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Im contributing to a blog and wrote a new article.

Hey guys, couple months back I mentioned that I created a blog and stuff like that. Well, even though I havent written anything on it in a while, I actualy put alot of time into a new article and posted it on a blog im contributing to. Please give it a read (its a pretty sizeable article) and tell me what you think. The blog is about the many different endevors the PS3 has tried during this console generation and wether or not they ended up being worth it. It should go without saying that these are merely my opinons and not something that im stating as unquestionable fact. So again, please give it a go, and please, leave a comment on the article. If not, please leave a comment here. Thanks :) 
 Heres the blog: http://www.gamerstylez.com/2011/06/many-endevors-of-ps3-then-and-now.html

Why a Devil May Cry Movie can actualy work quite well.

As we all know, the film rights to Devil May Cry have been picked up by the same studio that has done the resident evil movies thus far. And honestly, im all for it. I think if theyre was one video game that could work as a movie it would be Devil May Cry. think about it, what is Devil May Cry known for? Crazy, over the top fight scenes and feats of insanity. And thats what I thought those resident evil movies did well, dumb action fun that was over the top and crazy.  
Lets be honest, no one really cares about the story of Devil May Cry. Hell, I as a fan of the series barely care about the story. So really, the movie wont really need to worry about that for source material, because its not really possible for the game story to be better then the movie story since the DMC storytelling is rather basic. I will go into a Devil may Cry movie with only expectations of crazyness I will see on screen that I have seen in movies before, but hopefuly will be crazy enough to do DMC justice.  
However, this presents the question on which video game do they do the movie about? If we go by Video Game release, itll be DMC 1. However, if they really wanted to go by the timeline of stuff that happens in the story, they would do DMC 3.  
Anyway, I know peoples knee jerk reaction will be to hate on this movie, however I am going into it with the right mindset I believe. hell, even Ryan admits the Resident Evil movies arent complete trash, and I think this movie idea would transition way better then Resident Evil to a movie.

So yeah. started listening to K-POP

I should preface by saying that I listened to J-POP and Japanese music prior to this, so im well open to music where I dont understand the lyrics and can just appreciate the music itself.  
So far im listening to this K-POP gro up called 2ne1 (21) and I find them quite good. Itunes only has their new album up, 'To Anyone" and Im enjoying it, even if alot of the songs are in auto tune. And im told this isnt even their best work. Im curious to try other groups, but dont even know where to buy the music at. I went to a Best Buy and asked if they had any, and he laughed and commended me on asking a question he never heard before. So that made me feel akward. Thats one thing I hate about liking this kinda music, you get weird looks by people. 
Anyway, anyone have any ideas where I can find this kinda music to buy that maybe wouldnt require me importing it? Itunes is kinda limited in this area. Also, anyone who does listen to K-POP and knows of the band I was talkinga bout, any album recommendations?   
And for those curious, this is the group:  

Im getting rather annoyed at Gamefly lately. (Blog)

Ive actualy been a rather big fan of Gamefly over the years. I dont have a job, so I cant afford to buy games that much, or atleast without seeing if they are good first. It has also given me the ability to play most anything I want, which expands my gaming. However, as of late theyve been kinda annoying me.  
First of all, if you want a new release, you have to plan 3 days ahead or more. Because you dont know how long itll take them to recieve the game after you mail it, you usualy have to give them a 2 or 3 day heads up before a new game comes out. I have to plan it out like im doing a bank heist. That means I also have to pick carefuly which day I decide to mail it. If I mail it on saturday for a game that comes out tuesday, I might not get the game that comes out tuesday because they do all theyre game shipping of a new game the day before on monday. Meaning I need to mail a game that I get on tuesday on the following friday if I want to get a new game coming out that tuesday. And if I dont get the game the day it comes out, I probaly cant get it at all for 2 weeks or more because theyre all checked out by launch. that gives me literaly 2 or 3 days to beat a game.  I have to plan it out like im doing a bank heist . 
Secondly, they are very inconsistent on when you get your game. They say they shipped my copy of Mass Effect 2 on PS3 on Monday, marting luther Kind day. It is now wednesday, and I have yet to recieve my Mass Effect 2. Im hoping I get it tomorrow, but its rediculous its taking this long. This is why i still would like theyre to be a place I go to and get the game right in front of me right there, rather then wait 2 or more days in hopes they actualy ship it to me. Gamefly needs to figure out their stock issues.   
i hope im not being unresonable here, but i would like their to be more stock of all games and to actualy get the new release on the day it comes out. But right now gamefly if the best option. Redbox has hardly any video games in their rental service right now.

