So after listening to the Giant Bombcast for several months - including going back and listening to an enormous chunk of the archives - I have finally decided to create a user account and actually contribute to this massive monument to game knowledge. It's hard to pin down exactly why, since a great many people are already saying what I can say, and in some cases they're saying it far better than I can say it. I definitely feel an urge to contribute, especially since I do qualify as a collector (22 systems, ~1000 retail copies of games across those systems), and I've noticed some of my favorites aren't well represented in the Wiki...yet. There's also the interesting fact that almost everything I've ever written about games over the years - and there is a decent amount of that thanks to a noble but misguided effort a friend and I put into creating a game and movie review site/wiki together a decade ago - can be consolidated, updated, and added to Giant Bomb. It can all finally have a home! A real home, not just a dusty archive system on a server in the closet.

I've also felt a growing need to resume writing about games again, mostly thanks to an incredibly successful NanoWriMo that's put me 50k words into a first draft of a novel. (Only 60k+ more to go, eh heh heh, sigh.) I've noticed over the years that a writing project in any form tends to breed other writing projects. In any event, I'll be cleaning up and posting reviews I've written over the past number of years, especially to older games that do not have one. I'll also try using this blog, although it will take time to see if I've got enough random gaming information to discuss regularly enough to keep that up. I do go through periods of madness where I try to go back and improve my achievement scores on specific games, and that seems like it's probably worth a laugh to document in a blog in public where I can be mocked properly.

Also I'm currently on vacation and have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment. Idle hands, devil's work, etc.