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Spamming is bad,but you might be doing it not knowingly!

 Alright before we start,there is something i need to get off my chest. Now most of you guys if you look at most of my posts in spam topics,you know they were all saying don't attach it to the forums directing them to the rules and the usual routine bullshit. Now the problem is,when people see these topics they,instead of getting annoyed and pissed that good normal non-spam threads getting bumped down and directing these douche-bags to the rules or whatever, post lolcats clever (yea right,they/you think they/you are clever but guess what-they/you aren't!) remarks and so on. Now i come in (and not just me in some cases there have obviously been other people) and post the rules and routine stuff,then i guess they/you see me as a party pooper and decide to post something the likes of this not at all clever reply by nanikore:


 What? I help the site and i get an insult? Don't get me wrong,i ain't expecting a reward but i certainly don't expect an insult! Well,you guys that post crap the likes of that are


 STOP IT ASS-FACE! Look,this clogs up the forums and bumps the thread up for no reason whatsoever,kills complete legitimate threads instead of the one in question!This is not good! You seriously want to make the forums gamespotty as hell? I know i don't,but look around you what do you see? I see GS on the forums a lot,and ass-faces aren't exactly the most helpful in fixing that issue.
Now say what you want,but i am right and you know it! Majority of you are going to deny it insult me and keep spamming,though maybe i will get a minority that will agree,but come on guys,help me out here!