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Keep up the good work Mento,

Of the three, Mag is a more difficult starter warframes. Especially at the point where you are in the game Mag is a bit under powered compared to Excalibur. Don't get me wrong, I am bit of a Mag (Prime) "main" (it's my most used Warframe). But to save you some potential struggle I suggest maybe coming back to Mag until later when you have your mod collection more flesh out.

@blacklagoon brings up a good point about trying to get Valkyr. A tip for fighting Alad V. Use Mag's magnetize on Alad V or Zanuka whichever you decide to deal with first The bubble will give you auto aim (zanuka likes to jump around). Shooting in the bubble will usually crit as well.

Valkyr is tanky like Rhino, but also fast frame.

My "Old" Mag build. This is a more (late) game build of my mag back in 2017/2018. Forma and all.

For future reference eventually Mag really shines with the right (more end-game) build which includes certain Syndicate Augment Mods: Counter Pulse and Magentize Discharge.

Magnetize Discharge:

As you alluded to Mag's 2 (Magnetize) is great at taking down bosses. Magnetize is secretly Mag's best skill, any projectile based shots is almost guaranteed to count as a headshot on any enemy trapped within the bubble. When the bubble explodes it does AOE damage to surrounding enemies. This damage scales with the amount of damage the bubble absorbed. The augment allows you to control the bubble, exploding it whenever you like.

Counter Pulse:

It adds a CC component to shield polarize. In addition to Shield Polarize dealing damage to surround enemies based on the amount of shields the enemy has. (Which by the way scale damage strength)

Any enemy not killed by Shield Polarize will be disarmed for a short duration allow you catch your breath and pick them off while they fidgeting with their weapon.

Don't worry about using your max frames to progress. When trying to progress through the starmap you want to have one good weapon as a decent weapon, along with the weapon you are leveling as a good general rule.

Been talking to new players coming back to Warframe in Giant Bomb Warframe Discord. They also are finding that the Chroma fight is exceptionally difficult.

If you struggling with damage multishot mods help deal more damage as well. Combining elemental damage: ie. Corrsoive (elec+heat) or Viral Damage (cold + toxin) depends on what you have. Are you using your warframe abilities often? Do you have a mod like streamline or flow improve energy. management Make sure your leveling up Vitality and Redirection for increase heath and shields on your frame.

If I remember correctly, you don't need to kill Chorma, In the final confrontation with Chroma once you succesfuly defeated the corpus and defended the artifact, Chroma shows up and in order to defeat him, Chroma needs to be scanned 5 times with synthesis scanner.

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To add to the confusion of when these new expansions ("connections") are coming out

Hello #Warframe fans. I am (the voice of) Cephalon Cy. You will refer to me as such. Thank you so much to the team at @digitalextremes and @GameSoundDesign for such a massive opportunity. You'll all become well acquainted with Cy when @PlayWarframe Empyrean hits later this year! pic.twitter.com/jEyBJjI6hp

— Stefan Martello (@stefanmartello) July 6, 2019

Not that I would take it as gospel but VA for Cephelon Cy casually posted Empyrean "...hits later this year"

@management No date announced. At the beginning of the year when Steve announced in the Road Map, he called it the "New Start" and that there was a small group of developers within DE dedicated to it.

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@therealtakeshi Hey man good to hear from you, Yeah I was really hoping they announce something to effect of cross saves. Now that Bungie has set the imitative (and people often like to compare Warframe with Destiny) The only thing they've said about Cross Play / Cross Save this year is that Cross Play is not likely to be possible in the near future and that they are looking into the possibility of Cross Saves.

They have in the past offered (limited-time) one time transfers, taking a one-time clone your account from PC to PS4 / Switch.

