How much is too much?

 I was really enjoying New Vegas in spite of all the horribly buggy and glitchy things I have had to put up with it. I think the game has finally completely ruined it for me however. I had made my way to Novac in the game on my way to the scrapyard for my companion ED-E's quest. While I was there I of course had to make my way up the dinosaur because it was such a big part of the previews I had seen of the game. A lot of images had gone out with it so I thought I should make my way up just to see it. Up in the mouth is a sniper, and apparently a potential companion if I heard correctly. He gave me a quest to find out who sold his wife into slavery and bring them in front of the dinosaur while he was on duty so that he could kill the person that did it himself. The optional part of the quest was to find out who actually did it and let him kill them.
I eventually ended up finding out who sold his wife into slavery after about thirty minutes of running around and talking to people. Everyone I had spoken to had a dialogue option to ask them to walk out in front of the dinosaur with you. Except of course the person that actually did it, they of course didn't have that bit of dialogue after twenty minutes of trying to get them in front of the dinosaur I gave up. I took someone else in front of the dinosaur to have them be killed thinking that I wasn't actually supposed to pick the person that actually committed the crime. Turns out no I was supposed to take them to get killed and the reason I couldn't was yet another glitch in the game.
Great another quest I couldn't complete because of a glitch. Still it wasn't what ruined the game for me, I made my way up to the scrap yard and got on with my companions quest. While at the scrapyard I was told about a power plant not to far ahead so as happens with Fallout I went ahead and walked over to check it out. I ended up getting another quest to go inside the power plant and get it working more efficiently. So going through the quest I was tasked with basically turning on computers and having them reboot to the mainframe so that I could continue. What could go wrong? Except for some reason there were two NCR guard dogs guarding one of the computers, what reason I'm not so sure as soon as I started walking to the computer the dogs attacked. In self defense I shot and killed the dogs, so what happened? The whole NCR base I was currently on a quest for turned hostile and attacked me turning my reputation into infamy. Now I can never finish that quest.
Awesome thanks New Vegas.