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I think "I expect you to Die" has one of the best video game openings ever, and it's one of the most fun VR games I played so far.

Also Kingdom Come keeps amazing me. That one is going onto my top 10 list this year.

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@rasrimra: That was a very eloquent and well thought out post. Two thumbs way up!

Wow I got a compliment. Thank you <3

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I don't think sexist is the right word here.

If your concern is that wrongful depictions of (not existing/types of?) people will result in skewing our idea of what is normal (which I think is an understandable and intuitive concern) then please be evermore concerned about advertisements. Since advertisements are, unlike video games (at least before micro-transactions), paid for and designed to make you desire or believe in things that make them money. I.E. probably not thoughts/patterns that are healthy for you or for society. But really, even if we look at advertisements that have been designed from the ground up to get into your mind using every trick in the book... they're not very effective at brainwashing us or convincing us of anything (yet).

And we all know that if a corporation could do that... they would. It's only rarely that advertisements manage to insert a false belief into society (the darker the bread, the healthier it is; the whiter the teeth the healthier they are) and even then they are easily corrected by being informed by a more trustworthy source (like meeting real woman). So I don't think video games are in the realm of things that are dangerous to our sense of reality (yet). Advertisements will likely always be leagues ahead of video games when it comes to their ability to influence our minds in undesirable ways. We would likely be completely mentally deranged because of exposure to advertisements long before video games would manage to noticeably damage the way we look at real men or women.

I also don't think that the sexually exaggerated depiction of types of people as we categorize them is the most common element in video games. Things like casual violence or violence for fun are much more prominently featured and the player indulges in these things much more frequently. So wouldn't it be more likely that gamers would become loose cannons long before they start looking at women (or men) oddly because of games?

In fact if the skimpily clad women in gaming have any effect they may very well have the inverse effect of what you would expect: when the mind is aware that something is trying to insert wrong ideas, it tends to over-correct. It is not unthinkable, at all, that skimpily clad ladies in video games are making people more aware that (most) real women are not like that.

I'm not a big fan of the Pyra's design in Xenoblade 2 myself. But for me that's a stylistic issue that I have with the game, not a concern or some kind of ethical complaint. It's curious to desire proper depictions of people in a fantasy world. Games are not exemplary in any way. Any other aspect of the general game is not at all exemplary of what we want reality to be seen as, so it's kind of odd that we focus now on a gender as the one thing that should be presented correctly. The beauty of a fantasy world IS that it can do things differently than in reality. I think it's important to note that we're not talking about actual people here, or the depiction of actual people, or a game making a statement to the real world about real women. And interpreting it as if games generally make statements about real women is... well not really substantiated by the creators or the games themselves.

And I wonder whether the concern you have is lesser than the concern you should have if we were to protest developers from depicting things/characters in certain ways. As a lack of depiction can be worse than a wrongful depiction. If a depiction is ridiculous it will likely be seen as such. The taste of today will not be our taste of tomorrow. If we start to denounce certain character designs that we deem too unrealistically depraved... then what if such a person were to exist in reality? Would we think of that person then, to be too depraved to exist? Or do developers need to confirm that a type of body-type exists, or that a mentality exists, before depicting it in a game? It leads to bizarre questions and situations if we consider games to be there for educational purposes first and foremost while they are in reality trying to let us experience a fantasy.

And I think a problem with the complaints on cheap sexualization of characters in fantasy media is that I don't think there is a clear line for any group of people in the world to be drawn. It's ethically not a sound argument, but an understandable concern that should be talked about. It's stylistically very subjective. So I don't think the industry needs to change. But I do believe it's cool if character designs are not the same in all games and that you and people who disagree with you will have plenty of games with character designs that they like. And I do think we ought to keep an eye on how-so-far games (and especially advertisements) warp the mind. Because of course we should know about it if that is the case. (Although the academia of today are perhaps not equipped to direct such a study considering their current inner turmoils around the topic of genders and people's rights.)

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I also should add The Division. I heard a lot of negativity pointed toward that game but I decided to try it on Xbox Game Pass and I’m enjoying the hell out of it. I really loved the Rainbow Six Vegas games and this to me is basically Rainbow Six Vegas: The MMO. I can’t really speak to the problems people have with the end game but I doubt I’ll ever get that far. But for now, for what I’m getting out of it, I think it’s a fantastic game and if you have game pass you should be checking it out for sure.

That is great to hear. I have always been on the fence about that game. Maybe I will actually play The Division 2.

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I'm playing Warframe now and wow this game has changed a LOT. I recommend anyone who has never played Warframe or who hasn't played Warframe for years, to play some Warframe.

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Playing the Mario Tennis Aces demo ^__^ And the Sushi Striker demo! Who knew that in 2018 we would still have demo's? I like them both a lot. I played more Mario Tennis. The first day I wasn't completely sold. I just played a little against the COM. But today I had some really thrilling matches that made me want to buy the game. Even if I only play offline, I think it will be fun enough for me.

Oh and I am playing Moonlighter. A kind Recettear game with less story and more grind, but it's still a lot of fun to me. It's a nice game to play after doing some serious things.

Oh oh and Pixeljunk's Monsters 2. My little sis loves the game, so we play together sometimes. I'm usually not much of a tower defense fan but this one grabbed me somehow.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Monster Hunter World

God of War

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Those are all the must play games of this year.

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Nice to see a thread running for so long. I'm playing Beat Saber on the Vive and am enjoying it a lot. It's the kind of break-time rhythm game that I was looking for.