Need to think of a name for my Video Game College Radio Show.

I made a blog not too long ago asking for advice on how to structure my Video game realated radio show im planning on doing for my colleges radio station, and now I need a name for the thing. Me and this other guy are going to do it, and we need a good name. Thing is though, all the good or obvious names are taken. I cant call the show something like, say, Buttonmashers, because gamespot had a show called buttonmashing at one point. (or can i call it that?)  Im not sure whats the prodical on using names that are similar to existing shows or podcasts. I would like something not generic or cliche. Something thats good and has a good ring to it.  
Were basicaly structuring it like a Podcast, atleast thats the initial plan I drew up ,and hoenstly, most video game shows follow a similar layout anyway:  
Well have whatcha been playing, Maybe new releases of software and Dowloadable titles, News segment, Possible Email segment if I can get it, and the final segment is closing out by singling out a great video game song and have that track play us off. Well name the composer and the game its from. I mainly wanted to incorporate the News and the Music Aspect of games.   
I think were only going to do it once a week for an hour to begin with, so maybe some things will have to be cut untill we get a longer timeslot. like I said, as long as we do News and the Video Game music segment, ill be happy. and hopefully I can eitehr get a timeslot on thrusday or Monday, that way I atleast get a good amount of news to talk about since the news cutoff date for the week is usualy friday. But I really dont think I can warrent driving all the way out there just for a one hour show only on friday, since I would have no other reason to be up their on a friday since i dont have classes that day.
please, only give series suggestions. thank you.

Lament and Purchase Justification for owning my PS3.

for the past 3 years or whatever that I have owned a PS3 I have constantly gone through a cycle of lament about wether or not I should have really boughten it. Maybe its that I hate thinking that 360 is some standard bullshit that you always need to demo on it, always need to show it in videos and always need to show that version being streamed if oyu do that kinda stuff because its some kind of freakin standard today as opposed to the other console. Again, I paid 600 @#$% ass dollars for a console and naturaly im jaded and thinkin everyone is either bias or against it when I constantly see it the other console either being the version that is demoed on sites or its the one that seems to not be focused or stuff like that. Maybe its that I hate how much SONY has fallen since PS2 in the view of the industry.

Also, keep in mind that from 2007-mid 2009 I got hammered with anti PS3 bullshit that probaly left a dent on how I view the syestem and probaly had me develop buyers remorse. How would you feel if you paid 600 dollars and you had a well known dev (Gabe Newell) call it a waste of time and basicaly said I was stupid for buying it, seeing all the PS3 doomsday articles, and shit like that for like 3 years straight and some of that is still happening today. Naturaly you would probaly question your purchase. Were so used to seeing PS3 being the industry whipping boy that I think we (and I myself) have accepted it. 
Im in this spiral of trying to justify my expensive purchase, having buyers remorse because the majority dosent seem to like it as much as the other, cheaper console, and the majority of multiplatform games underperform on it. I asked this question on the podcast talk radar on their phonecalls segment and they said that "back in teh day, 360 was the lead console, meaning thats the console they dev first on, but until very recently that no longer is the case" and "the main thing is Live and all that, adn are you really going to notice those differences when the game is going at X speed?" basicaly saying that it isnt that big of a deal anymore and things have chnged, but after seeing that Mafia 2 crap on PS3, I think what they said was kinda a lie, or maybe not a lie because thats what they thought, but certainly a inaccuracey or they were wrong. and they said its not a big deal, but chances are they probaly would play the game on 360 not out of bias, but due to Live and Points and all that, so really their not that exposed to it enough to develop a sense of noticing a trend of faults in PS3 versions of games.

things have gotten better for PS3 I guess, but nothing really has changed that much. PS3 had the worse multipaltforms back in 2007, they had the worse online in 2007, and its not mainstream enough to warrent sites or devs using it as showcasing demos or videos using its version. And all of this is true today even in the year 2010. Also, 360 is still outselling PS3 adn has more sold, and if the 360 sales surge keeps up, I dont think that gap will EVER close and even if it does, I think 360 will still be considered a bigger success then PS3 this gen.


Just saw the Scott Pilgram movie, and....

I thought it was one of the best movies of the year, if not THE best. Maybe im biased because I play and love videogames, but everything about this movie was great nd enjoyable. It was super funny, rather adult for a PG 13 movie, I LOVED the Visual style of this movie and the fights, I loved the way the sound of the Intruments in the band have actual shape adn neon look, and I love that this movie is using mostly unkown good talent that Ive never seen before save for Michael Cera, which I wouldnt really call BIG yet, but hes getting there. I love movies like that where im introduced to a new generation of potential future big name talent, its like finding a band you never heard of before and liking their music.  
Anyway, I wont spoil anything, but there are ways that this movie is done that are really cool. I dont think itll spoil anything, but I love the little hints at what number Evil Ex he is on, like seeing 5 street signs with Xs on them to signify he still has 5 to go or stuff like that. Anyway, if you havent seen it, please go see it. I think its guranteed to put a smile on your face if you have any love for video games and also maybe if you dont. The movie is just enjoyable all around. Also, I will say that Scotts Gay Roomate might be one of my favorite characters in the movie because he was just so genuinely funny. Also, the music is kick ass. Its probaly the best movie that has anything to do with videogames, and its not even based off a videogame.

