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@hugh_jazz: I super poorly described what I meant. My bad. Look at the aiming in this. Hotline Miami had a very unique aiming mechanic. In most top down shooters accuracy with each bullet isn't important. But in Hotline Miami you had to hit with every shot. That meant that you had a lock on and a reticule that showed you what you were going to hit. Neither of those mechanics are commonly found in top down shooters of any sort. The similarity in how he is shooting and how the blood spray looks almost identical to the one in Hotline Miami is what is giving off the similar feel.

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@hugh_jazz: The trailer seems to be running in slow motion, but if you look carefully you can see the crosshairs on the screen and if you then imagine those scenes sped up to normal levels you can see how the gameplay would be very similar. Also in at least one shot the character was killed instantly when hit. Most top down shooters either take the Geometry Wars like approach of having a billion enemies bearing down on you or a more measured approach where the game is basically a top-down third person shooter. Hotline Miami took the one hit kills and quick reaction based gameplay from a dual joystick shooter but put it in a setting and structure more commonly found in slower paced games. I believe that combination of twitch based combat and realistic settings are what makes this comparable to Hotline Miami from a gameplay perspective. Add in the super violent combat and a setting highly inspired by a famous film (in this case the works of John Woo and in Hotline Miami the film Drive) and you get why people are comparing it.

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@hunter5024: I've been told to do that before but it just bothers the heck out of me when I have uncompleted side quests in an RPG. Like I am currently playing Kingdoms of Amalur and I'm about 2/3 of the way through and I've already spent nearly 100 hours on the game. Basically if a game has side quests that I can't stand doing I'm pretty likely to just stop playing it. I struggle to get through the Assassin's Creed games because all the missions have the side objectives you need to complete to get 100% and then there are copious amounts of collectables and dozens of side missions. I got so burnt out after playing AC2 I couldn't play Brotherhood for like 2 or 3 years after it came out and when I did I had to mentally prepare myself going in to accept not getting 100% completion. I was renting it and after I had the game out for like nearly a month I finally forced myself to return it without collecting everything. So, yea, since I didn't enjoy the gameplay in Nier in the first place, having to skip all the side quests would just be a further deal breaker.

I might go back to it one day but the number of RPG's I am currently part way through completing is so high right now I can't imagine when that will be. I am 40+ hours into Dragon's Dogma, Kingdoms of Amalur, Demon's Souls, Ni No Kuni and Dragon Age right now. So the last thing I need is another RPG to divert my interest.

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@hunter5024: I was doing the side quests if that is what you mean. And I'm pretty sure I spent at least two hours trying to figure out that damn fishing mini game, and that was with a guide. I was only like 20% through the story when I stopped. I don't remember the exact time on the game clock but it was somewhere around 10 hours and I died a hell of a lot so I am estimating I probably played it around 15 hours. It was somewhere between 10 and 15 hours. I feel like I spent the majority of that time walking back and forth across the map completing fetch quests before doing the occasional story mission which was slightly more interesting.

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@hailinel: As I said, I didn't like any aspect of the art direction in Nier, costume design just being one of many problems I felt it had. But I certainly could have looked past that if the gameplay or story had been worthwhile. Unfortunately the combat in Nier is just awful in almost every way, the quests feel like something out of a decade old MMO, and despite the claims people make about the quality of the story, the 15+ hours I spent playing the game had barely any story to speak of and what was there wasn't anything that hadn't been done better in countless other pieces of fiction. Basically I have nothing good to say about Nier in any sense. Poor character design would not alone turn me off of a game. But poor character design combined with poor art direction in general, PS2 era graphics, terrible combat, boring quests, bad voice over, and a nearly non-existent story did the trick.

But I don't want to get too off topic. I'll admit that Kaine may not be a sexist character. I honestly didn't play enough of the game to make a fair judgement. But she didn't give a good first impression and I didn't enjoy the game enough to continue playing it to conclusion.