To Quote Steve Sinclair on Devstream 122 (https://www.warframe.com/news/devstream-122-overview)

"As a player I would love it," Sinclair said. "As a developer, it's one of the highest-risk things we can do. Because a lot of the games that are doing it—it's still very early days for this—A lot of those games came late to the platforms and had different negotiating environments to establish their contracts. On top of that, we are a game that is constantly changing. We change the game modes, we change the gameplay. We do huge, huge swings constantly, so, it is something that we're all interested in and we do discuss it."

I know that there is a couple people in the GB Warframe that would like to switch to PC and one regular on jeff's mixlr that like to migrate to PC. Digital Extremes probably planning to do it, especially when next gen consoles come out.

@humanity If your serious about getting back into Warframe, the GB clan is still here to help with on-boarding. A few of Giant Bomb Heavy INC founding duders @randanger@boatorious@journey returned after a long hiatus as well. With help, they didn't seem to have too much trouble.

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Correction to my post Geoff Crookes mentioned that The New War could be as early as Christmas 2019 but didn't want to commit. But that would put the New War update before Empyrean.

Polygon also report this as well :



Not that I would take it as gospel but VA for Cephelon Cy casually posted Empyrean " later this year" https://twitter.com/stefanmartello/status/1147652853634195456

Hello #Warframe fans. I am (the voice of) Cephalon Cy. You will refer to me as such. Thank you so much to the team at @digitalextremes and @GameSoundDesign for such a massive opportunity. You'll all become well acquainted with Cy when @PlayWarframe Empyrean hits later this year! pic.twitter.com/jEyBJjI6hp

— Stefan Martello (@stefanmartello) July 6, 2019

Just know that Empyrean and the New War coming before Duviri Paradox

Here's the video for the whole full stream of tenno con:

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Update 25: WuKong Prime is now out on PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch!

The Jovian Concord

Dev Post


Visual Upgrades

Jupiter Gas City Remaster : https://youtu.be/_bHadJ68fro

New Nightwave


Loading Video...

Series 2 brings new Infested-themed rewards 30 Tiers to unlock these limited-time rewards.

Earn unique rewards like:

  • Spore Ephemera (Tier 19): Leave a trail of filth with every footstep.
  • Umbra Forma (Tier 26): Apply the Umbra polarity to any Warframe or Weapon.
  • Protosomid Shoulder Guard (Tier 28): Loathsome tendrils squirm from these hefty
  • Chitoid Sentinel Bundle (Tier 29): Give any Sentinel a flair of Infestation with this pack.
  • Emissary Operator Collection (Tier 30): Become like Arlo's devoted with this Operator cosmetics collection.
  • And so much more!
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New Additions

WuKong Prime is available now

No Caption Provided


WuKong Prime, , Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime now in the game.

Check out the official public drop tables here.

Or check the Prime Access Pack. https://www.warframe.com/prime-access


Check out my recap of TennoCon Announcements here:

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TennoCon Warframe DEV Art Panel Highlights:

Rebecca did a panel with the Art Directors of Warframe. They showed PP Slides of new art / content their team have been working on. They discussed at length as well the particular creative challenges behind the scenes trying to concept and then creative bring to live the new Sentient Tilset coming with the New War (future expansion). They also reveal many more deluxe skins as well a sneak peak at the art for a Modular Archwings.

Loading Video...

I'll continue to post more updates for upcoming dev panels at TennoCon.

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TennoCon 2019 is was this Saturday July 6, 2019. I will be updating this thread with the latest teasers, announcements, and trailers.

TennoCon Live Announcements:

Those were some crazy announcements and reveals at TennoCon TennoLive:

Want to go to space you might be able to? (Feels to much like an ad so won't go into that...)

Here's the announcements relevant to the actual game:

New Update Dropped

First off, Nightwave Season 2: THE EMISSARY is out on ALL Platforms!