I think this might be the best Video Game Apparel store ever.  
Not sure how well known this place is, but I heard about it on a episode of Talkradar and I gotta say, these are some of the best gaming related shirts ive ever seen. heres some examples of the shirt designs:   
and heres some great nongame related stuff they have  
   (I think this is my Fav. one)  
Seriously, I can spend like a crap ton of money here. Where do you get your gaming apparel at?    

Thinking of doing a radio show on video games for my college.

Im currently in the Broadcasting courses of college and my teacher suggested I joined our colleges internet radio station. But the thing is, im planning on filling a gap no one has done yet, targeting the video game fan part of the listenership. But im not entirely sure how to strutcture it. More then likely itll be just me, because I think I would have trouble finding someone in my college that cares enough about games as I do or knows the current news. I dont want it to be a bunch of "oh, I didnt know that" "Yeah, I pretty much only play COD 4" or some bullshit like that comign from him. I would like someone who played alot of stuff and have it be new and be up to date on stuff going on in the industry, like we I do.   
Im not really sure how a one man Video Game related show would be contructed. Obviously itll be news orientated, but I was thinking maybe something like a Podcast Structure.  
In the beginning, maybe have a news segment, then a what youve been playing segment, Maybe a Topic of the week, if I can think of one for each show, and I also planned on in the beginning for the intro choosing a  different video game song for the intro song. I always wanted a podcast to be like that and I thought id be cool. then, if time permits, maybe single out a single song to be the closer and try to introduce everyone to some great music that way. Or do you think I shoudl jsut stick with some kind of intro song?  The thing is about a  single man show like this is their is a risk of sounding like a pompous douche if im just talking  about what ive been palying and stuff like that.
this is of course assuming the show is a once a week thing. If its like twice a week, then things get complicated. unless I split the news between two shows during the week, im going to run into content problems. So, if they permit, if it is a 2 a week thing, maybe have one day be the news/info day and the other day be a Music day, where I play a assortment of  game music to try and educate the listeners on the great music that come out of our medium.  And, im going to have trouble if the show is during the middle of the week, as their is usualy a reason podcasts that are like this are on fridays because thats when the news flow usualy ends for the week.
Now, I would like your take on two variables. 
If it is a Once a week show, what would YOU look for in a show like that if you were a listener? Do you think my idea for a one a week show seem good?  
If it was a 2 a week show, what would YOU like to have out of that if you were a listener? Do you think my Idea might be good?   
I would appreciate the feedback from gamers like you to help me make this the best it can be, even if you might not listen to it, your feeback is still much appreciated adn needed.  
This is something im very excited about.  

Top 10 Cartoons of 2000-2010.

The 80s and 90s were undoubtably some of the strongest years for cartoons. I was born in 1989, so while technicaly I am a child of the 80s, im much more intune with cartoons of the 90s then I am cartoons of the 80s. I was able to watch stuff in the 90s as they aired, obviously I could not do that with 80s stuff. So I relied on reruns for that. Many believe that in todays age cartoons arent what they once were. That they platoed in the 90s and then carened off a cliff when 2000 came around. While some of this might not actualy be true, lord knows the 90s were much stronger for cartoons then this decade was, theyre are still cartoons that came out this decade or are still out that I think still hold that old cartoon formula we love. Anyway, here my Top 10 Cartoon of the decade from 2000-2010. Keep in mind that in order for shows to make it on this list, they had to have debuted in 2000, not 1999 or anything like that. Thats why shows like Spongebob, Courage the Cowardly Dog. and ED, EDD and EDDY  are not on here because that debuted in like 1999. Also, im opting out shows like Futurama and American Dad because I dont think those are the same kind of cartoons that im trying to talk about. also, im opting out stuff on Adult Swim because I dont think they are quite the same catagory.  ALSO keep in mind these are more of my favorite stuff then it really is a "Best" because best is opinon based. Chances are, one or two you might disagree with or maybe even flame me about, but hey, its my list. Also, this is not in order of which I like better:

  Everyone probaly knows the story. Kid gets a evil babysitter, kid is miserable, kid gets fairy godparents that grant his every wish and Zany adventures ensue. Its kinda hard to pin why I like this show so much, and how it maybe reminded me of some of the shows of the 90s. Maybe its the humor. The humor in this show is pretty silly and juvenile, while some of it can be kinda adult as well. I dont know, maybe its the weird take on the whole fairy godmother thing weve seen in fairy tales. Either way, show is good and is one of the better stuff on Nickelodeon today.  
9. Kim Possible 

