Why a Devil May Cry Movie can actualy work quite well.

As we all know, the film rights to Devil May Cry have been picked up by the same studio that has done the resident evil movies thus far. And honestly, im all for it. I think if theyre was one video game that could work as a movie it would be Devil May Cry. think about it, what is Devil May Cry known for? Crazy, over the top fight scenes and feats of insanity. And thats what I thought those resident evil movies did well, dumb action fun that was over the top and crazy.  
Lets be honest, no one really cares about the story of Devil May Cry. Hell, I as a fan of the series barely care about the story. So really, the movie wont really need to worry about that for source material, because its not really possible for the game story to be better then the movie story since the DMC storytelling is rather basic. I will go into a Devil may Cry movie with only expectations of crazyness I will see on screen that I have seen in movies before, but hopefuly will be crazy enough to do DMC justice.  
However, this presents the question on which video game do they do the movie about? If we go by Video Game release, itll be DMC 1. However, if they really wanted to go by the timeline of stuff that happens in the story, they would do DMC 3.  
Anyway, I know peoples knee jerk reaction will be to hate on this movie, however I am going into it with the right mindset I believe. hell, even Ryan admits the Resident Evil movies arent complete trash, and I think this movie idea would transition way better then Resident Evil to a movie.