Arriving on GiantBomb

So, I was browsing my old user accounts on gamefailers and gamespot dot com, (Taking a trip down memory lane is always nice.) as I stumbled upon a video bashing the many terrible game review sites on the web. In this video, it was recommended to check this very website out, as it was run by many of the old gamespot staff that didn't completely suck balls. Naturally I was  intruiqed, and I immediately reached for my trusty mouse and keyboard. As I arrived on GiantBomb I was blown away. This was what I had been looking for in a game review site since '06. Everything, from the insanely customizable user accounts to the laid-back reviewing style of the videos, just tickled my coccyx with excitement. I am looking forward to spend alot of time on this site, writing blogs, watching videos, reading forum threads and everything else it has to offer. Thank you GB staff and keep up the great work!