  Yeah, remember what I said about possible falming? Well, here. we. go. I am a man. a big strooooong man. and I will admit whole hartidly to loving this show. Its drawn well, the writing is great, the VO is solid, and its actualy funny. In teh void that has become disney channel for many years, this was a suprising glimmer or light to me. I remmeber when Disney had cartoons like Timon adn Pumba, Hercules, Bonkers and all that kind fo good stuff. Since they, they are mostly live action Hannah Montana bullshit and it was nice to see solid cartoons like this still be on their. Well, taht was until they finished season 4 and canceled the show when it was arguably its best. Plus, it had Patton Pswald as a German Supervillian. nuff said.  
8. Danny Phantom:  

  Maybe its the Ghostbuster fan in me, maybe its the way the show is drawn and the style of it, or maybe I think the premise of a Ghost power based Superhero seemed kinda cool. Seriosuly, what would Ghost superpowers be? To haunt a house?  But this show was actually really good to me. I thought it was funny, had good action, and was all around solid.  
7. Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends:  

  when you were a kid, did you ever have a imaginary friend? You know, somone who you could talk to when the other kids maybe didnt liek you? well, if your parents didnt take you later to see a shrink, you can probaly understand why this show was so clever in premise. what if you really could create a imgainary friend, and it was real? then, when you grow up, what happens to said friend? well, they go to Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends of course! I multilevel, hundred room Orphanage for friends without a home.  What i think I liked most about the show was how creative some of the friends were, or in other regards how simple they were. Bloo was just a simple blue colored hump pretty much, but the character design had some lovablility to it.    
6. Total Drama Island.  


Originaly aired and created in Canada, Total Dram Island (or TDI) is a show thats a heavy parody of survival shows like Survivor. The island is rpetty much like a summer camp from hell, and the contestants must compelte challenges to earn Invincibility and rewards. They are split into two teams, and the losing team of each challenge must then  vote a member of their tribe off at a campfire ceremony (yeah, theyre not trying to be subtle). What I think I liked most about this show is that its one fo the first rated PG cartoons ive seen. Teh show actualy takes the audince seriously, and while the original canadian version has more riskay stuff in it, teh american CN version kinda did some stuff I didnt see in a  cartoon before (saying the word "Crap" for one thing.)   The show was funny. Th show is part of a kinda trifecta of shows from this company tht were up in Canada but then came down here. If im not mistaken, the show 6Teen was teh first from this company. THat show had a brief run on Nickelodeon, then was cancelled. Then CN brought TDI down from canada to show here, it was a hit, then the company brought 6Teen to CN as well, and that show was I believe popular as well (and one I actually liked as well), but then the company that made both of these shows decided to make a surfing one called Stoked, which to my knowledged bombed. or atleast I didnt think it was good. Cool thing about Stoked and 6Teen were that they used Flash animation to do  the show, so it had a distinct visual style. im not sure if TDI is the same thing, it dosent really look it. Anwyay, TDI has cince had two spinoff shows, Total Drama actiona and total Drama World Tour (the latter of which is currently airing new episodes) I kinda feel off of it after TDI, but the spinoffs seem atleast decent.
5. Samurai Jack:  

  If anything, this show is a tour de force of cartoon animation. its tyled to hell and back, and is one of those shows that while im not sure how popular it was, was really great and showed that this medium can be taken seriously.  
4. KND (Kids Next Door)  

You knwo when you were a Kid and you played Fort and pretended to fight evil. Well, this show was basicaly created off of that notion and skyrocketed to the 10th dgree. Kids that fight adult tyranny, live in a  giant tree house fortress, and make weapons otu of everything. Seriously, its as if McGyver had 5 illegitament children. Show was very good and gave a funny outlook at how kids see things. all there stuff is in acronyms and they use this viewing on stuff we adult use For example, to them a Bra is Battle.Ready.Armor. and teenagers go to a "Make out point" kinda place to be tranformed into adults by some machine. Its funny little stuff like this that made the show appealing to me. Because hey, theyre kids! they dont know no better.  
3. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy:  

  Originaly as part of a two part block show called Grim and Evil (which comprised of the main show, Grim adventures and the sub show Evil Concarne (which is also a very good show) ).The Plot of this show is quite creative. Two kids ( a boy named billy and a girl named mandy) have a Hamster that is on its deathbed. The grim reaper appears to take the hamster off to the far beyond. The Girl will not let him have the hamster. The girl makes a deal with the Reaper. IF they can beat him in a  game, they will get to keep the hamster. The Grim Reaper, being confident in himself, also throws in that if the kids can beat him, he will be their best freind "Forever and Ever". Needless to say the Grim reper ends up losing and is the kids best friend "Forever and Ever." This then leads to one of the funniest shows ive seen in a  good while and lots of trips into the underworld and places like that. The show was just bizzare, but in a good way. It had some of the gross humor that shows like Ren and Stimpy had, but not to that extent. Plus, theres a Jamaican accented Grim Reaper. Pure gold. And it taught us a very important lesson about clowns.  
2. Teen Titans:  

