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I had no idea Grand Central Station catered to this market!

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Extra Life 2022 - Gameday Schedule!

This is my eighth year running as a member of the Giant Bomb team, and I've really enjoyed every one of them! It's really awesome to see the variety and creativity that people pour into their streams. It's something I've come to look forward to every fall, and this one is no different!

It seems like a lot of discussion for this is on the discord now, but I also wanted to put up my schedule for the day up on the forums in case any other bombers wanted to come by and hang out. Also if anyone else on the team wants to put their schedules and donation pages up, this might be a good place to do it!

I'll be starting on November 5th at 10:00am (PST) and ending on November 6th at 10:00am (PDT). I'll paste my schedule just below this paragraph, but this is where you can find my donation page and twitch channel.

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Please respond with your own streams and info below for people to find! I look forward to seeing you all on gameday! Have fun this year folks!