Kicking It Oldschool With Kingdom Hearts

So sad story. I'm broke. I actually spent time today scouring my apartment for loose change so I could buy a soda. Yea it's that bad. What that means is that I won't be able to buy any new games for a while. That doesn't bum me out too much as there aren't really any games coming out soon that I am all that interested in. So what to play? Well I have quite the backlog and now seems like the perfect time to start working through it. So I dusted off the old PS2 and took a look through my collection. I had played the original Kingdom Hearts maybe 5 years ago or so. I had RE: Chain of Memories and 2 sitting on my shelf untouched. So I decided that now was as good a time as any to continue playing this interesting series. So I popped in Kingdom Hearts 2 and my God the intro was one of the weirdest I have ever seen. 2 and a half hours of playing as a character never mentioned in the first game. Talk about late title screens. Anyways after the weird intro where you play as a Nobody named Roxas, you return to playing Sora and exploring Disney worlds. I'm 8 hours in right now and I still have no idea what that intro was about. So being confused I consulted a friend who is a huge Kingdom Hearts fan. Seems I need to play Chain of Memories to understand what is going on in 2. So after writing this I am going to pop in Chain of Memories and see if it is good enough to warrant a playthrough.

Other than the nonsensical story I like the improvements they made to Kingdom Hearts 2. Putting the camera controls on the right thumb stick freed up the L1 button to be used as a modifier so you can use abilities and spells without going through a menu. It makes the game about 10x better. I still don't use magic very much and the gumni ship levels are still pretty pointless and out of place, but overall I think this game holds up decently well and I'm enjoying it more than anything Square Enix has done this generation. One day when I'm not broke I may buy the DS and PSP games in the series. Until then I'll enjoy these old PS2 games during our latest summer gaming drought.