Check out the Giant Bomb Warframe Clan for more information about the new update

New Intro (to address New Player Experience On-Going Revamp)

A full version of the Warframe CGI trailer shown in theaters in promos in (Spiderman Homecoming) DE revealed and invited Director Dan Trachtenberg of Black Mirror, 10 Cloverfield Lane fame, - also the TBD Uncharted movie on stage to present the full trailer. The trailer is going to be the new intro cinematics to the game. So what you see when you first start a new account in Warframe. The trailer is part of their on-going work to revamp the introduction of warframe for new players (ie. New Player Experience). As stated, with this new player experience they aiming to better bridge the gap between the introduction of the game and the 50-75 hours a player has play to experience first original cinematic quest called the Second Dream.

Disclaimer they showed the content off in a weird order. But to my knowledge Warframe Empyrean is next upcoming planned expansion. The New War afterwards and then a tease for the thing that never been seen until at TennoLive when they announced it.

Order has been changed. The New War trailer was suppose to have Christmas 2019 release date but they decided to commit to hard release date. This implies the New War may come out before Empyrean.

Ship Upgrade

We knew that space battles and a new Multi-Crewman ship is coming but DE still surprised us with a graphical update to our existing ships (Orbiters). The updated ship will be bigger and come with a sun roof!

Also, they showed off Warframe's new TBD Rendering Engine. Believe it was asked on the Bombcast by @brad and @jeff what the future of Warframe looks like on a new Generation of consoles. I think the new Rendering Engine is a glimpse at what Warframe on next gen will look like. See below the gameplay demo video for it running in the game.

No Caption Provided

Warframe: The New War Trailer

The New War is an expansion that is set to release around Christmas 2019 the upcoming planned expansion this year.

With the space battles coming in Empyrean and following the major spoiler events after The Sacrifice story quest. The New War will be the next big story arc and major challenge the Tenno will face. The Sentient machine race which were defeated in the Old War are coming back. Hopefully the Tenno will be ready.

Warframe: Empyrean

This used to be called Railjack and was demoed in a very early ALPHA state at last year's TennoCon 2018. As mentioned this is the upcoming Expansion (preceded by The New War) The devs are back this time to show a more polished and more thorough demo of how the Empyrean new Railjack system works.

Clan Participation Required

The creative director Steve Sinclar confirmed that in order to access the multi-player ship, Railjack players will need to be part of clan.

Join the Giant Bomb PC Clan here! https://www.giantbomb.com/warframe/3030-38788/forums/warframe-tennocon-2019-updates-and-annoucements-1869200/

The Clan constructs a new dojo room called the "Dry Dock" this will be where players go to customize and pimp out their very own Railjack .Steve also confirmed although unlocking Railjack and Research is will be a clan effort each player will get their own get their own Railjack which you can NAME! The name of the ship appears on side of ship. As community manager Rebecca Ford demonstrates naming her ship the S.S JO JO (the JoJo meme queen at DE).

NPC Crew

In addition to Railjack being manned by a multi-tenno bridge crew, each working at different stations. Upon enterinbg the Railjack we are greeted with a new (red) Ship A.I by the name of Cephlon Cy (with a cool deep voice). The ship also seemed have a crew of NPCs. Steve alludes to a players being able to hire and fire NPCs to help on the ship and provide customization and upgrades for the ship.

Note: The people of Fortuna that fight for the tenno are called the Solarians, part of the Solaris United introduced in Warframe Fortuna. It does sound like they are saying Salarians which makes me think Mass Effect.

The Demo then goes through a exploration mission. Where players are able to traverse space and find space towers and other ships to salvage. One interesting thing is that other players are stuck on the Railjack they can go out and raid temporarily take over nearby enemy ships. (As Steve puts it, "SPACE GTA" Potentially all players can man their own ship. Railjack crew also have some sort of teleportation (Star Trek style) to beam them to the main Railjack ship

KUVA Lichs (Formally code-named the King-Pin System aka. Nemesis System)

including revealing a new (Shadow of War like) NEMESIS SYSTEM. (Yes, the thing we though every game would be copying from Shadow of Mordor - Warframe devs have done that). If didn't think the game already different have too many systems layered onto it by now, here's another.

