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I had no idea Grand Central Station catered to this market!

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Extra Life 2020

I'm back again for a 6th year for Extra Life! It's been a hard year with everything that has been happening around the world, but we're going to keep things going this year for the kids!

Last year the schedule was a little more sparse, with some more time spent on a few fewer games. This year, I'm going back the other way and running a new game every hour with the exception of 2. (Edit:) Thankfully it was pointed out that I should include links to where you can find the show and donation pages! Here is where you can find things:


Extra Life:

This year is going to be packed with games with a new one happening nearly every hour. Like most years, we'll see how things go and if we're having fun, can make some changes on the fly. Here is the plan for this year as it stands:


GamesScheduled Start Time
Relentless: Little Big Adventure10:00am
Gobliiins 1, 2 & 311:00am
Homeworld: Remastered1:00pm
Hylics 2 and Rogue2:00pm
Outcast 1.13:00pm
Deadly Tower of Monsters4:00pm
Cook, Serve, Delicious 35:00pm
Doom Eternal: The Old Gods 6:00pm
System Shock: Enhanced Edition7:00pm
Crusader: No Remorse10:00pm
Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason11:00pm
Divine Divinity 12:00am
Bionic Commando: Rearmed1:00am
Tower of Time2:00am
Elite Dangerous (VR)3:00am
Sunset Overdrive5:00am
Descent (and Descentlikes)6:00am
Eye of the Beholder 27:00am
The Outer Worlds9:00am