Why im thinking about making my PS3 my main gaming platform.

Wether or not its considered weird for someone to perfer PS3 over 360 these days like it was back in the day (and honestly, it shouldnt be) im honestly considering making my PS3 my main paltform for console gaming going forward. This might be weird to some of you here, sine I think most of the community here are mainly 360 users. My reason for this change being certain factors that have presented themselves as of late:   
First a little backstory. I purchased my 360 in Nov. of 2006 for Gears of War. Since then I have enjoyed the console and it has brought me great experiences. I bought my PS3 in June of 2007, and while it was hard to deal with the pests on the internet, I have enjoyed the console and the stuff it gave to me. Over the years I have really felt like I shouldnt like PS3 as much as I do because of what people on the internet keep saying and even jounranlists on certain sites, thats its not as good or that 360 offers better stuff. And honestly majority usualy dictates whats better when it comes to this. But over this year certain things and certain revelations have appeared that really changed my view on certain things.
1. PS3 is really getting more stuff then 360 is in the coming year (atleast as far as we know): Remember back in the day when PS3 had no good games and 360 was getting all the good stuff? Well, this has really balanced out over the years and both consoles are now getting as much good stuff as the other usualy. However, I dont think the same could be said for 360 going into 2011 by the looks of things right now. Right now they only have one big Exclusive coming out, that being Gears 3, plus multiplatform stuff. But thats just it, multiplatform is on other consoles, meaning that dosent help a whole lot with one consoles image going into the new year. PS3 on the other hand is going to get Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Resistence 3, LBP 2, and maybe Last Guardian.  
2. Multiplatform games these days are about the same on both PS3 and 360 usualy: back in the day we used to see 360 get the better version of a said multiplatform game by a pretty clear cut margin.However, over the years since PS3s launch weve seen the gap shrink in these differences, and now its down to negligable or no difference. So I can now go out and buy pretty much any version of a new multiplatform game on PS3 without worrying itll be messed up. Of course, ill do research before hand to make sure I dont buy a game like Bayonetta on PS3, but really those kind of cases are quite rare these days. And if you look at recent Digital Foundry comparisons youll notice that most comparisons either end in a tie, minute win for one console, or only in a rare instance a clear cut winner on one. I remember I used to make threads all the time worrying about this. This was fueled, honestly, by idiots on the internet that were either fanboys or didnt know what they were talking about and were overblowing stuff on forums and comparison articles. This effected my views on this type of thing, but then I started remembering that usualy when i play the game on PS3 and its supposedly worse on PS3, ususaly I enjoy it plenty fine, so really it dosent ususaly effect any enjoyment I have.   
3. Im getting more out of PS Plus then I do out of Live lately: I am not a online gamer really, atleast not lately. I remember back when Gears of War came out and I played and loved that online, but really I tend not to touch multiplayer on any games I play on consoles. Which basicaly eliminates a big selling point of Live to me. So what am I getting out of it if I dont game online hardly ever? Netflicks? I can get that on PS3 with no other subscription needed besides Netflicks. Last FM? hardly use it. Twitter? I perfer that on my computer or on a phone. Early demos? Really, I dont really remember any demos lately that were exclusvie to gold members only for more then a day or two before they came to Silver members. And nowadays we dont really see one service(PSN/Live) get a Demo before the other (atleast, not due to any kind of Exclusive agreement). So why do I have it? Well, because I feel like if I dont I get locked out of stuff I potentialy MIGHT want to do sometime or that MS adds to their console in the future. MS is very keen on locking non paying members out of stuff. So right now im covered until July of 2012 due to a 50 percent off renewal deal, but im not too sure if ill resubscribe after that. Ill see what they have at that point.  
4. My 360 I have now is starting to bug out, and I cant afford a new one: My 360 as of late is having these weird issues and errors. Its nothing permenant like a RROD, but its too the point where I dont really wanna do a whole lot on it right now so it has mroe stress on it due to the fact I wanna keep it going for games I own that I really wanna play and Gears 3 next year. And I dont have the money to get a 360S. So that means ill be gaming more on my PS3 anywaym until I can get the 360 replaced.  
5. There isnt a whole lot of Exclusive Downloadable third party games anymore: back in the day it was quite common place for Live arcade to get some time exclusive deal with third party downloadable games, but this has really dropped off lately. Usualy the only Exclusives on this front (and on the retail front) are first party. Third party is ususaly on all platforms now. And like I said, we are at the point now where multiplatform stuff is about equal.  
6. Ive always kinda liked my PS3 a bit more, but I let idiots on the internet get to me: this is a stupid reason, but for whatever reason it is i have always kinda had a bit better liking of the PS3 then my 360. Although it was hard to in the early days due to the shilacking PS3 got. but now that the console has come into its own, its alot easier liking it and not looking like a fool. And like I said, im teh kinda guy that let other peoples opinons sway mine. Im going to use a example of a IGN editor named Arthur Geis. Now, im not saying that this guy is a bad person or anything, but really he acts like a moron on his podcasts because hes has this stupid hate for SONY. When PS3 slim launched, he basicaly said it was pointless. In recent episodes or Rebel FM, he said that PS3 deals lately have been SONY being scared and panicing, but when MS does it its smart. I dont know why I let his opinons sway mine. maybe because I figured since hes in this industry he knows what hes talking about. But then I realized that hes just a fool that likes to hate on everything and dosent know what hes talking about.  
i should say though that im not abandoning my 360 or anything. I will still play Exclusives and games that are like Bayonetta and Red Dead that are really better on it, but I just think im gonna be gaming on my PS3 alot more going into the future.  
Not sure if these are good reason or not for switching primary use to one console, but hey there my reasons.   
(BTW Mods, feel free to move this to PS3 forums if you see fit. As far as I know theres no way to be very specific where blog posts go.)


