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She has a point, just a shame it dominated those specific Giant Bomb shows. Also, I am not sure the reaction from the community would've been different if it was a man doing the exact same thing. Interesting though.

She doesnt have a point at all. drunk and annoying is terrible regardless of gender.

What she is implying, is that when man are drunk and obnoxious, you will see it as an incident and don't really change your long term perception of them. With a woman, she is regarded as "that drunk obnoxious bitch". That definitely happened on this site. Like I said, if a man had done the same, we might have felt the same way, but I am no so sure.

I missed the E3 where she was on and made a fool of herself. I've read a bunch of stuff she has done I think she is a bad example of women in the industry.

So much of her writing is centered around the fact that she is a woman in the industry.

Also lets not pretend that she was drunk, rude, and obnoxious once. If you remember she was talking shit to Jaffe on twitter, then deleted her tweets and then blamed it on being drunk.
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Is there a problem in the industry? Yes, and it's a shame when people try to jump on the stupid claims and then dismiss the problem entirely.

Also, I'm detecting a bit of prudism and irony in the caption beneath the picture. Who really cares who wrote Mirror's Edge? I don't see a lot of men going "Look at who designed Gears of War, a man!" Patrick, it's just as bad if you elevate women above men.

Yea that caption really rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was the surprise in parentheses but to me it kinda felt demeaning. Like the fact that a game with a female protagonist of course was written by a woman, no man would ever be so bold.

Also lets ignore the fact that the uncharted games were headed up and written by a woman.
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I have a relatively large closet full of random 'pop culture' I guess t shirts.

Still when I'm walking through Meijier and someone walks up to me and says "Awesome shirt" and then just leaves before I have a chance to say anything, please don't.


chat with me

I need human interaction!

Instead you'll just hear me sheepishly say 'thanks' in a soft tone as I watch you walk away. Then I openly weep in the store.

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I don't see why I should care about it, I like Justin and Griffin but I could really careless about any of the others. In the end they are just going to be another video game news site, we haven't seen any video content come out from them other than the circle jerk that is their documentary. I keep a hefty list of sites for video games because they each do something great on their own that others don't.

GameInformer has their replay videos and are one of the first places to get information on just about anything.

The Escapist has some of the best articles you can find with their writers along with Yahtzee.

Rock Paper Shotgun is my one stop for anything PC gaming related

Gamasutra for when I want to read more industry specific stuff

Giantbomb for the podcast and quicklooks

and Penny Arcade Reports for the sheer amazing and thought provoking articles that Ben writes

What is Polygon going to do that could differentiate itself from these sites? Why would I go there and not to one of these that I have been visiting for more than a couple years for some? So far they have cornered the market on self-aggrandizing so I guess they have that going for them.

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I like how suddenly since she is a stripper everything apparently changes, she is still a woman guys. Her job doesn't suddenly make everything different, being a stripper doesn't automatically make her vagina have razor sharp teeth.

Also if it's her actual number there is no way she is giving it to you in hopes of money, in that line of profession you have to be very careful of who you give it out to because of rapists and stalkers.

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I laughed my ass off when this happened and maybe it's my ignorance but I generally don't hear anyone outside of Nor Cal say hella. To have someone randomly use it in a game from Japan that is supposed to be set in rural Japan made this even weirder.

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Why does no one else like Two Best Friends play? I fucking love Matt and Pat

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Oh sleepy student your so sleepy
Oh sleepy student your so sleepy
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I think it's quite obvious that the ultimate Persona would be Sess-money