  Probaly one of the only good Superhero based cartoons we got this decade. Obviously based off of the Teen Tians Comicbook series. This show actualy takes the ficiton in a bit different direction. For one thing, in this show they look alot younger and actualy like teenager then they did in the comics (hence teen titans and all that). secondly, the show is heavly Anime influenced in tis animation and makes lots of self-referential humor. This show had very good story arcs (speacilly the last one with all of the sollective villains joining a giant team to take on all the titans) and was very itneresting from beginnign to end. The villians were great, the characters interaction with each other were awesome, the character development was great also, and the show was just all around great IMO. Plus, it was very funny to boot. I would recommend the Episode     Episode 257-494 or Don't Touch That Dial  . super funny. I would have to say my favorite character would be Raven. I liked her character the most, even if she was the emo goth girl.   
1. Megas XLR:  

  Probaly one of my favorites of the favorites I posted here. heres the Synopsis: 

In the distant future, Earth is fighting a losing war with an alien race known as the Glorft. In order to save the planet, the human resistance steals a prototype giant robot from the Glorft and modifies it, renaming it Megas (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System). The idea was to send Megas back to the Battle of the Last Stand, which was the last major offensive fought by humanity against the Glorft. Humanity lost that battle, but the members of the resistance believe that Megas can tip the scales and hand the Glorft a decisive defeat.

Before the plan can be executed, however, an attack by the Glorft forces the human resistance to send Megas back in time. The prototype timedrive, however, accidentally sends the now-crippled Megas (its head was blown off in the attack) all the way back to the early 20th century. Megas languishes in a new Jersey junkyard until it ends up in the hands of two slackers, Coop and Jamie, around the year 2000. Coop turns Megas into a hot rod project and names it XLR, for eXtra Large Robot.

Kiva goes back in time to retrieve Megas, and when she finds she is unable to pilot it because of Coop's modifications, she grudgingly decides to train Coop for fighting   
The show parodied anything from Sailor Moon to Voltron. It also made jokes about Videogames, Giant Robot animes and shows, and anything else pop culutre. It was super witty, super funny, and super badass. But apprently it wasnt that popular as CN decided to cancel it after only like a year. Its one fo the few shows I whole heartidly wish theyd bring back or atleast put out on DVD. It is available through XBOX LIve Marketplace. But id rather have DVDs.  
Anyway, heres a collection fo funny moments from the show:  

 If I could name a  few more, theyd probaly be Invader Zim, Adventure Time, Life and Times of Jumiper Lee (I have good memories of it, but havent seen it in a  while), Justice League Unlimited, and I really like Chowder as well. oh, and i loved Batman Beyond. Was actualy a cool take on the batman thing. If i revised my list, maybe id replace Danny Phantom or TDI. Maybe with Avatar: The Last Airbender. but hey, whatevs.


Top 11 Best Song Covers. (IMO)

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. But it also helps when the imitation is good. IMO these are the best 11 song covers. Keep in mind these are ones I like more then anything else.  these are in no particular order.  
Sympathy for the Devil by Guns and roses (original performed by The Rolling Stones)  
 Pretty Woman by Van Halen (original by Roy Orbison)  
  Aside from the utterly Cracked out Music Video, this cover is actualy I think the first time I heard this song. Obviosuly since then I heard the original, and both have their charms. This version is really good IMO and has the great Eddie Van Halen guitar riffs to boot.  
 Its not that I hated the orginal, in fact the original is quite good. Im just not a huge stones fan. Personaly, I think this version is much better then the original. Seems more roking to me.   
Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson (original performed by Euthymics)  
Ok, it probaly dosent help that im a Marily Manson fan, but I do think this cover is very very good. While the original was more groovy in ways, this one is actualy more dark and rockin, which kinda makes me feel thats how the song should been kind of.  
The locomotion by Grand Funk Railroad (original performed by Little Eva)  
Really, whos going to deny this? Chances are you have heard this song, and chances are the version you heard and have continued to heard is this cover version.   
I Fought the Law by The Clash (originaly performed by the crickets)  
  this is one of those examples where the cover oif the original song is arguably superior to the original song (we have a big exampel of this later on in the list) . Its also a example of a song that helped the band become well known even though it was a cover.   
Hound Dog by Elvis Presley (oringaly performed by Big Momma Thornton)  
  Yet another example of a song you probaly heard the cover of alot more then the original. In fact, im sure no one would hold it against you if you said this was a Elvis Original song, in fact i didnt even know this wasnta  Elvis original song until I had a history of rock class. It might as well be IMO, considering the recognition this version gets.   
Hurt by Johnny Cash (originaly performed by Nine Inch Nails)  
  ok, this song is hard to put into words. If I had to pick a number one for this list, this might be it. this song is inspiring for so many reasons. First of all, I wont be ashmed to admit that the Music Video made me cry. Not only was this Cash's last song (or so I think)  it is also a giant lament over his life. His Mistakes and regrets. We know Cash didnt exactly have a happily ever after life, and this video and song pretty much cements it. Its impactful, it amkes you think, and most of all it makes you feel. And IMO, this is the only version of Hurt. that NIN one dosent exist to me. Now THAT is a hell of a cover.  
You Really Got me by Van Halen (originaly by The Kinks) 
  Another song where all I heard was teh cover version, so naturally I thought this was the original. Van Halen took on the song that is considered one of the best guitar tracks ever and the blue print of a rock song and nailed it.  
  Guns n Roses is a funny band in teh sense that quite a few of there songs that may be associated with them are actualy covers. For me, this is one of those songs. I first heard this version, and now its the one I associate teh song with, even if the Bob Dylan original is arguably just as good if not better to some.   
What a Wonderful World by Joey Ramone (originaly performed by Louis Armstong)  
  One of my personal favorite covers. The Louis Armstrong original was much more slow and serene, whiel this one is more rockin and upbeat. It may not be as good as the original, but its still great.   
Tainted Love by Softcell (originaly performed by Gloria Jones) 
    this is Probaly the Poster Child for the song cover. Pretty much, they took a song that wasnt well known and honestly maybe wasnt even that great, and made it amazing and popular as hell. this song is like number 1 or 2 on every list like this, and is honestly one of the best covers ever IMO. For comaprison purposes, I psoted both versions. The cover is on top, the original is on bottom.)  
Oh, and here is my honorarey number 12 joke song cover.  

