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Yeah you hit a spot where it is difficult to grind on your own as a solo new player. Your right in your assessment that interception and defense missions are extremely difficult solo and at your level. You may want to look for groups to do it with.

As for the two levels you have not unlocked there's a work around which is to find

a player that has a mission or planet unlocked can form a group with a player that does not and allow them to participate the mission and get the awards. This is called Taxing. This may be viable option for you complete some of the special limited time lotus missions.

As you said the difficult of the game has had the effect where generally veteran players are typically friendly and will be willing to help new players out. You may find some random strangers willing to help you complete the mission in even something like recruiting chat.

"New player, LF help with Anniversary Gift of the Lotus Alerts"

Giant Bomb Heavy INC (PC Clan)
Giant Bomb Heavy INC (PC Clan)

To my knowledge there's a newly formed GB PS4 Clan. https://www.giantbomb.com/warframe/3030-38788/forums/the-beastcoast-shlooters-new-ps4-clan-1864389/ to see if you can get a few duders to help you grind and farm for some of those resources and that rhino blueprint.

Companions like any other gear only get better through mods. Companions have what are called Precepts that give them abilities. Taxon has the ability to convert its damage to shields. There's also a plethora of sentinel mods that will increase its survivability. More heath more shields more armor. Vaccum is a really useful mod that picks up loot around you automatically within a 10 foot radius.

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Note: Companions precept can be prioritized (Increasing the likelyhood they will use their precept) based on how you have them laid out, where the top left slot of is the highest priority and the bottom right slot is the lowest.

Ex. my Taxon will prioritize activating Vaccum the most, then mocular conversion, then re target etc.

(and no I don't expect you to have these mods just an example!)

Good luck duder!

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@zombiepie@mento can you guys please unpin and lock this thread perhaps to prevent future confusion as to what PS4 can is active

thank you!

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Keep up the great work @mento!

In case you did not know:

I made a post about it on the PC Clan page: https://www.giantbomb.com/warframe/3030-38788/forums/pc-giant-bomb-alliance-2019-3-07-warframe-6th-year-1760576/

but It is still applicable for all platforms!

During March 27 - April 10 get free skins and Excalibur decoration (called noggles) you can use to decorate your ship for just logging in.

Yup, Bobble Heads / Action Figures for your ship
Yup, Bobble Heads / Action Figures for your ship

Menu -> Equipment -> Landing Craft -> Decorations

can also equip the Liset Skin by

ESC Menu -> Equipment -> Landing Craft -> Customize Landing Craft -> Livery

There will also be limited time "Lotus" alerts (special one-off missions in the Star Chart that are listed in the Alert tab) completing those will award special weapons.

Warframe Anniversary:March 27 - April 10
Dev Post


Login For:
  • Liset Dex Skin
  • Excalibur Dex Noggle
Special Lotus Alert Missions
  • Dex Furis
  • Dex Nouchali Syandana
  • Dex Dakra

The new weapons comes with its own Orokin Catalyst, (colloquially referred to as Potato) and its own slot (so it doesn't take up your existing weapon inventory slot)

I highly recommend the Dex Sybaris is a great weapon for low Mastery Rank players, and with the right mods is even a late-game viable weapon.

On a totally different subject:

The Radio Lady is Nora Night she is part of a new feature called Nightwave.

If you go to the Star Chart on the bottom right side you should see something like "The Wolf of Saturn Six"

You might have noticed that as you play there was a bunch of Challenges you are completing.

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After a cutscene you will greeted to this screen with a list of weekly / daily challenges. Completing the challenges increases your Nightwave Rank.

The systems works like a (free) battle pass.

At each rank, you get rewarded at every tier, and then there are also a currency called Wolf Cred that you spend on stuff at the Cred Store. (Button on the bottom right)

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I just wanted to mention this to you because you may have been unlocking challenges and gaining Nightwave standing without even knowing it. So you might have some early rewards unlocked!

Anyways good luck duder!

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Yet another troll post

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Archive of the some duders in the Giant Bomb Community doing the event!

Operation Buried Debt - Thank you @Pobaxi for scenes I missed recording and - @randanger- @tennmuerti @Konrad - @VandalD - @TheJesusFish - @Zefiro - @Wartribution Everyone else (I might not know your discord name) for your help with the event

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Keep up the good work duder!

They will introduce the concept of scanning later on but it's a plus that pick that up already.

But If ever find these laying around in level you come across. You can scan them. (The Game doesn't tell you this so I am fine telling you now)

What could this possibly be? I will let you find out
What could this possibly be? I will let you find out

If you have any questions, things you absolutely cannot understand feel free to ask! But good luck duder! I am excited to see how this adventure goes.

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That's some nice swag.

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Hey all,

The latest update just released on PC moments ago. Check out the patches for full details. Here are just some of the highlights from this update:

  • A new event (Operation) called Buried Debts is now live. Throughout the Operation you can earns rewards like an Emblem and Sigil, Amalgam Mods, and the Opticor Vandal
  • Phase 1 of the Melee Rework for this year has released: Melee 2.9 includes instantaneous weapon switching between gun / blade,. Full access to combos and directional ground slams without the weapon swapping delay. New Weapon FX
  • New earnable cosmetics called "Ephemera"
  • New Weapon / type (Two-Handed Katana) called Tatsu
  • New Cosmetics for Weapons, Operator, and Warframes (Syndana / Limbo Deluxe Skin)
  • New Ability Screen UI and Integrated Mod / Abilities Screen
  • UI and Menu Quality of life Changes
  • Controller Responsiveness Changes
  • Mining Additions & Changes : Sunpoint Plasma Drill Range Widget: Increases plasma beam range.
    Sunpoint Plasma Drill Silencer Widget: Mine in peace and avoid alerting nearby enemies with this drill silencing widget.
  • Individual Extraction: Non-Wave Endless: You can now extract "early" if the objective is complete

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