left arm with a mark, possessing him), reawakens and makes quick work of the soldiers, turning his attention to Heihachi and literally smashing him through the wall of the temple. Heihachi survives the long fall, but Jin, in mid-air, sprouts black, feathery wings and strikes Heihachi one last time. He then flies off into the night, leaving his bewildered grandfather staring after him.

Review : The third installment to Namco’s hand-to-hand fighter takes place a whooping 15 years after Tekken 2… As many of the veteran Tekken characters look notably older. Tekken’s gameplay hadn’t changed a whole lot from Tekken to Tekken 2, but Tekken 3 introduced some key gameplay elements that refreshed the gameplay, including the God-send known as the “sidestep”… Finally, Tekken not only looked 3D, but played 3D as well. Along with better character control and noticeably smoother character animations, the most notable addition to the core gameplay this time around is side stepping, which allowed for a new way to dodge attacks. Tapping up or down on the D-pad allows fighters to move around the 3D environments, and dodge their opponent’s attacks if timed properly. The sidestep truly re-invented Tekken’s gameplay system, introducing new strategies like the awesome looking “side throws”. The side throws differed depending on if you caught your opponent on their left or right, and were some of the coolest (and most painful) looking moves in the game… Can you say ouch factor?

Now that the core gameplay was evolving from a 2D plane into a 3D plane, the character development was also able to take a noticeable step forward in Tekken 3. Some intricately designed new fighters have joined the cast, each representing their own unique brand of authentic martial arts. The new characters include a young Tae Kwon Do expert Hwoarang,  a cool Capoeira martial artist Eddy Gordo, and a fast and agile Chinese female, Ling Xiaoyu… And finally, Jin Kazama took the place of his father, Kazuya, fighting a lot like his father did in the prequel, but also sporting his fair share of unique moves.
The home version of Tekken 3 for the Sony Playstation was an awesome package and another instant hit, receiving tons of positive reviews from mainstream gaming magazines (including a few perfect 10’s). Not only did the PS1 version of Tekken 3 have slightly sharper visuals than it’s arcade counterpart, the home version was packed with some great bonus modes: ‘Tekken Force’ (a 2D/3D side-scroller beat-em-up where all characters were playable) and the entertaining ‘Tekken Ball’ mode (similar to volleyball, where fighters exchange the ball by using attacks). The home version also featured an epic intro, and a cool Theater mode where you could watch the FMV character endings and also listen to two full soundtracks of the game: Original & Arrange!
Closing Comment: Tekken 3’s PS1 intro is still among my all time favorite intros of any video game…  It flowed brilliantly from beginning to end and the music & graphics were simply awesome for the time. The FMV character endings were equally visually impressive but also well thought out, fleshing out Tekken’s cool characters even further. The bonus modes offered a nice break from the intense arcade & VS modes, and all in all Tekken 3 was one of the best (if not the best) console fighting game ever made at the time of it’s release.

Two years after Tekken 3’s arcade release, Tekken Tag Tournament was released in arcades which was heavily based upon Tekken 3’s gameplay & graphics.
P.S. Yea,yea i only posted it earlier then i said because of the quest,but at least this ain't spam!


Old School reviews: Killer Instinct (Arcade)


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Check it out on my website too ^_^!
Anyway,i decided it was time to make another one of these but this no more subcategories,instead just the review and then closing comment,also NO RATING! This is because i want to just write it down and then you decide whether you think you might like it or not! Anyways on with the review :)
Killer Instinct was a 2D fighting game, using impressive-at-the-time 3D-like digitized graphics, and also introduced the biggest combos ever to be seen in fighting game. KI also featured a fatalities and humiliations for every character (heavily inspired by the likes of Mortal Kombat 2 ). At it's debut, the way Killer Instinct looked made it seem like somewhat of a rip off of Mortal Kombat, but may have actually offered a superior gameplay experience (in some opinions).    The gameplay at the time was something different from the norm, and was very combo oriented... There were a variety of ways to set up and finish combos, and with an ultra/finishing combo (initiated when a fighter's health was low) skilled players could pull off combos upward of 70-hits or more, which always impressed any bystanders at the arcade. The game also featured "combo breakers" which were pretty damn cool looking, but probably caused 75% of all cabinets to have to be repaired, since mashing random buttons and the d-pad sometimes worked quite well.   Although there was no "dash," all the characters had a decent variety of moves, and a good variety of combo possibilities. Killer Instinct also introduced the "double life bar"... instead of winning two rounds, each fighter starts the fight with two bars of energy. There's a brief pause when a fighter loses their first bar, then the match resumes. That small detail was another attribute made KI "stand out" as a unique fighting game .    Each cabinet also featured a "highest combo record" for each character, which was fun for skilled players trying to get their initials on the list... *sigh* Simpler times. Killer Instinct also had the arguably the best soundtrack at the time, and graphics also impressed in the mid 90s. The character designs were also well done, all of which had interesting play styles... Still highly memorable characters to this day. The SNES port was a decent console port at the time, though it differed greatly from the arcade version both in graphics and gameplay slightly. Many graphical effects were missing from the home version, such as the awesome FMV character victory sequences, and the background "scrolling back" as characters moved apart (which was arguably the KI's most awesome graphical effect). In the arcade version during certain combos on "building top" stages, the camera angle would change dramatically, showing a birds-eye view as the airborne character was launched, only to fall ALLLL the way back down to get hit a few more times... *sigh* Good times. Good times. 
 Closing Comment : I have to admit... When I first saw Killer Instinct in the arcades, I didn't like it... As an 11 year old Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat fan, I was like "that's stupid, they're trying to be like Mortal Kombat." Then after pulling off my first Ultra Combo, I was hooked... I anxiously awaited the SNES home port (picking it up on the first day of course), and though it wasn't nearly as impressive as the arcade version, I played the hell out of the home version. Then I appreciated the arcade version even more... I really missed those awesome camera angles and projectile effects in the SNES version.