The Top 3 Batman Movies (IMO)

This is in no particular order, but these are what I believe are the 3 best Batman films every made:  
1. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm: yes, its a animated movie, but it did hit theaters. and by god this story was good. Bruce wayne meets up with a Ex love interest named andrea  years after they split up and they attempt to rekindle there romance. However, at the same time of her arrival, a Masked figure is taking out Mob boss's one by one, and because the figure is always on he shadows and wheres a Mask and Cape, peopel mistake him for Batman. this causes batman to o on the run and stop the masked figure. However, Joker is up to his usual stuff, nd Batman has to worry about that also. The end scene then shows the joker and the Phanstasm fighting it out, and in the struggle the Phantasm is revealed to be Andrea. Its is revealed that she is taking revenge on the mob boss's because her father was killed by one of them because he owed money. And eve though he paid hem back, the boss still wasnt satisfied and had him killed. So, Andrea is taking out the boss's to try and find the killer. It is also revealed then that the joker, before he became the joker, was once one of the mob boss's unnamed henchmen that actually carried out the assassination of her father. Thsi resulted in more fighting and eventualy led to a all out violent brawel between Batman and the Joker. Howeverm the palce catches on fire and Batman barely makes it out. The Jokers fate is not known. The movie then ends with Andrea standin on a dock awaiting her boat and a grieving Bruce standing on top of a building, alone forever, looking to the sky. The Bat signal then appears, and hes off to do what he is destined to.   (keep in mind this is very abridged and i probaly have a few things out of order because I havent seen it in over 10 years.
this Movie, I think, could very well have been a Live action batman movie from its story.Its was expertly written, and proved why the Batman Animated series changed everything for Cartoons since then. It a great story to let you delve into Bruces soul more and the understand why hes tortured like he is.   
2. The Dark Knight: I dont think I need to explain this on that much. yes, yes, everyone and ther mother loved this movie and it might be on the verge of beinga  tad overrated considering its second coming level of reception. But what I thought made this movie great was the fact that the story dealt with the thought that the criminals in gotham where essentially getting squeezed by Batman to the point of desperation. Then, when someone came forward that says he can get results, they turn to him.  The movie also comments on the moral turmoils of people, and how a man of Honor and Justice can turn to a criminal in a  instant givent the right circumstances. Again, the storytelling is pretty amazing. they really turned the Joker into something we havent seen from the character before. Alot more Seriel killer crazy guy then he was wisecracking jokester. Batman never really face anyone like the Joker before. He (joker) really had nothing to gain from the stuff he was doing, and he seemed to not care about anything. when given a gigantic pile of money, he just burned it.  Like old alfred said, some people  just wanna watch the world burn.  

3. Tim Burtons Batman: This one is kinda hard to explain why i liked it so much. It was kinda corney at times, but this is probaly one of the most beleivable Bruce Wayne Batmans ive seen in a movie. he dosent have a gravel gruff voice to hide his indentity, hes calm and collected, his vehicles and gadgets seem more believable, and I believe he can imtimidate more then Bales Batman. theOnly other Batman I would say that could maybe do it more would be the Animatd Series Batman, going by voice atleast. Also, the Joker in this movie seemed more in line with what the Joker actually was in teh Comics. Crazy, sure, but also charismatic and joking. He loves the spotlight, and thats what Nicholsons Joker was.also, this movie gave Joker a origin story, although its not Batman comic cannon as far as I can tell. thats more then can say for the Dark Knight, where the Joker just appears and all we get is some stories about how he cut up his face.   
If I honestly had to pick one of these as my Favorite, id probaly pick Mask of the Phantasm. Surprised? It was really that good. And I dont think it being Animated should discount that in anyway.