4 Years after PS3s launch. A Retro Spec (Final Part)

Well, its is now 4 Years today that the PS3 was launched in North America. Its been a crazy ride so far. We now come to a close to the retrospec for the PS3s first 4 years. In past entries, we saw the PS3 on the verge of collapse to showing great signs of rising from its own ashes to become a highly competitive and worthwhile console. But what has this year entailed for the console? Well, lets get started.  (and as preemtive damage control for potenital angry people complaining about my opinons ina  certain part of this retrospec, please know that these are my opinons and I am entitled to them)
2010 has also been a great year for the console, but maybe not quite as great as 2009 was. But thats not saying thats negative or  anything because, quite honestly, 2009 was such a  big shift for PS3 it would be near impossible for 2010 to have more of a impact then 2009 did. In 2009, SONY rebranded their product, now in 2010 they got to expand on that and build on it. And for the most part they did I think. However, I think the Slim impact was short lived because right when we got into 2010 the console was hit with massive shortages because it sold so much in such a short amount of time. Many people dispute these shortages existed and say that it was SONY trying to cover up the fact they didnt outsell 360 again and that it was just damage control, but its hard to deny that they didnt have shortages for alot of the first half of this year. But, that didnt stop the console from still selling solidly.  
Regardless of wether 360 outsold it or not most months this year, the numbers on PS3 were still good. It also didnt seem to impact theyre game releases, as they released some very solid hits this year with Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and more. SONY also introduced their play into the motion business with Playstation Move, which what is arguably a more accurate Wii Mote with potentialy better games and better graphics. But the tech is solid and its now down to software to prove wether its a dud or not. Good things also happened to PS3 that werent first party related. EA and Bioware have announced that the much lauded Mass Effect 2 will come to the PS3 in Jan. 2011, which marks another lost exclusive for this console generation, and more importantly Microsoft and 360, proving that Exclusives, unless done in house, are appearing to be a thing of the past. SONY also has thrown their hat into the Subscription business on consoles with PS Plus, a program that gives users monthly discounts, free games, themes, and potential services for the yearly fee of 50 dollars. Its up in the air wether or not the service is worth it (depends on who you are) but people who do have it (like myself) seem to like it and are certain they will get their moneys worth eventualy. This is a different take then what MS is doing, where they offer arguably the better online experience, but charge 60 dollars a year for it. However, PSN and Live differences do seem to be blurring for the most part now that they both have most of the same feature and services.  
However, theyre are somethings that maybe didnt go so well for SONY, like MS introducing their own Slimline model of their console. Many  could argue that the Slim strategy for MS has worked out better for MS then the PS3 slim did for SONY because 360 has outsold every other thing for like 4 months in a row now in NPD and it was recently announced that 360 has sold more consoles this year then PS3 and sales boom seems to have lasted longer then SONYs, but it was also recently revealed that the World Wide sales gap between 360 and PS3 is now down to a rather "meh" worthy 3 million units, so its obvious that theyre on about even footing. 
PS3 is still not perfect however (what console is?), depending on how you look or feel about it. For one, the online still isnt quite where live is, even if its becoming murky between the two. Another thing, and its the reason I mainly play on 360 more because these are most of our games these days, the Multiplats still arent their yet for PS3. They are a marked improvement from 2007, but all too often we see the 360 version come out on top, and is maybe why people who own both go that route for multiplatform games. Many see no big differences, and that fine, but they are still there, whether or not it bothers you personaly or not.  Another thing might be a personal thing I noticed, but you can still see that, in america atleast, that people still tend to lean towards 360 for stuff, including alot of multiconsole reviewers and journalists as well. Which is fine, preferences are no big deal, but it does seem like the PS2 did last gen, not in sales numbers of course, but in the mind set of people on their go to console. 
Anyway, Regardless of this or what might happen at the end of this year regarding hardware sales or whatever, and really regardless of what happens at the end of this gen, it would be hard to find another console that has come from the supposed brink of disaster like the PS3 was when it launched to now being super competitive and compelling and on even footing as the other main competing console. Now its all down to Exclusives and what the consoles can give the consumer, not really prices and hate from the internet anymore. And looking torwards 2011, PS3 looks to have a very bright future with killer exclusives next year, and quite a bit of them, more so then what MS has planned so far next year in this regard.

