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Silent Hill 4: The Room Review 0

Please note that I am reviewing this game ONLY as a stand alone game, and not as a Silent Hill game. I feel that because it failed to deliver a fulfilling Silent Hill feeling, that the game is neglected and scored unfairly. The story isn't nearly as strong as what we've seen in previous SH releases, but it still manages to do a fairly admirable job in holding interest until the end, even if that is done using false hope of plot building with little hints and seeming revelations that never really...

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Wanted: Weapons of Fate Review 0

Story: Wanted: Weapons of Fate places you in control of the deadly assassins Wesley and Cross, as you uncover a tangled tale of betrayal, murder, and revenge. It's story follows the events of the film, and continues to depict Wesley's transformation from ordinary shmoe to relentless killer. Wesley is greeted each night by the same dream, depicting his mothers assassination while she's holding him in her arms. And it always ends the same way….from the perspective of the killer. Early on, Wesley's...

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Homecoming Review 2

Story: I'm not going to go into details on the story much, just because this is a 100% story driven kind of game. But, Ill say this. You play as Alex Shepherd. A recently discharged soldier making his way back to his hometown of Shepherd Glen. Upon arriving, he is met by an unearthly thick fog, empty town, a near catatonic mother, and monsters that look like they had just crawled up out of the 5th circle of hell. As Alex, you must get to the bottom of what is plaguing this town (eventually leadi...

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