My take on the Big 3 conferences (and who I think won)

(Before reading, know that most of this is going to be "well, no shit" to you, but in order to give my take on the conferences, I had to summarize them.  So if it really bothers you, skip to the bottom. i just wanted to try and write my own take on the conferences like sites like gamesradar do. I know its alot of text, but please try to give it a bit of a read atleast and give me some feedback. )
E3 is, essentially, second christmas for me. I love the spectacle, i love the hype, i love the sheer insanity of it, and I love the unexpected. And this is where the Conferences usually come in. Most of the big big stuff is usually announced during press conferences, and really, theres only 3 that we all really care about. SONY, Microsoft, and Nintendo. All due respect to EA and Ubi, but these are where its at.

So... howd they do? Lets begin with MS:

Microsofts E3 was not for me. I realize this now. At first, I was angry with them for their conference. Only about 15 percent of their show appealed to me, and the rest appealed to my uncles kids. I got only 5 games I was remotely interested in, I got some proof that they know how to throw their money around alot (Exclusive COD DLC for 3 years. Smart move though), and i got a new redesigned 360 that I totally want but cant afford or justify buying right now when my 360 seems to work fine *knocks on the biggest piece of wood in the room* 

So what, might you ask, did they focus on for 80 percent or so of the show? take a wild freakin guess. Remember that thing they showed you at the end of their Killer E3 09 conference? you know, that thing that Movie director that hasnt directed a good movie in years was hyping as the second coming of christ, and that looked like a weird, buggy science experiment that you didnt know was either real or a bunch of smoke and mirrors spouted at you by a pleasing to listen to english man? yup, im talking about Project Natal, or Kinect as its now called (dont worry, you get used to the name).

this thing was MS main focus on the show, and honestly, it makes sense. If you are trying to sell me on a controller free device, then you should devote as much time as you can selling me on said device. However, I was not entirely sold on it. Im sold on the promises and the potential, but im not sold on the end result. The voice activation stuff seemed real neat, but presented some problems. For Example, what if Im watching a movie, and my little cousin comes in and says "Xbox.. Off" just to fuck with me?  
By saying that, he shuts the syestem down because thats what its programmed to respond to. Also, pausing your movie by saying "Xbox pause" seems like it would take more time then pressing a button.

The games they showed for this thing where a Pet Simulator (Basically, if your too irresponsible for a cat, I guess this is you lucky day) which was one of the most sickenly cute things ive ever seen, a Raft kinda game, a dance game by harmonix (actually looked cool), a Yoga/wii fit kinda game, Forza with Kinect functinality, a sports collection, and god knows what else because I cant remember.

So in other words, its all shit Nintendos been doing for years. I saw nothing that made me think I needed a Kinect over a Wii.

 We got some ESPN announcement, and kinect party chat. (which was blatantly staged and acted horribly).

And pretty much, that was the Kinect stuff. It was at this point that they announced the new 360, and gave it away to everyone in the theater for free ala oprah. (Kind gesture or devious bribe? You decide. Oh im Jking with you) But what about those hardcore games i mentioned?

Well, we got COD Black ops, which looked like Modern Warefare in the jungle with helecopters, so thats cool I guess. We got Gears 3, which did look very nice and fun. We got Halo Reach which looked good as well, and we got a Fable 3 trailer and a New Crytek 360 Exclusive trailer that looks like 300 the videogame on HD consoles.

Again,  I realize that them focusing on Kinect so much was necessary to sell people on it, but thats no reason why I cant bitch about it. If they gave me those Hardcore games, plus 1 or 2 big new hardcore reveals, or maybe even another Bombshell like FF 13, then maybe it would be fine. But as it is, it was boring and made me roll my eyes more then entertain me.

And now we come to Nintendo. That Kid Icarus Trailer said it all "Sorry to keep you guys waiting" (oops, getting ahead)

FINALLY Nintendo has given me the first reasons in three years to give two shits about what they do.  
 They kept us waiting for a good E3 for so long I almost considering skipping their conference this E3. But they delievered.

The Conference began rather lamely. A buggy Zelda demo (BTW: New zelda announced) and a Wii party game entitled....... Wii Party. (trust me, it gets better)

 While a new zelda is usually enough to make a nintendo E3, strangely enough it was one of the least memorable things. Maybe because it didnt demo well because of Tech issues.

What came after that was Epic Mickey footage (Im interested in this game now), and New Goldeneye announcement (because they totally didnt try that before and fail), and a new Mario basketball lookin game. While these were ok, it really started to pick up. a new  
Donkey Kong country was announced, and it looked really cool. I might be forgetting stuff right now, but the next thing I remember is their big mama jamama. the Nintendo 3DS.