4 Years after PS3's launch. A Retrospec. Part 2.

We last left off discussing PS3s infant years of the launch and first year on the market, and like we know, they werent exactly that stellar.  But could this change in the year ahead?   
2008: The first full year of PS3s existence had come and gone, and things werent looking good. Their was a drought of Exclusives, no one even thought about getting multiplatform on PS3 save for a few games fi they had the choice, and the features and online were obviously lacking or not up to 360 yet, and PS3 was surely becoming the industries whipping boy, subject to many memes and internet redicule.  However, their was a bright light starting to appear at the end of a dark tunnel, a blu light.  
Feb. 19th, 2008 marked the end of the bloddy HD Video Wars, with Bluray being the victor. Obviously helped by the fact every PS3 was bluray playback capable, Toshiba pulled the plug on HD-DVD, and now if people wanted HD movies on a disc, they would have to get a bluray player, and the PS3 was the most appealing option at the time. This created a spike in sales for PS3, wether it was solely for the bluray or simply because it was a game machine that also played blurays. this was also helped by a price cut to the 80gb unit to 400 dollars, but came at the price of any kind of PS2 backwards compatiblity. Many could argue that Bluray winning the HD war was the first sign of PS3 starting to finaly take shape and get notice, however many more would tell you it took the climatic conclusion to one of the companys biggest franchises. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was the closey thing to a syestem seller the console ever had at the time. It undoubtably moved systems, and has gone on to sell 5 million plus.  
Not only was it one of the PS3s highest selling games and definetly improved sales of the console hardware, it also marked the beginning of the end of the consoles exclusive software drought. It is in my opinon that MGS 4 dosent get enough credit for really saving the PS3. In a time when no one thought the PS3 would get a killer app, MGS 4 appeared and it made the console the talk of the town for atleast a little bit.  
2008 was also big because of the release of GTA 4. However, what was big about this was not only the game, but the Platform(s) it came out on. Yes, for the first time ever, a GTA game was released simultaneously at launch on both a Playstation and a XBOX console. And not only that, but the XBOX one sold more and was more saught after by multiplatform owners due to its then Exclusive DLC expansion packs. I know for me personaly it was very weird buying a GTA game on a non SONY console, but I did it because of the DLC and the fact that it was technicaly better on the 360 platform. 
2008 also saw the release of the PS3s video delievery service, which was one of the first steps in making the two consoles about equal from a feature standpoint. SONY also launched their Trophies feature, which mimmicked what 360 had before by rewarding player not with numerical "Points" but with either Bronze, Silver, or Gold Trophies that palyers unlocked depending on the challenge.  PSN was also making great strides by adding in game dashboard accessa and other improvements.
However, no year previous would have a bigger impact on the PS3s future then 2009. And what many consider to be the year PS3 finaly starting to balance out the scales.  
2009: To say that 2009 was a important year in the PS3s life is a major understatement. In one year, SONY had seem to reverse most hate they have garnered in the last  3 years, and turned it into smiles. In other words, it was the year they started getting things together. helped by a rather lacking 360 Exclusive lineup for the year by comparison, PS3 was finaly able to squish most of the Exclusive and software complaints it once had with the release of Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, Infamous, and Killzone 2. Then it launched its mega ton punch with the release of Uncharted 2, a game that is held in such high regard for its storytelling, its voiceacting, and its graphical prowess. in fact, after a year later, its still one of the best looking games on consoles today and finaly showed that maybe the Cell PR fluff maybe wasnt all BS after all.   
PSN also continued to improve and started looking rather similar to what live was offering despite PSN being free of charge compared to Lives 50 dollars a year (at the time) subscription.However, its hard to deny that the biggest moment of change for PS3 came in the form of 3 numbers that everyone thought would never appear. 299. well, 299.99 to be exact. Oh, and there was redesign and rebranding they did, that helped lots as well.  
The rebranding did more then people realize I think. It gave a fresh new look to the console, and it tried (and succeeded for the most part) to lift the stigma that it had since its launch by getting a major makeover, and it pumped new life into the console. PS3  finaly became affordable and on the same price plain as the 360, and now it was simply down to what exclusives you wanted when it came to thinking about buying one or the other. Price wasnt a  factor really anymore. PS3 saw HUGE sales increases for the rest of the year after the PS3 Slim launched, and went so far as to outselling 360 all together for the year. And the price and redesign would continue to help them since then. I know I might be forgeting some big stuff that happened during this year, but thats because theyre was simply alot of stuff that happened for PS3 in this year.   
We now move onto more of the present. Will PS3 be able to keep the momentum and sales up? can they close the gap? Well, you already know these answers by now, but why not still read what I have to say about 2010 when I post it on November 17th? the birthday of the console

