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Nightdive's efforts to get abandoned IP back on their feet is great. Wonder if WB would be interested in letting Monolith make a Blood 3.

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I love Mad Max. I loved Fury Road. I've enjoyed Fallout. Hell I thought Rage was a pretty great game. Wasteland 2 was one of my Kickstarter highlights. I even played Avalanche's Mad Max game. So I think I can safely say I am in the correct demographic for this. And after at least a half dozen trailers just like this at e3 this year, I think I can safely say that I am all the way out on this one. I have at least 40 other options for an open world apocolypse so no big loss.

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I have played a ton of them. Realm Grinder definitely has some of the most depth. The one I always come back to is Tap Titans 2. It has a great progression system that really makes it feel like you are getting more powerful, and while there are some occasional frustrating aspects, I think the balance has largely gone towards making the progression less of a time sink.

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As someone who is quite sensitive to aliasing I have not noticed any issues here. Those having problems do have smaa on correct? It's not like it has temporal AA support so it's not going to look like, for example, a UE4 game, but I haven't noticed anything awful.

On my 1080 it runs at a flawless 60 fps at 1080p. Would try downsampling but I couldn't get it to accept higher resolutions despite having them enabled in the Nvidia control panel. Anyways, even at 1080p/60 I think it looks just fine. And it is quite fun as well. Highly recommended.

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So first off, I want to reiterate how great this community is. While there have been some dickish comments, most of these responses have been level headed and well thought out. I don't really have much to add as far as new praise or criticism is concerned but I'll mention my pluses and minuses after a bit of use.

First off, I will agree with many that the featured video is way too large and could be cut down quite a bit. In doing so they could place the upcoming menu to the side of it and get rid of the hideous thank you banner that serves no actual purpose. On the plus side I think the rest of the front page seems well designed up to the community box. Now this is more of a personal opinion than a comment on the quality of the design, but I would really like to see the latest forum posts beneath the highlighted community posts. It would even out the design so that the Twitter feed isn't so much longer than the community section, and I just always loved having that section there. That said, I know it was on the chopping block last time and only saved after numerous complaints, so if it really is that unused or causing that many issues then I will deal with it, but I have always loved that feature.

Beyond that I don't have too much to say. I think the redesign seems functional and professional although not especially inspired or brilliant. With a few tweaks I think it could work quite well.

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On the one hand, this is not the fault of the developers on stage making the game. They don't get to choose what projects get funded and what projects don't. So acting like an ass when they are only doing their job is a bit out of line. That said, as numerous people have stated, how does one misjudge the tone of the room so badly? How could someone not see this reaction coming? As numerous people have also pointed out, Bethesda has been excellent at this, placing their mobile game announcements beside announcements for major new titles. You can't get too mad at mobile Fallout when you are also getting Fallout 4. You can't get too mad at mobile Elder Scrolls when you are also getting Elder Scrolls 6. This feels like EA levels of not understanding your audience and while I don't condone heckling someone just trying to do the best he can, I also feel for the fans who really have to feel like they are getting trolled.

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I wanted to offer some advice here to people asking questions as the descriptions here can be quite lacking.

First off, when describing the genre, try to be as specific as possible. First person shooter is better than shooter, but modern day tactical squad based first person shooter would immediately narrow it down to a manageable list.

Secondly, when describing the game make sure to try and include any specific minor detail about any section of the game you can remember. There are literally tens of thousands of games that take place in a fantasy setting, were inspired by Diablo, and let you collect loot. If that's all you can tell us you are better off looking through a database. Much more helpful is a description of a specific event or scene in the game. Give us something that only this game has. Look at the questions that have been answered successfully. In the most recent one we got the key piece of info that summoning animals was a core component of the game. Up to that point it could have been any of hundreds of titles. But not many Diablo clones focus specifically on animal summoning magic. That is the type of thing that is going to help the most. If you are just talking about a generic modern day shooter or something else without much of a unique hook then try to remember a specific sequence or level and explain it. Telling us it was a game from the last decade where you played as a US Marine and shot terrorists isn't going to help. Give us something specific, even if it is just describing your favorite level.

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So obviously Activision was not on board with this so no Crash or Spyro. And I don't know exactly what the licenses for Tony Hawk were back in the day. Does a rerelease like this fit under the original contract? I guess only the execs at Activision know that and I doubt they would be willing to admit they chose not to include games on this.
Beyond Activision I feel like there are some other obvious omissions almost all of which currently fall under the Square Enix brand. Tomb Raider and Legacy of Kain from Eidos. Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story from Squaresoft, Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile from Enix. Just to name a few.

The only other major missing publisher is Konami. Yea there is MGS but no Symphony of the Night and no Silent Hill?

And then there are some odd first party omissions. Gran Turismo might fall under the same licensing issues as Tony Hawk, but where are Parappa, Warhawk, Medievil, or Wipeout? Those seem like games worth including.

Overall a solid list that I feel would be a lot better with entire series included. Why not all 3 Resident Evil games? Or at least all of the first party titles. Give us all the Syphon Filters. All the Cool Borders, and so on. Not really impressed.

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The thing is that the Intellivision sucked. Yea, those sports games were licensed but you still had to play them on the Intellivision. And those other innovations are at best minor and at worst stretching the truth a fair amount. Meanwhile, that video seems like more like a Kickstarter pitch video than an actual marketing video. We'll see but I don't have anywhere close to high hopes for this.

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@arbitrarywater: I think you know better than most on here the pain of being under 40 and trying to understand how to play a DOS game without instructions. That first person RPG from Imagitec from a couple entries back might be up your alley, though, if you want to try and figure it out. That said, we have plenty of games being released right now that hearken back to the good old days but have modern conveniences like understandable controls and engines that don't require hours worth of tinkering to make run.