Better explained the demo, the Kuva Lichs are special enemies that player encouter, and every time they do they get stronger. Even after you defeat them. (Kuva is a magical thing that makes you semi-immortal in warframe if you didn't know....) Anyways, the Kuva Lichs are said to be able to "Steal" Waframe powers and get more powerful. Sounds like they will be a persistent threat to you personally.


Squad link will be new feature in Empyrean that allows some multiple squads to "participate" in con-current separate mission objectives. Remember how in EVE, they were going to tie Space Battle Sim EVE to Dust514 a FPS. Well, in short this sounds very familiar. The idea trying to be conveyed in the demo seems to that while in Railjack space missions players can send out a (monster-hunter-like SOS) signal. This will inform other squad of players otherwise engaged in other activities (in this case fishing) to join your instance and been separate mission on-world. This on-world mission's completion will aid the original squad in their space mission. In case of the demo, the ground team was able to help the space team by destroying the support shields of the Captial Ship the space team was trying to target.

One thing to note is that Steve did say that Squad Link would be optional and there are ways for the space team to have taken on the capital ship without the aid of the ground team.

It's one of those interesting in concept, but really hasn't been realized in any other game.

The closest thing is probably again what EVE tried to do with Dust514.

Or when you see multiple squads in the field in PSO2 and suddenly both squads have a bonus missions.

The Duviri Paradox

Finally, the Duviri Paradox boy, I look forward to Mike Mchardy trying to explain this to Dan, @alex, or @vinny at the next stream he is on.

I cannot really say anything about this trailer, (even my speculation) on what's going on the trailer without going into deep Warframe (post Second Dream-post every story quest) spoilers.

As one of the Veteran Warframe players in the Giant Bomb Community, trailer sill bat shit crazy, but kind of makes sense...


Here's the reaction the members of the Unofficial Giant Bomb Warframe Discord had when the trailer showed.

No Caption Provided

This part of what I can only imagine what we will be seeing closer to post The New War.

The Duviri Paradox was teased (in a Dev Stream in the beginning of this year) as a brand new 5th faction coming to Warframe. (We have Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Sentient, and now the entity seen in the Duriviri Paradox).

The Warframe official twitter when posting the trailer included this:

Tenno, it’s time to grow up.

These entities maybe those who live between the Void and reality. The Tenno sucked through some void energy appears to be in another plane of reality.

The tweet implies that the Tenno aged once passing through to the other-side or more accurately, once they establish a "connection" to that place.

To Recap (Release Plans)

This is getting long. So if I get this straight there's New War expansion end of this year or next year, then Empyrean, and then this The Duviri Paradox (???).

Warframe has its problems, implementable to some, and hard to come back to, However, it seems to be ever moving forward.

If @mento didn't think the game was confusing enough. I look forward to your future blog posts duder!


Leading to TennoCon

Official E3 Teaser Trailer


We are less than 4 days away, some teasers for what Digital Extremes is going to show and announce at their Warframe fan convention called TennoCon have been surfacing all this week.

1. Spiderman Far From Home Pre-Movie Trailer Ad for Warframe

If you went to see Spiderman Far From Home in theaters and arrive early to watch the trailers before the movie you may have seen this teaser trailer for Warframe.

The trailer is a cinematic for the potential new early game story content that the developers are adding to the game. The goal with this new story / cinematics as Steve Sinclar (Creative Director of Warframe) alluded to in one of their early dev streams this year; is to add more story telling, and lore building to bridge the gap between the introduction of the game and the 50-75 hours a player has play to experience first original cinematic quest called the Second Dream.

The Cinematic shows the Warframes fighting Grineer on a battlefield. A mysterious figure is shown between cuts of what seems to be flashbacks to them attacking Dax Soliders, the Orokin royal guards. For those familiar with the Pre-Second Dream lore of Warframe: The scene seems to be a flashback to the Civil War that erupted following the aftermath of the "Old War" (the War with the Orokin Empire and the Sentients). Up to now these events have been only alluded to in-game through dialogue and codex entries.