4 years after PS3s launch, a Retrospec.

Ok, so the console gen isnt over yet, and these type of things are mostly done AFTER the hardware gen is over, but I thought it would be cool to get a retrospec of the last 4 years of the consoles life. So I will be doing blog posts like this up until the day it launched, which was Nov. 17th 2006 in North America.  Since i owned the console since pretty much its launch, I thought I would do this to chart the PS3s story up until this point, from a  factual and personal perspective.
2006: November 17th, 2006. The PS3 is officaly launchd in North America for the suggested price of 599.99 for the main SKU, and 499.99 for the less feature riched model. While the price was indeed a bitter pill to swallow, and every console before hand that launched at anything above 400 dollars has pretty much ended in miserable failure, the console did indeed warrant that price from a strictly value proposition, grant it that you thought what it offered (bluray, built in wifi, rechargable controllers, blutooth, functionality, and memory stick and SD card readers in addition to HDMI) was indeed a value for the price. Compared to 360, it certainly had more value out of the box tfeature wise. It launched with 12 launch titles, most of which were middling to bad save for one or two (namely Resistence: Fall of Man, arguably the strongest of the launch titles) The launch itself was successful and most stores were sold out of the syestem at launch, sparking Jack Trettons infamous boast that he would pay 1,200 dollars to anyone who can find a PS3 console on store shelves at launch. (Spoiler: people did find them on shelves and he never made good on that bet)  
2007: The PS3 would be out of a full year at the end of this year, and things were looking rough. Even though the launch sales looked good, there were issues with the experience. First of all was the multiplatform problem. 360 has been out for a full year when PS3 launched, meaning that games that would hit had 360 hardware in mind originaly because devs had the dev kits for 360 alot earlier then they did the PS3 dev kits, meaning that multiplatform games that were on PS3s launch performed noticeably worse on PS3, and this extended to multiplatform games for 2007 as well save for Call of Duty 4 (which was the first multiplatform game where the devs refused for the PS3 version to be a lesser experience) and a few others. This would be something PS3 would struggle with even today. However, many found this odd because of PS3s supposed tech supperiority to the 360 that SONY had claimed during launch. Another issue that arose was the Online and PSN. While Functional, it seriously lacked the ease and interface that Live did at the time, which did little to steer people away from playing on Live and moving over to PSN if they owned both consoles. The only thing that it could considered it had a advantage in was that you can play online and do everything for free. Also, the PSN store wasnt necessarily well integrated to the PS3 at this time. It was much more like a website then it was a application and updated weekly with little to no new content. Another issue that appeared was the lack of quality or compelling exclusives. This lead to many infamous phrases like "PS3 has no games" that will still be joked about even today. While games like Heavenly Sword were well made, it didnt make up for PS3's lack of compelling software to call its own. Many were considering PS3 a bust at this point and the magazine EGM even went so far as to seriously inquire what was wrong with it or if it was a bust in a rather famous (or infamous, depends on your view point) cover story and interview with Jack Tretton. Indeed, it was a hard time to be a PS3 owner, and some even started to question their 600 dollar investment. It didnt help that in this same year, 360 would be getting some of its biggest and most defining games in Bioshock, Mass Effect, and Halo 3.  
Could the consoles fortune turn in the new year to come? Well, it could take the effort of  one of their biggest franchises and its climactic conclusion to try.  
(I will post 2008-2009 maybe next week.)

