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Games You May Not Have Played... But Should

This list consists of games that I have played that most other people haven't. All of them come highly recommended and are worth tracking down.

List items

  • This series was unfairly regarded as Sony's B side platformer. But don't let it's cartoony graphics and odd stealth/platform combination scare you off. At it's current price, used, of under $5 there couldn't be a better time to try out this PS2 masterpiece.

  • It must be the most criminally underplayed game of the last generation. It's cult following should be even more enormous and vocal than it already is. I can see why it failed, with its emphasis on picture taking and a look that didn't appeal to the macho male teen crowd. But those of us that played it have nothing to say about it but good. Truly one of a kind.

  • This is a game that doesn't even have a cult following. It is seriously one of those games that no one talks about anymore, or honestly ever did. Yet it received glowing reviews and featured a great story and likable characters wrapped up in a beautiful shooter package. The game was also abnormally long. I'll admit, I still haven't beaten it.

  • Dropped by Microsoft around the same time as Psychonauts, Oddworld may be the most unique FPS on Xbox. You fire live ammunition in a wacky wild west setting. It's rocking, it's fun, it's crazy good.

  • Another dropped Microsoft game? Yes the company had a habit of dropping its quirky titles last gen. It was probably a good business choice too. This game, like Psychonauts and Oddworld, didn't sell at all. Also like those games it is incredibly good, and would have been better with a larger following populating the dead XBL servers.

  • This was a great survival horror game by Midway that didn't take off like it should have. It's still an awesome journey, and still totally playable. Maybe not quite as good as some of the games on this list, but still as good as some of the much more popular Japanese survival horror games.

  • I have to admit that I haven't played the first game in the series and was so lost during the sequel that I never finished it. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't pick up both games ASAP. I actually bought the first game but it doesn't run on Macs so I have no way to play it. Eventually though I will finish this incredible series.

  • Simply too unique for it's own good and backed by a terrible PR campaign this game dropped under the radar of far too many players. It's a shame because it features gameplay you wont see anywhere else, and a guitar playing mini game that seems spookily similar to a major franchise released somewhere down the line. Oh and the story is just superb, period.

  • You probably passed on this game that stayed 2D in a new 3D age, but you shouldn't have. The final great game in a legendary series, MM7 should have rocked gamers' worlds, but instead it flew under the radar and remains almost unheard of and unmentioned in gaming circles today.

  • I'll admit I'm not all the way through this one, but that doesn't stop me from calling it so far as good as its predecessor. It features a beautiful art style and that same one of a kind gameplay that made VP1 stand out to a select few back in the day.