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8 PS2 Series That Should Be Updated to HD

With God of War Collection already out and a Sly Cooper Collection soon coming to PS3 in HD it's only a matter of time before other series arrive with the trophy/HD treatment. Here are several series that I think should be first out of the gate.

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  • Please make Ico HD Sony! The original game runs in 240i, that's VHS quality. It looks so blurry on my HD TV that my sister who has almost never seen a game in action before took one look at it and said, "This looks terrible!" Add in SotC running at 60 fps and you'll have the best collection on PS3. Include a demo of The Last Guardian and watch the money roll in.

  • Okay all I really want is an HD version of the first game, but for those who like emo Jak then make those dudes happy and give them all three entries and Jak X for one low price.

  • Honestly this isn't a requirement since we're still getting new entries in the series regularly, but for those who never experienced the first four games in the series, this would be a great way to introduce them to the genius that is Insomniac.

  • So let's face it, probably only Sony is going to be releasing PS2 updates, but if we could have a second company jump on the bandwagon I hope it would be Capcom. And if there is one series I want to play in its entirety in HD it's Onimusha. Yea DMC may be more action packed, and any number of other games may be scarier, but this series was still a blast.

  • I want Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2, Okami, and God Hand all for $30. I want them in HD running at 60 fps and with trophy support. I want them now. So should you.

  • Okay I really only want 1 and 3 converted to HD. But if Capcom wants to rebuild the second game with a new camera, additional cutscenes to explain the nonsensical story and, you know, good gameplay, I wouldn't mind.

  • Let's make it clear. Buying a single game in the Fatal Frame franchise new costs about as much as buying a Wii. You could own all three current gen consoles for sealed copies of every PS2 entry. So give us the greatest deal of all time and give us something beyond what anyone expects. Give us the improved Xbox versions of Fatal Frame 1 & 2, Fatal Frame 3, and the Wii exclusive Fatal Frame 4 for $30. Hell, even at $60 this would still be a crazy deal.

  • Finding Dark Cloud 2 even used is nearly impossible these days. It took me nearly 3 years of searching to find a copy. For the less persistent, and those who don't want to spend $30 on a game nearly a decade old, a collection including both games in the series and Rogue Galaxy would be a boon.