How I think these motion controls will sell intialy and beyond.

Well, Move comes out in like 5 days or whatever. And thus the first shot at Nintendo in the motion control wars, but I guess its not really a war until all the particapents are in it, so come Nov. or whenever Kinect hits, the war will really begin.

But, are these things REALLY going to sell alot day 1 (Move and Kinect)? I really dont think so. I think these things are not going to sell alot week 1 or maybe even month 1. You are going to get people that are the eager hardcore adopters and then, if they like it, theyll tell there two friends, and theyll tell their two friends, and so on and so forth. If that happens, then these things have the possiblity to be big after a slow burn of the word getting out, but that all depends on wether or not their good in comparison to each other. We already know that the Move hardware is real solid, but we dont know how the Kinect will fair in reviews.

If one did have to sell more Month 1, I would maybe put money on Kinect not because I actualy think itll be better, but because its the shiny new thing and MS is going to market circles around SONY in comaprison. But, I dont think itll be a long term thing. I could see the early adopters getting it, it maybe being not what they thought it was or not liking it because of the no controller or whatever, and either trading it in to gamstop or getting something new with a return. If that happens, I think Move could have better long term sucess because it seems to be catering to both hardcore and casual about equaly with the stuff we know now, while Kinect (as far as we know) is only going after the casual with its announced and known games. And who even knows if the casuals are even going to bite Kinects hook, or even Moves for that matter. And hell, Kinect could be alaggy mess and not be responsive at all for all we know when it comes out.

Right now, I dont see compelling software on either to really get me excited to buy any of them day 1. If I was given the money to buy something and I didnt have to pay the personback, maybe it would be Kinect only for dance central. But that is by no means a good endorsement because that seems like the only good game on kinects lineup. Move I would probaly buy just to play Killzone 3 and box games like that with it.