Best of 2010

Rayeth: Best of 2010 
Didn't quite make it to 10 games worthy of a spot on the list.  Mostly this has to do with the amount of 2009 and older games that I played this year (Tales of Vesperia, GoW Collection, Demon's Souls, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dragon Age, etc).  I would venture to say though that these ones were something special.

List items

  • Easily the best game of the year. Phenomenal single player campaign and relentlessly addictive multiplayer. WE REQUIRE MORE VESPENE GAS!

  • SO DAMN HARD! SO FRIGGIN GOOD! The music is really top notch and the brutal, brutal levels are just right for the precise controls.

  • Such a great game. The single player story is excellent (though a bit rushed, despite the numerous side missions), and the multiplayer is simply inspired.

  • Award for Timesink of the year 2010. Far too easy to spend far too much time playing this game.

  • Why is this so addicting?! Its like cocaine for my eyes.

  • Excellent finish (maybe?) to Kratos' journey. Stunning visuals even though the gameplay is basically the same.

  • The 2010 game that really should have been a 2009 game. Amazing visuals, and a surprisingly deep fighting system.