GOTY 2012

A list of the best games of 2012. Sadly, not a full 10 games as I didn't play enough full games. Games that I haven't played include Far Cry 3, any (non borderlands) shooters, AC3, and Walking Dead. I did play some of the other big hitters, but I have no desire to put the likes of ME3 on this list. Awful games don't deserve to be on this list! On with the great games.

List items

  • EASILY the game I played the most. More than 500+ hours according to steam. I still log on most nights. Still technically in beta (but invites are EVERYWHERE, even the GB forums), but they are charging for stuff and beta access even. More concurrent players on Steam than TF2 most nights. I can't even come close to doing justice to this game in this space. If you think the "awful community" will stop you from playing, and you play games on Xbox Live, then you have no excuse to not play this. You owe it to yourself. Play. This. Game.

  • The best revival this series could have hoped for. A stellar game, about which I have only tiny problems. Nearly everything was as awesome as I could have hoped for. Play it on Classic for the TRUE X-COM feeling.

  • A fantastic rogue-like space sim. Tons of replayability and scads of secrets to discover. A fantastic game from a worthy Kickstarter. I only wish I had been a backer.

  • One of the best JRPGs of all time with added scenes, new S.Links, new dungeons and more awesome Persona 4 action? DONE. Also probably the best reason to own a Vita atm.

  • The most fun I have had playing a JRPG in years. AND ITS A WII GAME, OH SNAP.

  • A totally solid Borderlands game. It didn't do much new, but I'm ok with that for now.

  • The Prepare to Die edition on PC is easily the best version of this game. With the DSFix mod, this game is simply beautiful. The gameplay is still the same Souls gameplay that games the likes of ZombiU and others WISH they had.

  • What a surprise. I had no idea what to expect when playing it, but ended up LOVING it. Murder most foul made the most fun.

  • Another awesome roguelike, this one set in a more traditional fantasy setting. Brought back so many memories of great old games. With a fresh coat of paint and a ton of great gameplay, anyone could learn to love this game.