2. Real Life Replica MOA

A props studio called Volpin Props spent 800 hours building a life-sized Replica. The finished good-boy will be shown live at TennoCon.

3. Some free giveaways: https://www.warframe.com/amp/1-day-til-tennocon

Free Stuff for watching the TennoCon Stream

No Caption Provided

TennoCon will be streamed From 11 a.m. ET to 6 p.m. ET. If you’re watching at home, get two free in-game items. First, a Lotus Ephemera for watching at least 30 mins of the stream on your preferred platform! Then watch the main event TennoLive at 6pm ET (another 30mins) for Nekros Prime. Make sure your account is linked on Twitch or Mixer, or log in to your Steam Account before the show starts. There will also be free a free Exclusive TennoCon Glyph on Twitter.

TennoCon Limited Time Promocodes: (Expires 11pm ET)

SIMARISCREDITS and SIMARISDUCATS, SIMARISDISPLAY for 3 day booster, 500 Ducats , Display Decoration

Use the codes in the in-game market or by going to https://www.warframe.com/promocode

Stream Schedule

Here's a Infographic of the Stream Schedule:

No Caption Provided

TennoCon Warframe DEV Art Panel Highlights:

Rebecca did a panel with the Art Directors of Warframe. They showed PP Slides of new art / content their team have been working on. They discussed at length as well the particular creative challenges behind the scenes trying to concept and then creative bring to live the new Sentient Tilset coming with the New War (future expansion). They also reveal many more deluxe skins as well a sneak peak at the art for a Modular Archwings.

I'll continue to post more updates for upcoming dev panels at TennoCon.

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Great read as always mento. Yeah the archwing Pursuit missions are by far the worst when it comes to Archwing. With the archwings you eventually want to get an archwing launcher segment that will allow you use the archwing in the open world (Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis).

know you are a ways aways from Jupiter.

A note on announced planet changes forthcoming (at the time of writing). Coming next week to PC and "soon" to consoles is a new update called the Jovian Concard. IIncluded in the update is a "Remaster" for Jupiter. Along with graphical changes to Jupiter they will be adding new mission types and new enemies to Jupiter.

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Yeah you hit a spot where it is difficult to grind on your own as a solo new player. Your right in your assessment that interception and defense missions are extremely difficult solo and at your level. You may want to look for groups to do it with.

As for the two levels you have not unlocked there's a work around which is to find

a player that has a mission or planet unlocked can form a group with a player that does not and allow them to participate the mission and get the awards. This is called Taxing. This may be viable option for you complete some of the special limited time lotus missions.

As you said the difficult of the game has had the effect where generally veteran players are typically friendly and will be willing to help new players out. You may find some random strangers willing to help you complete the mission in even something like recruiting chat.

"New player, LF help with Anniversary Gift of the Lotus Alerts"

Giant Bomb Heavy INC (PC Clan)
Giant Bomb Heavy INC (PC Clan)

To my knowledge there's a newly formed GB PS4 Clan. https://www.giantbomb.com/warframe/3030-38788/forums/the-beastcoast-shlooters-new-ps4-clan-1864389/ to see if you can get a few duders to help you grind and farm for some of those resources and that rhino blueprint.

Companions like any other gear only get better through mods. Companions have what are called Precepts that give them abilities. Taxon has the ability to convert its damage to shields. There's also a plethora of sentinel mods that will increase its survivability. More heath more shields more armor. Vaccum is a really useful mod that picks up loot around you automatically within a 10 foot radius.

No Caption Provided

Note: Companions precept can be prioritized (Increasing the likelyhood they will use their precept) based on how you have them laid out, where the top left slot of is the highest priority and the bottom right slot is the lowest.

Ex. my Taxon will prioritize activating Vaccum the most, then mocular conversion, then re target etc.

(and no I don't expect you to have these mods just an example!)

Good luck duder!