Ok, this thing is probaly the final nail in PSPs coffin. Its sleek, its got near wii like graphics, and most improtant, glasses free 3d that works! (as said by many sites) Plus, its got a two camera lenses in teh front for 3D Photo taking, and it has a slider to adjust how much 3d you want (full blown to none at all, and everywhere in between) But whats got me most excited is the announced partners and games. Put it this way, we are getting a Street Fighter game, a Resident Evil game and a Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater  
Remake on this thing. Thats freakin huge! Im particularly looking forward to MGS.

But, nintendo saved what many argue is the best for last. After years of asking and bitching, we are finally given a new Kid Icarus game...... but its handheld. Still that dosent matter as the 3DS is close to a wii in graphics anyway. People went ape shit for this.

So, not to get ahead of myself, this to me was the most well put together conference and had the most pezzaz.

So how did SONY do? They were last out the gate, and had the oppurtunity to end it with a bang. Did they succeed?

 eh, More or Less.

While its hard to top Nintendos conference, SONY atleast made a solid effort. The show started with a few jabs at MS's natal event and a  KZ3 3D demo which apprently was amazing (3d dont work that well on internet streams, so i wouldnt know) and after that talked 3D up some more. Its clear there dead serious about this.

We then move (he) to move stuff, where we see Tiger Woods PGA 2011 being demod with the lady pleaser looking device. It seems to be pretty 1:1, although its not 100 percent on the money. but it was a bit impressive. The guy cant golf that well. We tehn get games like Sorcerey, which is basically if you took the upcoming Harry Potter game and slapped Move on it, and we get other games in montage form. Were introduced to the rather high pricing (standalone motion controller *plural* is 50, while the sub controller thing is 30.)  
They also announced a PS3 bundle with everything you need for Move for 399, but after maths is done, you are actually paying more this way compared to if you just bought them piece by piece (but its like 1 penny like the Giatnbomb video today said, but still found it funny).  
So I guess SONY might outprice themselves if Kinect comes in at 100 or something.

i may be out of order, But I think we then were introduced to Heros on the Move, which at first I thought was Sonys take on Smash brothers.  But apprently, its.... well i dont really know what it is.  Its like some platformer adventure game with multiple SONY mascots. So, yay I guess?

Then were introduced to the barrage of Exclusive Stuff for multiplatform games on PS3 (ok, exageration, but it was still considerable)  
 Pretty much Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2 are getting Exclusive Limited editions that include games (dead space comes with dead space extraction, MOH comes with MOH: Frontlines remastered in HD) plus, PS3 gets a Exclusive Assassins creed brotherhood Multiplayer beta and Exclusive missions in mafia 2.

Then Sony announces some Coca Cola advertising partenership no one in the audience cares about,  
 and then, finally, we get some more Kevin Butler Action.

What we get is, IMO one of the best E3 moments in recent memory, or atleast the funniest.

 Kevin Buttler tells us that its not about the technology, but its about the games. Also, he makes more jabs about MS Kinect Event on Sunday with the acrobat people.  
He talks about Gaming guys and girls, and how we are all gamers no matter whos console flag we wave. Then, the music swells to epic speech mode, and he delievers one of the best Speeches ive heard at a E3 yet. It was really patriotic and really funny. Go watch it if you havent seen it. After the LOLing ends, we are then presented with a very very strong last half of the show.

However, it started rough with a new Ad push for PSP, staring a black kid named marcus who apparently is "Teh Hardest core PSP gamer everz!" and he knows everything about PSP. He is hired by Kevin Butler in the ad, and basically becomes the PSPs Kevin Butler. But a Kid who was actualyl kinda stereotypical. Anyway, it was rather stupid.

The good news is things go uphill from there. We are introduced to the long rumored PSN Premium service, named Playstation Plus.  Basically, its the same price as Live for a year, but you get Exclusive Betas, Demos, Themes, a select free game, select free game trials of full games, Avatar Items and stuff like that.  
But my question is, what are they doing about the actual ONLINE? Im talking about my Multiplayer experince. From what I can tell, theres no mention of improving servers, adding all the features live does for Online gaming, Improve stability, and stuff like that. So basically, im paying for Insider access stuff with no impact on my actual Online gaming. thats kinda bullshit if you ask me. Also, what if I dont like the game your offering for free? what if i dont care to try your free game trial? Then this would be a complete waste of money for me. I really need to know more about this before I can really say anythinga bout wether I want it or not, but so far, im not sold.

Then, we come to the only moment in E3 that literally made me say "HOLY SHIT". Jack tretton is interrupted by, youll never guess in a million fucking years without prior knowledge of this, Glados from Portal. She has a surprise for us. We are introduced to the very first Portal 2 Trailer and really the only big announcement of it outside of Game Informer that I know of. And then guess who appears but good old gabe newell. You know gabe right? The guy that years ago called the PS3 "A complete waste of everyones time" The man that thought "SONY should do a do over on their PS3".  
Well, here he is, talking about how he had made some rearks about the current Console generation, obviously referencing tehse remarks, and announces he very excited to work with SONY and bring Portal 2 to PS3, not only that, but bringing steam works with it. He said that PS3 was the most open console right now, adn thus so, Portal 2 on PS3 will be the best console version of Portal.

