Can one have two favorite football teams? and my problem I have.

Ok, first of all, I would like to say that I love football. I love watching it and sunday is a bid event day at our house. Family members constantly talking smack because we each like different teams, and its great.  
But, I have been having a personal issue of constantly switching teams that I like. Wel, constantly may be a over statement, ive only switched twice. First, I was a Rams fan, but I think that really was more the fact that my cousin was a Rams fan, and I kinda idolized my cousins, so I kinda wanted to copy him when I was younger.  
Then I wanted to be a Chargers fan. Im not really sure how it happened, I just though theyre uniforms looked cool and I liked their Offense and Defense they had.  
Then, about 3 years after i became a chargers fan, I recently have become a Cowboys fan. I would like to note I became this at Thanksgiving of last year, so im not really sure that is bandwaggoner status because I dont really remember how well they did before then to warrent me being called that.  Honestly, im not sure why I wanted to become a fan of them. Maybe I just loved the history of the team, the logo, and the legend of them kinda.   
However, im not sure I really have a connection with them. I feel akward routing for them because Ive switched teams so much in the apst that I feel akward saying that I am a cowboys fan now, because im afraid of being judged based off my jumping from team to team. Another thing that might be bugging me is that I actual own quite a bit of Chargers Merchandise. I own 5 T-Shirts, a Hat, and I actualy bought a really nice 130 dollar leather jack of the team. Thats making me think I shoudl go back to routing them because I made such a investment into them.  I should also note that my other cousins, who I idolized growing up, are uber Cowboys fans, so maybe that had a mental impact on me wanting to be a fan of them, to be like my cousins who I idolized when i was young, and maybe gain exceptance by them and I found the idea of potentialy watching games with them and being apart of their little club thing they had to be great.
But, I really cant keep doing this. I get crap about this from my dad and family, but I think theyre joking mostly. But I really dont want to continue to be thought as a team jumper, because then the game loses some of the majesty.  
Now im afraid if I wanna go back to the chargers, Ill get so much crap from my dad and family.  
i dont know, how does one search withing himself to find his favorite team? what should I look for? Can one really have two favorite teams and own and wear both of their merchandise? I dont wanna like a team just because their uniforms are cool.