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@oldirtybearon: Well I denied myself of most of Nier because it was a boring grind and the combat was awful and people paraded the story around as this masterpiece but after 15 hours of playing nothing had happened. Regardless of how great that game may get in the final 5 hours, I'm not going to play through 55 hours of crap to get to it. Also the art was hideous regardless of what the characters happened to be wearing. I'm just not a fan of that game in any way whatsoever.

Sexual outfits don't make me uncomfortable. They do ruin the immersion of many stories for me. Mainly, as I said, in cases where so called "armor" is nothing more than a bikini made of metal. These JRPG's expect me to take them seriously and then have female characters dress like they are going to the beach when they are fighting battles in grueling conditions. It just makes the whole world seem fake to me. Outside of something like DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball or Killer Is Dead I can't say many games make me feel uncomfortable. In games like Final Fantasy 7 and up where no characters wear any sort of armor I don't have a problem if women wear revealing outfits. A t-shirt isn't going to stop a weapon any more than a bikini. My issue comes from games where men dress in full battle garb while women seem to value fashion over protection.

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Oh I noticed you wanted games on PC, 3DS and Vita. In that case I'm going to have to go with some ports cause I don't have a 3DS or Vita. I know not all games on PSP and DS are forwards compatible so sorry if these suggestions don't end up working. On PSP the two games that spring to mind are Jeanne D'Arc a SRPG by Level 5 in their pre-Professor Layton days, and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, a remake the Tri-Ace PS1 RPG. The former is a fantasy retelling of the classic tale about the French Heroine while the latter involves a Valkyrie who has to prepare an army to fight for Midgard on Ragnorock. Both games star strong female characters and obvious in the case of Jeanne D'Arc the entire story deals with a woman overcoming sexism to save her country from invaders (in this telling the invaders are of a demonic variety). There is a DS Valkyrie Profile game but I haven't played it so I can't recommend it one way or the other. Honestly I haven't really played many DS RPG's but considering how many major JRPG series saw DS iterations I have to imagine you could find some on there that fit the bill.

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@xyzygy said:

My two votes would have been for Nier and Lost Odyssey, because both of them have really strong female characters portrayed in a non sexist way.

But seeing as you have nothing that can play them...

Nier? Really? You realize the main female character in that game wears "armor" that more closely resembles lingerie than any sort of protective outfit, right?

I think in a lot of cases that is my issue. It's not always how the women act in the game, it's more often what they wear. Any game where the female version of a piece of armor is a metal bikini just disgusts me.

I think if I had to name a major JRPG this generation without any sort of sexism issues I would have to list Final Fantasy 13. Lightning and Fang are both badass warriors that wear full outfits and are arguably the strongest members, both physically and emotionally, of the cast. Vanille is annoying as all hell but she isn't sexist. Poorly written, yes, but not sexist.

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The one that I always mention is Milk. The scene where Harvey's boyfriend commits suicide is one of the only times I have ever openly shed a tear in a movie theater.

Mystic River is another. Precious. The House of Sand and Fog. Iris.

Not a movie but the musical Rent makes me cry just listening to the soundtrack.

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I would almost say it was bad. Like borderline just straight up bad. The story has a good premise but David Cage can't write for shit. I don't know if it is something lost in translation or what but his dialogue is just so awful. The cast tried really hard to sell some of the scenes but I just couldn't get behind any of it. Depending on your tolerance for bad writing you may enjoy the story more or less than me. If it wasn't for the great cast the whole thing just wouldn't have worked even remotely.

From a gameplay standpoint, I felt like the action sequences were much better than Heavy Rain but the out of body stuff was a chore to control and it wasn't always clear what you were supposed to be doing.

The game does look fantastic. It runs terribly. Like I don't think the framerate ever gets higher than the mid 20's and they only way they manage to achieve that is by using a "cinematic aspect ratio" which is a fancy way to say they cut off a third of the screen. But it does truly look fantastic at certain parts.

As for the end, well David Cage has yet to write a story with an ending that made sense and I didn't expect him to start here. Let's just say that all the choices lead to a strange, out of left field conclusion. That said, I would be much more interested to play the game they set up with that ending than the one we got to play.