How I think these motion controls will sell intialy and beyond.

Well, Move comes out in like 5 days or whatever. And thus the first shot at Nintendo in the motion control wars, but I guess its not really a war until all the particapents are in it, so come Nov. or whenever Kinect hits, the war will really begin.

But, are these things REALLY going to sell alot day 1 (Move and Kinect)? I really dont think so. I think these things are not going to sell alot week 1 or maybe even month 1. You are going to get people that are the eager hardcore adopters and then, if they like it, theyll tell there two friends, and theyll tell their two friends, and so on and so forth. If that happens, then these things have the possiblity to be big after a slow burn of the word getting out, but that all depends on wether or not their good in comparison to each other. We already know that the Move hardware is real solid, but we dont know how the Kinect will fair in reviews.

If one did have to sell more Month 1, I would maybe put money on Kinect not because I actualy think itll be better, but because its the shiny new thing and MS is going to market circles around SONY in comaprison. But, I dont think itll be a long term thing. I could see the early adopters getting it, it maybe being not what they thought it was or not liking it because of the no controller or whatever, and either trading it in to gamstop or getting something new with a return. If that happens, I think Move could have better long term sucess because it seems to be catering to both hardcore and casual about equaly with the stuff we know now, while Kinect (as far as we know) is only going after the casual with its announced and known games. And who even knows if the casuals are even going to bite Kinects hook, or even Moves for that matter. And hell, Kinect could be alaggy mess and not be responsive at all for all we know when it comes out.

Right now, I dont see compelling software on either to really get me excited to buy any of them day 1. If I was given the money to buy something and I didnt have to pay the personback, maybe it would be Kinect only for dance central. But that is by no means a good endorsement because that seems like the only good game on kinects lineup. Move I would probaly buy just to play Killzone 3 and box games like that with it.    


Can one have two favorite football teams? and my problem I have.

Ok, first of all, I would like to say that I love football. I love watching it and sunday is a bid event day at our house. Family members constantly talking smack because we each like different teams, and its great.  
But, I have been having a personal issue of constantly switching teams that I like. Wel, constantly may be a over statement, ive only switched twice. First, I was a Rams fan, but I think that really was more the fact that my cousin was a Rams fan, and I kinda idolized my cousins, so I kinda wanted to copy him when I was younger.  
Then I wanted to be a Chargers fan. Im not really sure how it happened, I just though theyre uniforms looked cool and I liked their Offense and Defense they had.  
Then, about 3 years after i became a chargers fan, I recently have become a Cowboys fan. I would like to note I became this at Thanksgiving of last year, so im not really sure that is bandwaggoner status because I dont really remember how well they did before then to warrent me being called that.  Honestly, im not sure why I wanted to become a fan of them. Maybe I just loved the history of the team, the logo, and the legend of them kinda.   
However, im not sure I really have a connection with them. I feel akward routing for them because Ive switched teams so much in the apst that I feel akward saying that I am a cowboys fan now, because im afraid of being judged based off my jumping from team to team. Another thing that might be bugging me is that I actual own quite a bit of Chargers Merchandise. I own 5 T-Shirts, a Hat, and I actualy bought a really nice 130 dollar leather jack of the team. Thats making me think I shoudl go back to routing them because I made such a investment into them.  I should also note that my other cousins, who I idolized growing up, are uber Cowboys fans, so maybe that had a mental impact on me wanting to be a fan of them, to be like my cousins who I idolized when i was young, and maybe gain exceptance by them and I found the idea of potentialy watching games with them and being apart of their little club thing they had to be great.
But, I really cant keep doing this. I get crap about this from my dad and family, but I think theyre joking mostly. But I really dont want to continue to be thought as a team jumper, because then the game loses some of the majesty.  
Now im afraid if I wanna go back to the chargers, Ill get so much crap from my dad and family.  
i dont know, how does one search withing himself to find his favorite team? what should I look for? Can one really have two favorite teams and own and wear both of their merchandise? I dont wanna like a team just because their uniforms are cool.


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