Why im thinking about making my PS3 my main gaming platform.

Wether or not its considered weird for someone to perfer PS3 over 360 these days like it was back in the day (and honestly, it shouldnt be) im honestly considering making my PS3 my main paltform for console gaming going forward. This might be weird to some of you here, sine I think most of the community here are mainly 360 users. My reason for this change being certain factors that have presented themselves as of late:   
First a little backstory. I purchased my 360 in Nov. of 2006 for Gears of War. Since then I have enjoyed the console and it has brought me great experiences. I bought my PS3 in June of 2007, and while it was hard to deal with the pests on the internet, I have enjoyed the console and the stuff it gave to me. Over the years I have really felt like I shouldnt like PS3 as much as I do because of what people on the internet keep saying and even jounranlists on certain sites, thats its not as good or that 360 offers better stuff. And honestly majority usualy dictates whats better when it comes to this. But over this year certain things and certain revelations have appeared that really changed my view on certain things.
1. PS3 is really getting more stuff then 360 is in the coming year (atleast as far as we know): Remember back in the day when PS3 had no good games and 360 was getting all the good stuff? Well, this has really balanced out over the years and both consoles are now getting as much good stuff as the other usualy. However, I dont think the same could be said for 360 going into 2011 by the looks of things right now. Right now they only have one big Exclusive coming out, that being Gears 3, plus multiplatform stuff. But thats just it, multiplatform is on other consoles, meaning that dosent help a whole lot with one consoles image going into the new year. PS3 on the other hand is going to get Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Uncharted 3, Resistence 3, LBP 2, and maybe Last Guardian.  
2. Multiplatform games these days are about the same on both PS3 and 360 usualy: back in the day we used to see 360 get the better version of a said multiplatform game by a pretty clear cut margin.However, over the years since PS3s launch weve seen the gap shrink in these differences, and now its down to negligable or no difference. So I can now go out and buy pretty much any version of a new multiplatform game on PS3 without worrying itll be messed up. Of course, ill do research before hand to make sure I dont buy a game like Bayonetta on PS3, but really those kind of cases are quite rare these days. And if you look at recent Digital Foundry comparisons youll notice that most comparisons either end in a tie, minute win for one console, or only in a rare instance a clear cut winner on one. I remember I used to make threads all the time worrying about this. This was fueled, honestly, by idiots on the internet that were either fanboys or didnt know what they were talking about and were overblowing stuff on forums and comparison articles. This effected my views on this type of thing, but then I started remembering that usualy when i play the game on PS3 and its supposedly worse on PS3, ususaly I enjoy it plenty fine, so really it dosent ususaly effect any enjoyment I have.   
3. Im getting more out of PS Plus then I do out of Live lately: I am not a online gamer really, atleast not lately. I remember back when Gears of War came out and I played and loved that online, but really I tend not to touch multiplayer on any games I play on consoles. Which basicaly eliminates a big selling point of Live to me. So what am I getting out of it if I dont game online hardly ever? Netflicks? I can get that on PS3 with no other subscription needed besides Netflicks. Last FM? hardly use it. Twitter? I perfer that on my computer or on a phone. Early demos? Really, I dont really remember any demos lately that were exclusvie to gold members only for more then a day or two before they came to Silver members. And nowadays we dont really see one service(PSN/Live) get a Demo before the other (atleast, not due to any kind of Exclusive agreement). So why do I have it? Well, because I feel like if I dont I get locked out of stuff I potentialy MIGHT want to do sometime or that MS adds to their console in the future. MS is very keen on locking non paying members out of stuff. So right now im covered until July of 2012 due to a 50 percent off renewal deal, but im not too sure if ill resubscribe after that. Ill see what they have at that point.  
4. My 360 I have now is starting to bug out, and I cant afford a new one: My 360 as of late is having these weird issues and errors. Its nothing permenant like a RROD, but its too the point where I dont really wanna do a whole lot on it right now so it has mroe stress on it due to the fact I wanna keep it going for games I own that I really wanna play and Gears 3 next year. And I dont have the money to get a 360S. So that means ill be gaming more on my PS3 anywaym until I can get the 360 replaced.  
5. There isnt a whole lot of Exclusive Downloadable third party games anymore: back in the day it was quite common place for Live arcade to get some time exclusive deal with third party downloadable games, but this has really dropped off lately. Usualy the only Exclusives on this front (and on the retail front) are first party. Third party is ususaly on all platforms now. And like I said, we are at the point now where multiplatform stuff is about equal.  
6. Ive always kinda liked my PS3 a bit more, but I let idiots on the internet get to me: this is a stupid reason, but for whatever reason it is i have always kinda had a bit better liking of the PS3 then my 360. Although it was hard to in the early days due to the shilacking PS3 got. but now that the console has come into its own, its alot easier liking it and not looking like a fool. And like I said, im teh kinda guy that let other peoples opinons sway mine. Im going to use a example of a IGN editor named Arthur Geis. Now, im not saying that this guy is a bad person or anything, but really he acts like a moron on his podcasts because hes has this stupid hate for SONY. When PS3 slim launched, he basicaly said it was pointless. In recent episodes or Rebel FM, he said that PS3 deals lately have been SONY being scared and panicing, but when MS does it its smart. I dont know why I let his opinons sway mine. maybe because I figured since hes in this industry he knows what hes talking about. But then I realized that hes just a fool that likes to hate on everything and dosent know what hes talking about.  
i should say though that im not abandoning my 360 or anything. I will still play Exclusives and games that are like Bayonetta and Red Dead that are really better on it, but I just think im gonna be gaming on my PS3 alot more going into the future.  
Not sure if these are good reason or not for switching primary use to one console, but hey there my reasons.   
(BTW Mods, feel free to move this to PS3 forums if you see fit. As far as I know theres no way to be very specific where blog posts go.)