Lack of quality control, good job obsidian

  I'm playing through New Vegas and this would be a great game. If not for the inordinate amount of bugs that I keep stumbling through. Seriously, obsidian the frame rate has to go down into the teens while I'm walking through absolutely nowhere with just rocks in my vision? Did that radscorpion really need to be stuck in the ground unable to move until I killed it only to fall through the geometry? Do these giant ants really need to crawl upside down on the geometry to try and get to me?

What about the hidden valley area of the game where at night it's pitch black and I can't see anything. Of course until I take two steps and suddenly the geometry is lit up. Only to again become dark once I've taken two extra steps. What about the part where that radscropion continued to chase after me after it was already dead only to kill me because I ran out of bullets and couldn't fast travel anywhere because a dead radscorpion was chasing me.