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Games that I really should get around to finishing.

 Funny how this list contains a lot of  RPGs.  Yet, some of them were so frustrating as a kid, I could never spend the time to grind out the needed levels.  C'est la vie.
Some of these I did beat, but I don't consider them fully finished.

List items

  • This one probably has the best chance of being removed as I have a friend who has bought it and we might get some co-op. I beat the 1st playthrough, but I don't consider that enough. I need to get to level 50 (or 61 or whatever if I get the Knoxx DLC).

  • I loved this game, but for some reason I just never took the time to get all the way through it. It was hard, sure, but I put it down one day and never went back. Much to my regret.

  • I have the HD collection, but I have no desire to replay GoW, so I'm listing this one alone. I am so damn close to the platinum trophy on this one. Gahhhhh those challenges are so frustrating!

  • Ok, I did beat this one, but from what I understand things could have gone a lot differently. Also I would really like to try playing as a mage through the game, fair chance of this one happening.

  • I own this PSX game, but I could never get through the ending. Lavos was just too annoying and having to cast the spells in all the right sequence to line up the colors was immensely frustrating. I never saw the ending video until the advent of youtube. A real shame.

  • I beat the game on normal quickly, I started on hard, but I couldn't keep up. Also there are quite a few challenges that I could complete if I only spent some more time.

  • Another RPG that lots of people say was great. I didn't really ever find a groove in this game for whatever reason. Maybe it was too old school, or I just really hated the characters (except Vivi, who could hate him?). I should probably finish it off someday though.

  • Another beloved Final Fantasy. I found the combat in this game horrendous. I hated the battles, and I disliked the "main" character kid. If the game had focused more the Sky Pirate and the rabbit chick I would have been on board. Probably never going to finish this one.

  • No way in hell am I wading back into this one. The game was great, and the translation job was pretty thorough. The updated look was good, etc, etc. But the combat was so grind-tastic that I can never go back.

  • Haven't completed the campaign on this one. The game is awesome, but I'm just no good at dealing with cover for 2-4 squads at once. I'll play this some more, but I don't see the end coming soon.

  • Came with a bundle with DoW:II. I haven't even touched the campaign on this one. We'll see if I'm still onboard with this after more play through the first one. Last stand mode is awesome though.