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Blur review


Video Review  :D

Its impossible to make a review of Blur without comparing to the recently released Split/Second. Both games aim at the same a public,and are direct competitors so lets keep that part short:Split/Second is better,and now you can find out why!

Blur is an arcade racing game where you can pick up power-ups,that will give you super-powers. Some might call it WipeOut on wheels,and they would be right.

But Blur also has some interesting things going for it. For one thing,all the cars are licensed,in fact there is a lot of city cars for mortals! So you will enjoy in Ford Focus,Renault Megan etc .

All of the cars are very different based on their speed,acceleration and foremost drift. And here we come to one controversy-Blur is quasi-realistic ,so here it isn't possible to go into a left (OR right) turn while driving 350 mp/h,like in Split/Second or Burnout,so its needed to use the break a little,and drift a little,too!

I don't know about you,but in an arcade,power-up based racing game didn't sit too well! But oh well,what about these power-ups? Very simple,on the track there are power-ups everywhere like plasma balls,shields,turbo etc.

You can carry 3 power-ups at a time,and combine the ways and times you shoot them. Some power-ups can also be fired backwards,which opens a lot of tactical chances to take your enemies down!   The positions are constantly changing,so its damn easy to fall from first to last place.

Because of this,many races (read 98 % percent of the races) turn into sometimes frustrating chaos!

Also,Blur is very repetitive. After 2 hours of using the same power-ups you could get bored of it. Turn on the turbo,shoot this,shoot that,it just gets really REALLY boring!

One more thing-even though there are tons of spectacular explosions ,when you crash into something or someone the part of your car stay glued to your car,which is extremely dissapointing!

Also,the said bore was attemped to get avoided with implementation of many tracks. Yea,there are a lot more tracks than in Split/Second,but most of the tracks just downright suck!

There is way to detail in them so the tracks are just static non-interactive polygons for racing ! What about the modes? Classic,standard race,destruction,checkpoint races etc.,nothing spectacular.

Just like the carreer system-the first three positions give you lights, and there is also collecting fans,which works just like..i don't know....Facebook?

Its not about Blur being shitty,and that it doesn't have nice graphics or whatever,but its waaay to average for what it was pumped to be.

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