Oldschool reviews:Mega Man X

Hi guys!So  i just started this new blog series called Oldschool reviews!Also thanks to Xeiphyer for the snazzy editing tips ^.^!Anyway its about time to start this!


Mega Man X is an awesome game,but its hard as shit.Now i could probably conclude this review right now but i will not!


Gameplay in Mega Man X is pure awesomeness!Controlling Mega Man X is as fun as ever,and that is certainly useful when it comes to the platforming which feels as sturdy and challenging as ever!As for the combat,this is where MMX really shines.All the enemies are really fantastic and aren't repetititive at all (you got:shooting cars,bombing bees,something,huge ass robots,helicopter bees shooting shit etc.)there is also a lot of variety in the mission design,sure its still al shoot em' before they shoot you but the boss encounters,make all the difference in the world and i'm not even being sarcastic!Its hard as shit,but its sure fun as shit!


Well,the graphics are pleasing to the eye but nothing better than any other game on the system!Lets face it,it was REALLY hard to make an SNES game stand out graphically amongst others,and to my knowledge,the only ones could pull it off were Konami and Super Castlevania IV! Ill review that game next time :).


However,the sound is really great:everything from the music to the sound effects its all really REALLY REALLY REALlY  awesome!The shooting feels satisfying BECAUSE of the sound,the music is a GREAT 8-bit rendition and it all just goes great,and the music almost always seems to fit with the action going on on your screen!


 Yeah,no!I barely got through the game the first time,and the only thing that kept me going back is trying to master it,but chances are you will kick the living shit OUT OF YOUR MOTHERFUCKING SNE FATHERFUCKING S!The game is so frikkin hard so there is extremely little replay value!I am sorry to say but Mega Man X gets a louzy 3.8/5.Now it would be at least 4.5/5 but its 50 $!



LG KS360 Review

The LG KS360 is a phone,that seems more suited towards users like myself,users that are more suited towards the keyboard and not just any ole' regular mobile

 It sure is pretty!
 It sure is pretty!
phone user!What i'm trying to say here is that the LGKS360 has a build in keyboard,which makes it AWESOME by default :P!The keyboard itself is great only problem is that if you have big hands (like a friend of mine) you will have issues using it!The keyboard even has a "Mail" button which when you press it takes you directly to the "New message" screen,and that can be pretty useful.Overall,the keyboard is great!On the front you have your d-pad,the soft keys,the pick and hang up buttons and the delete buttons.But,there is also one which has a hand pushing buttons on it! It takes you to a touch-screen mode you can only use for dialing and it sure is great!Another thing youll notice is how the screen is huge!I have only seen a bigger screen on an iPhone!The screen also happens to be HD!On the sides you have adjust volume,photgraph buttons,that Micro SD input and receiver input nothing special.On the back you have this great 2.0 mega pixel camera and above it you have the sound recorder,while next to it you have a mirror which allows you to know what is in your shot.Now that we exlpored the exterior why don't we tlak about the features a bit and wrap this review up!As i said,to dial you need a touch screen,and that is awesome but it sucks how you can only use it for dialing!The phone doesn't have a whole lot of features you won't see on anyother pohne,however the features it has does better that 98 % mobile phones on the market!It comes with 2 games and demo (grrrrr......).I will review them in depth in a separete review but now i can say to you they suck..pretty bad!Well,you also get this cool aplication that has before been exclusive to Nokia phones:eBuddy!What this allows yout to do is..err....ihave no idea!Since it barely ever works and when it does work it will disconnect in just a minute or two!So!Time to wrap this up!
Rating:4 out of 5
 Touchscreen dialing
 Touchscreen not avilable for other uses
  Awesome camera
 eBuddy sucks
  Excellent preformanse
  Awesome stereo
  Hd screen