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Top Dragon Ball Z Villians of all time.

1. Vegeta: They dont call him the prince of all sayains for nothing. Baddie turned goodie, Vegeta was one of the first villians to feel like he really could  destroy Earth if he wanted to. Plus, his Character development throughout the series was amazing. We got to see a whole new side of Vegeta in later sagas like the Freiza, Cell, and Buu saga. One showcasing a softer, more caring sayain warrior. yet still badass. Plus, he gave us one of the most iconic Internet phrases ever! "ITS OvER 9,000!"  
2. Freiza: Probaly the first, if not only, villain that really seemed like hed conjure pretty much everything. He had his own Private army, killed off the entire sayain race, made Vegeta his bitch, Freiza really seemed like the first Unstoppable foe in Dragonball Z. His reveal was hyped to all hell. where his name was pretty Synonumous to the Grim Reaper. Pretty much saying his name brought people to there knees. Although he kinda came off campy, he had a certain style to him.  
3. Cell: Comprised of the DNA of the Universes greatest fighters, Cell is the Manifestation of Dr. Geros dream of a Perfect, all powerful being. Pretty much, he was impossible to kill, with his rapid Generation abilitys, he could revive himself as long as there was a single cell left of him, much like Majin Buu, however buus was more effective I believe since he was essentially chewing gum.  With all the moves of the Z warriors and villians at his disposale, he really struck fear to all those who faced him. My favorite part was probaly when he first showed up to fight Picolo in his first form, and to see Picolos face when he saw Cell do a Kamehameha for the first time really was priceless.  
4. Majin Buu: Oh buu, you big wad of gum you, how we loved yeah. From your dopey fat original form, to your pint sized toddler on a Killing spree form, you were indeed one of the best. With the ability to turn anyone or anything into somesort of food, the ability to streach his limbs to great leangth, and being able to instantly renegrate any lost limbs or wounds, He really was one of the Z warriors most fiecest foes. Plus, who didnt think Fat Buu was just the cutest most wimzical thing ever? Until he hits your skull down your throat. Plus, Super Buu I believed had the best theme out of the whole DBZ soudntrack.

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