 I wonder if he likes his crow barbequed or fried?  anyway, I wonder if he died a little inside after saying that?

Well, its hard to top that right? well, SONY tried to, and to many, may have. He says theres one more surprise before we go.

A trailer shows two cab drivers talking about car combat games. One asks name the only car combat series to kick ass on PS1, Kick more ass on PS2, and kick even MORE ass on PS3? Obviously, the other cab driver cant come up with a answer, and the other cab driver says "yeah, thats what I thought, because it dosent exist." (ok, seriously, you know what this is)

The other guy then flips his lit cigar to the floor in front of a ally and drives off. The sound of stomping boots can be heard and you see a man pick it up. As the camera pans up, you see pink polkadot white pants and a big gut and you see the infamous sweet tooth. he uses the cigar to light his head on fire, this is then followed by other lights in the dark allyway of other clowns that share his flaming head and clown look. He then says "Its so good to be back"

Then, if this wasnt surreal enough, you have a ACTUAL demented Ice cream Truck pull onto the E3 stage replicating Sweet tooths truck, and you see a live action version of the big bastard himself driving it, and it looked quit good. He was fat, he was menacing, and he really looked like a serial killer.

Jaffe then follows in tow to demo the new Twisted Metal game (He also forgot to mention HES A  FREAKING LIAR! He said he wasnt going to E3 and he wasnt working on twisted metal. But I forgive him)  

The game looks pretty cool, but the demo feel kinda flat because they were reading off cue cards, and they werent doing it well.

Its coming out in 2011.

All in All, it was a solid conference. I certainly liked it better then MS's. But, they spent too much time on dumb things I didnt care about and there was no PSP 2 announcement. Or Last Guardian.


So, who won?  
Well, although SONY appealed to me personally more, I really think it goes to Nintendo.  
 Not only were they the most improved compared to the other years, but they had a nice flow and they had the hardcore games you wanted. Plus the new hardware.

Sonys in second and MS third.




My Multiplatform Illness.

Ok, so i posted this on another forum, and really wanted to get your guys opinon on it because I trust in your maturness (atleast for most of you) and id like to get as much feedback on this that I can so it can help me in the future.  
And for those of you who constantly rag on me for worrying about graphics so much, maybe it can give you some insight to why im so crazy about console version differences. 
Ok, maybe illness is excessive, but its gotten to the point recently where its affecting my enjoyment of the consoles i game on.  I know  this is very strange, but I just got it rammed in my head that 360 version of games are always going to be better than the PS3 version. to the point where I feel stupid for considering buying the PS3 version when I hear of a new multiplatform game. This is due to the fact ive been burned for some many years owning a PS3 and ive constantly recieved bad ports of games, or atlest ports that dont look quit as good as the 360 version. It gotto the point where I started buying the same version of the game twice. With GTA 4, I bought the PS3 version, but when I found out it didnt look as good as the 360 version, I bought the 360 version. I spent 120 dollars+ on the same game. Now, im considering buying SSF4 on 360, even though I own a Arcade stick and the original on PS3. That would mean if I did get it on 360, I would need to buy the game and a new stick. thats like 100 bucks + assuming I get a cheap Hori stick. And heres the kicker, originally I bought the first SF 4 on 360, with a Madcats stick on launch, but then my friend who said he was going to paly with me on 360 decided not to and get it on PS3. So I sold my stick and game to get the PS3 version of the game and a stick for it, then he decides not to paly it anymore and I dont think I ever played with him once. I felt very stupid and wasted a enormouse amount of money on the same game.

But I feel like if I dont get the best looking version, im doing myself a disservice to my game enjoyment. I frantically search comparison sites everytime a new game comes out.  
i dont think im mentally ill or anything,    But I would like to stop doing this. Its even disolved to the point where im thinking sites when they show the 360 version of a game only are further reinforcing my assumption that the PS3 version is going to be worse.   also, maybe the reason i think I like my PS3 more is because I listen to these podcasts where they constantly praise PS3, and say 360 is kinda lackluster (one would be Podcast beyond, a IGN PS3 podcast) and even when i listen to the Bombcast, they talk about how their playing the game on 360, that makes me think the PS3 version isnt good because theyre not playing that version.
maybe its me trying to justify my console purcahsing decisions.  
Maybe I would feel better about purchasing my multiplatform games on 360 If I wasnt so worried about it maxing out and becoming obsolete soon. Were really starting to see 360 hit its graphical peak, And I would hate to have all my multipaltform games for a console that might become obsolete. Im also afraid that, if down the road I want to paly the games again on my 360, When I fish my 360 out of my closet, it wont work because of the shoddy hardware. Plus, Im hearing all these positive news stories about how "PS3 is catching up to 360 and will eventually pass it" that I think it might be skewing my views a little bit. Like, my 360 is soon going to be beaten and obsolete. 

I would appreciate Mature criticism and opinons and advice, becaue I really want to get over this.  

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