So yeah. started listening to K-POP

I should preface by saying that I listened to J-POP and Japanese music prior to this, so im well open to music where I dont understand the lyrics and can just appreciate the music itself.  
So far im listening to this K-POP gro up called 2ne1 (21) and I find them quite good. Itunes only has their new album up, 'To Anyone" and Im enjoying it, even if alot of the songs are in auto tune. And im told this isnt even their best work. Im curious to try other groups, but dont even know where to buy the music at. I went to a Best Buy and asked if they had any, and he laughed and commended me on asking a question he never heard before. So that made me feel akward. Thats one thing I hate about liking this kinda music, you get weird looks by people. 
Anyway, anyone have any ideas where I can find this kinda music to buy that maybe wouldnt require me importing it? Itunes is kinda limited in this area. Also, anyone who does listen to K-POP and knows of the band I was talkinga bout, any album recommendations?   
And for those curious, this is the group: